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Angie Harmon Talks Rizzoli & Isles 100th Episode

Posted on: 23 July 2016

ImageIn Monday's episode of TNT cop drama, Rizzoli & Isles, it's not only the series' 100th episode, but Angie Harmon is pulling double duty as the ep's star and director. In the episode titled, "2M7258-100," Jane goes undercover in the county jail to help solve a double murder. When I spoke to Harmon, she was prepping for the episode and she revealed, "I'm excited to be in the thick of it but also be watching it from the other side of the camera and directing. That's exciting for me."

When we chatted, Harmon was headed to scout a location to be used as the women's prison, and revealed that she wasn't nervous at the task of directing the milestone episode, saying, "I have huge faith in he actors and the crew. I'm of the belief that you let people do their jobs. I don't need to micromanage; I don't need to control everything. Everyone around me is hugely talented, if not overly talented for the position that they’re in. I mean, I am a little - it’s trepidation - this is my first time doing episodic television. It's more like, how am I going to make the morgue look interesting? What's the one and only shot that we haven’t done in 7 years? That's the kind of stuff that you want to be new and unique."

And to give us a new an unique side of Jane, our gorgeous girl gets tatted up. I've gotta admit, even though I'm not a tattoo person, the big ink (courtesy of Maura), is pretty sweet. But when Mama Rizz finds out that her baby is channeling a biker babe and heading into the clink, she doesn’t like it. Not one bit.

And after watching this episode, all I've got to say is "damn, Jane is a badass." This episode has some nice physical moments for Jane's character. And Angie gets to spend a little time out of her usual "Jane uniform;" by filming a few scenes in a prison uniform and a tight, white tank top. Ditching Jane's duds is one thing that Harmon is looking forward to at the series’ conclusion. "The only thing I've worn for 7 years is a sensible pants suit," she told me before adding, "I took a picture of Jane's wardrobe the other day and it was just 90 t-shirts in a rainbow array. That was it!"


Other tidbits from Episode 100...

Maura is working on a book, which makes me feel like I've slipped into The Matrix. A character in a TV show, based on a book, writing a book? Do you think the series could end with a shot of Maura and Jane on the set of a TV show, based on Maura's book? That would be freaking fantastic! An attack on Frankie leaves Nina rattled. It opens up an interesting conversation about the fears that police officers have about accidentally shooting a suspect. In moments of extreme tension, a split-section reaction can have deadly repercussions. Make sure your DVR records the entire episode, that’s all I’m gonna say.To paraphrase Korsak in the episode, it’s "a pretty fine episode for the good guys." With only a few episodes left, have R&I fans started imagining how the series will end on Sept. 5? How do you think the series should end?




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