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APRIL 2000



22 April

  • Updated Season 5 Rumours Section
  • Okay you all remember that rumour about a "well known fanfic writer" who will be writing for Season 6 of Xena? Well I can officially announce the name of that "well known fanfic writer"...Melissa H. Good. Yep one of my favourite authors is now writing for my favourite show :-) Break out the bubbly. Break a leg Missy! You worked for it, you deserve it - Good on you, Missy!
    This news is fantastic to Missy's many fans and I know the MerwolfPack (The Missy Good Fan Club) will be celebrating the news. If I wasn't excited about Season 6 before I am ecstatic with the news now -  this put the icing on the cake for me personally.
    Updated Season 6 Episode Rumours and Information

The Bard's Corner

21 April

A few days ago I asked you all to keep T. Novan in your thoughts as she was quite ill with cancer. TN has received so much mail for which she is very grateful and it would take her weeks to answer. I've added an open letter from T. Novan to everyone
Click here for the letter

The Bard's Corner

General Announcement:

If you are a fanfic addict (like me) and want to discuss it along with talking with the bards who produce the work there is a great list called Ex-Guards at ( now). Come and join in the fun - it's a great group! You can subscribe by sending an email to: or by going to the web site at

20 April

AXIP News Archive

The Bard's Corner

Bards of the Xenaverse Interviews

ROC File Updates

Xenaverse News

  • For those that missed Lucy on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - the rm file by Steffan is back up and there is also a clip of Leno's monologue about Lucy giving birth  
    Many thanks to Cindy for the link
  • Game Boy has announced that it is about to release a Xena game on its platform (on the site it is rumoured that the release is to take place sometime in May this year). Confirmation of this game release news can be gained by visiting:
    Many thanks to
    Argeaux for the news
  • People Magazine is taking a poll on the 50 Most Beautiful People. Lucy or Renee are not listed but you can vote by going to the web site at
    Many thanks to Tessa for the alert
  • For Alexandra Tydings fans - she will be at the Big Easy Comic Con in New Orleans on Memorial Weekend (US). The author Anne Rice will also be in attendance. And for those of us old enough to remember..Timmy from Lassie and Batgirl from the original Batman series will be there as well.


19 April

Season 5 Episode Guide

  • Added two promo transcripts for Looking Death In the Eye - one promo was for the episode and the other was a combination of previous episodes and LDITE

Lucy News

  • All Lucy's appearances in New York have been cancelled due to a change in plans which means the appearance on The Conan O'Brien Show, Regis & Kathie Lee and the Mets baseball game where she was to pitch the first ball will not go ahead. Sharon Delaney reports that Lucy is fine and it's just that plans have been changed.
  • Added news about the release of I'll Make You Happy - a movie Lucy and Michael Hurst did together back in June of last year.

AXIP News Archive

  • Monica Lewinsky loves Lucy Lawless according to that wonderful and utterly untruthful rag The National Enquirer. Dear Monica - get in line...there are millions of xenites in front of you :-)

Xenaverse News

  • Bad news for Kiwi Xenites
    The Dominion Newspaper in NZ carried a letter to the editor about a lack of Xena on kiwi tv and this is the reply from the TV3 communications manager - click here for reply

The Bard's Corner

I am quite pleased to announce the addition of Rescue Warrior to The Bard's Corner. Her story The Suspect is just fantastic. A great read!

Multimedia Section

18 April

  • The Simpsons episode which "guest stars" Xena (with Lucy's voice) will be shown on Aussie TV on May 4. See below for a cartoon from The Sydney Morning Herald. Updated AusNews
  • Updated Season 5 Rumours

The ROC File

Season 5 Episode Guide

The Bard's Corner

For those that have been following my Uber, In the Blood of the Greeks you can now download the palm pilot version from Xena Fan Fiction for the Palm Pilot site :-) That's so cool.

AXIP News Archive

Lucia's Cartoon Connection

17 April

Season 5 Screengrabs

  • Added 174 screengrabs from S5 Episode #18 - Antony & Cleopatra  (Updated by Carol & Judi)
  • Added screengrabs from the previews of S5 Episode #19 - Looking Death in the Eye  (Updated by Carol & Judi)
  • Added 2 special combined grabs from Judi that are taken from the ending credits of Antony & Cleopatra.  It's hard to tell if these pictures are from LDITE or any of the other final episodes of Season 5.  If you don't want to be spoilt--don't go here <g>  (Updated by Carol & Judi)

The Bard's Corner

I am very pleased to announce a new addition to The Bard's Corner - Power Chakram. Power's story Destiny's Dominion is an epic folks..and I mean an epic and a great read!  <g> There are 85 chapters. So bear with me while I add them to the site. You won't be disappointed in this story - quite the adventure and X&G find themselves in all sorts of trouble...Caeser is up to no good again.

AXIP News Archive

  • There is a Lucy Interview in the Tele Star Magazine in French. Now sure how old this is and since I don't read French...can't tell :-) All I know - it's about Lucy.
    Many thanks to Leonel - AXIP Newshound for the link


16 April

I want to thank everyone who has sent good wishes and vibes to Tonya Muir. I'm sure she will appreciate all the good thoughts coming her way. Another bard, T. Novan is also in need of your strength. TN is battling cancer herself. Why not take a moment to send TN a note - I'm sure she would appreciate it. Her email addy is - she is a special friend of mine and a damn good writer.

The Bard's Corner

I am very pleased to welcome a new addition The Bard's Corner - Lariel

Bards of the Xenaverse Interview Section
(Updated by Shari)

15 April

  • Interview with Ted Raimi on the future of Joxer and what is coming up in the next four episodes of Season 5. Don't read if you want to remain spoiler free!
    Many thanks to KSATAA1 for the link

Lucy Media Alerts

  • Changed dates for The Daily Show


14 April

Folks regarding Tonya Muir.
I've been told there is a list available if you would like to be kept informed of how Tonya is - to subscribe send a message to
Cathy will be able to send you an address on where to send cards and stuff - she can't pass on messages and Ana from the MerwolfPack can send out any messages to Tonya.

Lucy Media Alerts

  • Updated date for Regis & Kathie Lee Show
  • Updated date for The Daily Show
  • Updated date for The Rosie O'Donnell Show
  • Added Westwood Radio Show to Alerts - see the Media Alerts for time and date
  • Updated Time for the Mets Game where Lucy will pitch the first ball

The Bard's Corner

Xenaverse News

  • I received this email yesterday from Blackstar Videos
    Also released are more escapist superhero adventures from Xena: Warrior Princess (Episodes 1.8, 1.9 and 1.10) as well as Hercules - The Legendary Journeys 1.8, 1.9 and 1.10 and sci-fi adventure in Farscape (Volume 1.3), the new series which is fast becoming as popular as Star Trek.
    To have a look at all our new releases, with links to DVD titles, go to:
    Or, if you'd like to have a look at our Pre-Order Chart, then go to

13 April

This is a bit of a personal request. Tonya Muir is in hospital undergoing some pretty rigorous cancer treatment. She has given us so much in regards to her fanfic - please send her some good vibes and keep her in your prayers. We're thinking of you Tonya! For anyone wishing to send get well cards and wishes to Tonya - please send an email to CathyB to get the addresses where you can send them to. Many thanks to Cathy for volunteering.

Season 5 Episode Guide

The Bard's Corner

Bards of the Xenaverse
(Updated by Shari)

Xenaverse News

  • The following is from an email I received from
    Congratulations to Lucy Lawless and her fans on her nomination for the Roswell award. The Roswell is 100% nominated and voted on by the fans. Lucy Lawless was nominated for leading Actress in a Sci-Fi/Fanasy series for her role as Xena. Fans can place their votes at
  • The Official Xena Site has an interview with Kevin Smith available in Real Player format
    Many thanks to Amy Z for that link
  • Isreali Xenites have something to cheer about - Season 5 will be starting on April 30, on Channel 2 and will air twice a week - Sunday and Wednesday at 5:00 pm.
    Many thanks to Mikee PM for that news
  • For Danielle Cormack (Ephiny) fans there is a real Player interview with her on

12 April

Lucy Media Alerts

  • Lucy will be on the Conan O'Brien Show which is in NY on 26 April 2000 at 12:35 am. For Aussies - the show is shown on Foxtel's Comedy Channel. Last time she was on that show the dog puppet sang to her and wore breastplates!

The Bard's Corner

AXIP News Archive

  • A few days ago I posted a news article claiming that tourist bureau of New Zealand didn't think that Xena was a big drawcard to New Zealand. Jennifer has received a reply from the Tourism New Zealand - click here to read.
  • Added article from The Sydney Morning Herald about Channel 10 axing Xena, Hercules and Charmed

Xenaverse News

  • French TV has removed Xena from their lineup and replaced it with Beverly Hill 90210. The show was in the 4th season (and was only into episode 7) and they axed it! So if you are a French Xenite and would like to protest. Here is a link to the French Protest Page
    Many thanks to Kattel for that news and the link

11 April

  • For all those that have been asking me when the interview with Renee from the Xpose #11 occured - just got word from the editor and he said that it was conducted during the filming of Antony & Cleopatra which was in Feb or March this year.
  • Archived 1 - 9 April 2000 what's new
  • Updated Season 5 Rumours Section

Season 5 Episode Guide

  • Added interesting bit of info about Kindred Spirits from Josh Becker about the ending of episode.

The Bard's Corner

I am very pleased to welcome back to The Bard's Corner - Jules Mills and her Nanoverse Series.

AXIP News Archive

  • Added transcript of a question from a reader about the return of XWP to Aussie TV - Xena Fans Will Never Forget TV Week (Australia)
  • There is a Xena cover of the April 8, 2000 Issue of "Le Monde" and the article relates to Women and the vote. Click here for the translation

Xenaverse News

  • Aussies: The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Channel 10 have decided to show more locally produced shows which means Xena, 7 Days, Hercules and Charmed will be axed.
  • Belgium - Season 5 of XWP will start on Kanaal 2 - 4.20 pm from Saturday 22st, 2000 on (Original version with Dutch subtitles).
    Many thanks to Martine for the update
  • Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi will be the guest stars at the first Official Xena and Hercules Convention in New Orleans on June 3 and 4, 2000. They will also be at the Saturday Night Cabaret. For more information please visit the Creation Web site at

10 April

9 April


  • Channel 10 - the much maligned and rightly so - tv station which doesn't air Xena (but should) has decided to air Hercules' 5th season. The show will start Next Monday 10 April. No news on when Xena will be back. The bad news for NSW viewers...we won't be seeing Hercules. We get Jerry Springer.

The Bard's Corner

Bards of the Xenaverse (Interviews)
(Updated by Shari)

  • Shari has posted new interviews on the Bard's of the Xenaverse Section

Lucia's Cartoon Connection

8 April

The Bard's Corner

Folks if you haven't started reading this story - DO IT! This is just so good. It's what Family Affair should have been about. Excellent story telling and Excellent story. Highly recommended! Go to Sinful's Corner on TBC for all the parts

AXIP News Archive

xs11_feat1_montage.jpg (11964 bytes)

Mark Wyman from Visimag emailed me with some interesting news! I added the news about the Xpose Special #11 with an interview with Renee O'Connor. You can get a sneak peak into the interview at


Starburst #43 will feature the interview with RJ Stewart. The interview is devided into a Cleo 2525 session and Xena session.

starburst43.jpg (5554 bytes)

Check out the photo layout for Starburst #43! That will be available soon. You can get a sneak peak at it by going to   


7 April

  • Updated Season 5 Rumours Section with speculation about the last three episodes of Season 5.
  • Added episode rating for Lifeblood - 2.9. The lowest of the season.

AXIP News Archive

The Bard's Corner

Lucia's Cartoon Connection

  • Added "More Surprises!" to Page 4 of Lucia's Cartoon Connection

Xenaverse News

  • The Ada E. Clegg school is having their annual auction on Friday, April 7, from 4-8 PM  and they have 2 autographed Lucy photos- click here for more details

6 April

Season 5 Episode Guide

If you wish to attend Politically Incorrect with Lucy you can phone
(323) 575 4321 or or via email:   They are taping the LL episode on April 13th for airing on the 15th.
Many thanks to Lida for that information

AXIP News Archive

  • Here is a sneak peak at the upcoming Woman's Day Magazine (NZ) with the Lucy segment. Transcript and pic up when I get the magazine.
  • Starburst Special #43 will feature an in depth 8 page interview with  RJ Stewart and will feature a photo shoot with Xena and Gabrielle and the three ladies from Cleopatra 2525.
    Many thanks to John for the information above.

Xenaverse News

  • The movie "For the Love of the Game" which was directed by Sam Raimi was released yesterday in the US on video.
  • The remake of the Love Bug with Bruce Campbell was released on video in the US.
    Many thanks to Jenn for that information

The Bard's Corner Updates

5 April

Lawless Files

  • Lucy is in the current NZ Woman's Day (10 April) what has been described as "in a sexy outfit". Scans up soon
    Many thanks to John for that alert

  • Lucy will be appearing on the show called Politically Incorrect on the 15th April 2000 at 12:06 am. Check her guides for any time change in your area
    Many thanks to Jacqueline Jacob for the alert -
    Updated Lucy Media Alerts

The Bard's Corner

I am very pleased to announce that Kandis Glasgow has joined The Bard's Corner

4 April

The AXIP News Archive

  • Added transcript and scan from NZ Woman's Weekly about Lucy's appearance at the opening of Savage Honeymoon

The Bard's Corner

3 April

AXIP News Archive

  • Added picture and transcript from FHM Magazine from the upcoming The 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2000. You can also vote for Renee in the FHM Contest!

  • There was a small Lucy Lawless article in the NZ Woman's Weekly and some pics - scans and transcript up soon.

The Bard's Corner

Xenaverse News

2 April

Today's Update has been brought to you by
Heart Palpitations R Us
we promise not to raise your heart rate..
unless you are reading a fanfic story :-)

The Lawless Files

I have started to redesign this section - I've done the main page, Lucy in the Media and Who is Lucy sections.

The Bard's Corner

I was sent an email about a new award for Exemplary X:WP Fan Fiction called The Swollen Bud Award

A new awards program designed to draw reader attention to some of the very best in fan fiction based on the television series "Xena: Warrior Princess" has announced its first set of winning stories.  Click below to view about about the award

A Xenite in Need..

If you are going to the Creation Con in Orlando on the Memorial weekend and do not want to stay at the Delta Orlando there is another option. A number of people who stayed at the Delta last year were not impressed with the hotel or the service they provided. As a result, we made a group booking at the Radisson Twin Towers which is within walking distance to the Delta. Cost per night is $85.00.

If you are interested in more information and details
on how to book:

1 April


Dealing with Donna Movie News

The Bard's Corner

I've added two very talented bards to The Bard's Corner:
Marcella Wiggins & FlyBigD

Lucia's Cartoon Connection

MaryD's Artwork

March What's New

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