TV Hits Issue
17 May 1998

Compiled by: Nicole Robinson Page 45

Many thanks to Kim for scanning this article

They're Super!

1) How do you account for your amazing following on the internet? Do you get a lot of fan mail?

LUCY: I think the cult aspects of our show appeals to the kind of people who enjoy spending time in the cyberworld. As far as my fan mail is concerned, a very limited amount actually gets to me. The truth is if I handled it personally, I'd become Xena: The Letter Writer, not Xena: Warrior Princess!

KEVIN: There's actually a lot of fan mail coming in now and people are extremly complimentary about the show - from the writing and acting to the special effects. And I still get the occaisonal marriage proposal!

2) What's the best and worst thing about having to wear heavy costumes?

KEVIN: Actually it's great in wintertime because it keeps me warm from the waist down. It also looks good. When I put my costume on, I become Hercules! But it's a pain to fight in.

LUCY: The worst things - which had to do with comfort - have already been worked out. The best thing is that it's great for fighting. There's no other outfit as well-designed as this one for high kicks. It has to be leather so it doesnt drive the sound department crazy by jingling and jangling. And it keeps me cool in the summer.

3) Do you think it's OK for kids to watch your shows?

LUCY: Xena is not aimed at little children, it's intended for older kids and adults. I do think it's very important for parents to know about what their children watch.

KEVIN: Our writers are very good at putting moral messages into every show and I believe our program is really good entertainment for kids. In fact, the biggest thrill for me comes when I'm approached by kids. It's amazing to see their faces. It makes all the work worthwhile.


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