New Weekly Magazine
26 January 1998
Sydney, Australia

Good Bodies, Bad Bodies

Lucy Lawless - Good Body

smalllucy.jpg (6957 bytes)You may be surprised to learn that Lucy Lawless, the gorgeous star of Xenawhoweeklylucy.jpg (20827 bytes): Warrior Princess is more like the fresh-faced schoolgirl than the leather-clad avenger we've come to know and love.

Unlike her army of male and female admirers, Lucy isn't at all keen on her sexy black Xena costume. "I'd like to wear a kaftan, but you can't high kick someone wearing a kaftan," she says.

Fame means very little to Lucy, yet she has to work hard for it. "My body is covered in bruises from filming," she explains.

Not that we're ever likely to be lucky enough to inspect her bruises for ourselves. "I'm an extremely private person," says Lucy. "Not the type to show off my body parts in that way. I've never done a nude scene and I doubt I ever will." Cue the sound of disappointed sighs around the Xenasphere.


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