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  • The National Enquirer - 23 December 2003 - Lucy attending the LOTR Premiere

  • US Magazine - 22 December 2003 - "Extreme Movie-Premiere Makeovers!"

  • Variety Magazine - 8 December 2003 - Double Dare Movie Review

  • On Film Magazine - 1 December 2003 - Lawless leaves jungles of Toronto

  • The Rich List - 2003 magazine from New Zealand which lists Lucy as one of the richest New Zealanders

  • Non Sports Update - December 2003 - Volume 14, No. 6
    "The Quotable Xena Trading Card series wins 2003 Collector's Choice Awards in the "Most Creative Set" category. Beauty & Brawn runner up (#2) for the "Best Set" award. Favorite Non-Sport Update (Magazine) Cover" #3 is Quotable Xena Trading Card Cover (Lucy on the cover)."

  • Xena mention in Turkish travel brochure
    ....One can see forms of cultural hybridity wherever one looks around the Black Sea, but let me begin with one that is more amusing than profound: a tourist brochure produced by the little city of Samsun on the northern coast of Turkey. Samsun does not have much to offer the international tourist, although the local museum does have a Roman bronze statue of an athlete that any collection in the world would be proud to display. In an effort to attract tourists Samsun tries to exploit its proximity to the legendary land of the Amazons. The city has created a scene in its brochure with an ancient representation of an Amazon on one side and on the other, the image of Xena, Warrior Princess, the Amazonian heroine of a popular TV series produced in New Zealand. I was not expecting to see such awareness of the world television market in a Turkish backwater, but the impulse to amalgamate wildly disparate cultural forms has evidently become irresistible in our day.

  • HERCULES and Xena Ghostwriter Composer Awarded Copyright; Files ... Film Music Magazine) -- After being awarded copyright registration by the US Copyright Office for hundreds of music cues he wrote for the syndicated "Hercules" and "Xena ...


  • Dreamwatch Magazine Issue #110 November 2003 Tarzan Gets Lawless - Lucy Lawless joins the cast of revamped Tarzan Series

  • Hotcelebs Magazine (Daily Star Sunday Magazine) 2 November 2003 Xena! As you've never seen her. Send In the Girls -  She was the leather-corseted warrior princess who launched a million male fantasies. Now actress Lucy Lawless is back fronting a new TV series in search of the real-life Xenas

  • Star Magazine - 19 November 2003 - Lawless Not Flawless - short article about Lucy and Gilda's Club

  • Tribune News Service - 17 November 2003 - Stuntwomen draw the stars at AFI Fest - Lucy and Renee attend Double Dare Premiere

  • Toronto Star - 17 November 2003- Lucy Lawless Still Kicking Butt*article on the end of Tarzan and Lucy hosting WW doco to be shown in Canada

  • National Post (Canada) 11 November 2003 Why did Lucy Lawless, a.k.a. Xena the Warrior Princess, grab me by the cheeks and tell me to "shut up" this week?
    Click here to read article

  • LOTR Premiere - Daily News - 7 December 2003

  • Toronto Star - 4 November 2003 of Lucy from Gilda's Club function and the plaster cast of her breasts which will be auctioned off online to raise money for Gilda's Club. Many thanks to Gao for the scan

  • has the following blurb about the premiere of the Double Dare Movie
    OD ( -- Quentin Tarantino, Darryl Hannah, Lucy Lawless and other stars came out for a documentary about Hollywood stunt women at the AFI Film Festival Friday night (Nov. 14).
    "Double Dare," a film by Amanda Micheli, premiered during the closing weekend of the AFI festival, held at the Arclight and Cineramadome in Hollywood. The movie is an action-packed story about stuntwomen Jeannie Epper and Zoe Bell. Epper refuses to retire at the age of 62 and was the double for Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in the '70s, while Bell landed the coveted job of doubling for Lucy Lawless as "Xena: Warrior Princess" at the age of 18 years, and recently starred as Uma Thurman's double in the Tarantino film "Kill Bill 1."
    Along with the stuntwomen themselves, other stars attending included Michelle Rodriguez and Renee O'Connor.

  • TV Guide - 1-7 November 2003 - Xena and Herc's Final Conflict. Lucy Lawless and Kevin Sorbo join forces in a Universal lawsuit
  • Diva Magazine - November 2003 - Life After Xena (Warrior Women related article)

  • Dreamwatch Magazine Issue #110 November 2003 Tarzan Gets Lawless - Lucy Lawless joins the cast of revamped Tarzan Series

  • "Tarzan": Burroughs in the Boroughs - 7 November 2003
    For now, the show's situation has stabilized with the introduction of Kathleen Clayton (Lucy Lawless), John's aunt and estranged sister of Uncle Richard. Kathleen is supposedly a wealthy newspaper publisher, although we've seen little evidence of that on camera: for now, her function is to wear pastels, provide John a place to stay (a conveniently jungle-like over-grown hothouse at the top of her palatial family home), occupy her living room set in a scene or two an episode, and put on a tearful, pensive face as she lets John choose his own path rather than trying to mold him. A far cry from the Xena versus Tarzan showdown some fans may have wanted! It's likely Kathleen will play a larger role in upcoming episodes (it'd be a shame if she didn't) but Kathleen's days are numbered: Lucy Lawless has a separate development deal with Warner Brothers, so expect Kathleen to be gone by the Tarzan season finale: interesting story developments could stem from her (apparent?) death at the hands of any of the other major characters. I vote for Jane. [And for fanfreaks out there: I gave up on The X-Files long before Lawless did a guest-starring role, so I don't know if she and Mitch Pileggi shared the screen before Tarzan. But I do know Lawless studied acting in Vancouver B.C. at the William Davis Center for Actors. Yes, that William B. Davis. So there. Nyah.]

  • Hercules:Legendary Journeys -Season 2
    DVD Talk, OR - 29 Nov 2003
    ... After season one, a spin off series, Xena: Warrior Princess, found a huge audience and both shows had large followings (Xena was a bit darker most of the time ...

  • LOS ANGELES ( - The WB isn't monkeying around with
    underperforming freshman drama "Tarzan." With the show's ratings in a
    slow, but steady decline, the network has halted production.
    Five episodes of "Tarzan" have aired and three more have completed
    shooting. The network intends to air those three remaining episodes as
    scheduled, but sources close to the show doubt that production will
    resume, even if the ratings somehow improve





  • The following is from Sunday Star Times - 27 July 2003
    A host of international and local celebrities have let their creative juices flow to support suicide prevention charity Yellow Ribbon.
    Kiwi stars, including Peter Jackson, Lucy Lawless, Witi Ihimaera and Charlotte Dawson, have also offered a variety of artistic impressions - from red high heel shoes to signatures - in support of Yellow Ribbon.
    To read more go to,1478,2581581a11,00.html

  • The Western Leader (NZ newspaper) - 24 July 2003. Details the work being done on the "Boogeyman" set and the house that will be used.

  • The Dallas Voice Community Newspaper - July 2003
    Xena battles The Boogeyman
    Everyone’s favorite warrior princess may finally be meeting a foe she can’t beat: the boogeyman himself. Xena’s Lucy Lawless has signed on to co-star in The Boogeyman, a thriller currently shooting in her home country of New Zealand. Along with Lawless, 7th Heaven’s Barry Watson stars as a young man returning to his childhood home to try to overcome traumatic, boogeyman-inspired events that took place in his bedroom. Not to be confused with the schlocky ‘80s series of Boogeyman movies, this fright-fest comes from Sam Raimi’s (Spider-Man) new horror production company, Ghost House. Raimi used to executive produce Xena, and he’s also got a horror-picture pedigree — he was responsible for such scary movies as The Evil Dead and Darkman.

  • NZ Sunday News - Monster Role for Xena Star - 20 July 2003 - News about Lucy's role in the new Rob Tapert/Sam Raimi movie "Boogeyman"

  • Celebrity Skin Unveils Divas Who Dare To Be Dangerous
    It mentions Lucy as Xena:
    "Sword And Sandal Sirens" pays tribute to the barbaric babes who use more than their feminine wiles as lethal weapons. Celebrity Skin clears the battlefield and unleashes the savage sexuality of barbarous beauties including Lucy Lawless in "Xena: Warrior Princess," Lana Clarkson in "Barbarian Queen" and Tawny Kitaen as the Amazon warrior in "The Perils Of Gwendoline In The Land Of The Yik Yak" and "Witchboard." Hold onto your sword, it's gonna be a bumpy ride ...Click here to read the entire press release

  • Stars Come Out For Young Disabled
    In an unprecedented New Zealand entertainment event, 16 talented young people with disabilities will work and perform with top local and international celebrities of their choice in a "Stars Thru Their Eyes" event to be staged at Auckland's Sheraton hotel on Saturday 30th of August . Organised by Project StarJam in partnership with the Endeavour Charitable Trust, the show features the likes of Tom Cruise, Lucy Lawless and Dame Malvina Major who star in pre-recorded interviews which will be shown at "Stars Thru Their Eyes 2003". - Click here to read full article

  • The Hollywood Reporter - 15 July 2003 on Lucy's new role in Boogeyman

  • Tribune News Service - 16 July 2003  - `Boogeyman' filming in New Zealand.





  • The Sunday Telegraph - 30 March 2003 - photo of Lucy from the NZ Pre-Oscar Party

  • Ireland on Sunday newspaper on "Grainne Mhaol"  (Grace O'Malley) - Lucy interviewed for the Warrior Women Documentary - March 2003

  • UGO Magazine - March 2003 - Interview with Lucy Lawless
    Before Sam Raimi became one of the hottest movie directors because of Spider-Man, he produced Xena: Warrior Princess. That show garnered a huge following in syndication, and its ratings soon surpassed the show from which it spun off, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Xena's second season is now on DVD, and I got a chance to talk with its star, Lucy Lawless, between makeup sessions on her new WB series, Tarzan.

  • Metro Magazine - March 2003 - Lucy A Go-Go Ms Lawless And The Lure of Hollywood - Best interview with Lucy

  • Video Business Magazine 3 March 2003 Xena has Anchor Bay full steam ahead.

  • The adventures of 16th century Pirate Sea Queen Grace O'Malley are to feature in a special TV series exploring history's most fearless female warriors. Born around 1530 she ruled Clew Bay, Co. Mayo with an iron fist from her castle on Clare Island. The O'Malleys had been known for their sailing prowess since 1123 and traded regularly with Scotland and Spain in their galleys and three-masted caravels. The series, Warrior Women, to be broadcast this autumn, will be presented by Xena: Warrior Princess actress, New Zealand-born Lucy Lawless.
    click here to read more of the article from The Sunday Mirror - 16 March 2003

  • NZ Herald - 15 March 2003 - Lucy going la-la in LA

  • NZ Herald - 16 March 2003 - Stars party for NZ in Tinseltown

  • On Friday, Mar 21, there will be a New Zealand reception for 300 people from the Hollywood film industry at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel. A similar event last year, which Mr Hodgson attended, was successful in raising New Zealand’s profile in Hollywood.  Mr Hodgson will speak briefly at the event, which will feature New Zealand stars such as Lucy Lawless and Dave Dobbyn. Later, he is also due to meet key ICT investors in Silicon Valley to foster high technology investment relationships. For complete article go to:

  • The following appeared in the NZ Sunday News 7 March 2003 gossip section,2106,2301332a5620,00.html
    Lucy Lawless is proving a boon for breast cancer research. Pictures of the former Xena star wearing a Karen Walker T-shirt that's being sold in aid of breast cancer research have ended up on Xena fan sites worldwide. Xena-mad Americans are bombarding NZ's Breast Cancer Research Trust asking how they can get one of the Ts. Glassons sell the tops here at $29.95 each.
    Heh - not just Xena-mad Americans are buying the t-shirts <g> If you want to purchase a Lucy designed t-shirt here are the details:

    You can call 011-643-3660-164 (US) or 00111 64 3 3660164 (Australia) and place your order using a credit card. or email the store at  or contact a department store in Auckland on 00164 3 3486999 (US) or 00111 64 3 3486999 (Australia). Shipping to Australia is $10NZ and I'm not sure about shipping to the US.