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Angie Harmon - In Total Harmony interview

Posted on: 3 September 2016


On a recent Monday morning, Angie Harmon was in her makeup chair on the “Rizzoli & Isles” set at 6 a.m. Forty-five minutes later, the former model was ready to take on her role as Boston police detective Jane Rizzoli, who teams up with a medical examiner to track down killers. Not only has Angie proven there is life after professional modeling, but she has also shown there is a powerful woman inside this Texas-reared beauty. Raising three young daughters (Finley, Avery and Emery) bi-coastally, Angie spends nine months filming her TV show in Los Angeles while her kids go to school in Charlotte, North Carolina. “I tend to exist at a very high level of stress,” she says. “I’ve learned to adapt to—I would even say excel at—a very high level of stress.”
So, is her life organized chaos? “No not really,” she laughs. “I think organized chaos sounds heavenly—I would love that.”

The self-described energetic and courageous woman knows that taking time to refuel is important. Harmon defines multi-tasking as “cooking dinner, helping with homework, planning next week’s events and putting a birthday party together—there is so much to being a woman.” With early morning starts and 12- to 15-hour workdays, Angie begins her recharge with a cup of coffee. “I can’t do anything before coffee,” she says—and throughout the day she feeds her energy reserves with a banana or protein bar. She also re-energizes with daily vitamin and mineral supplements. “I have a full pharmacy in my trailer: brain support supplements that help with memory, acidophilus, garlic extract for overall health, hair, skin and nail supplements—I’m surprised I still have hair after what it goes through.”

She also considers cooking her signature teriyaki salmon dish with roasted broccoli and brown rice as taking time to recharge. “Dicing and chopping is very therapeutic. I’ve got music on, I’m having a glass of wine and the house smells like food. The girls and I are always talking—we talk about everything.”


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