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This is ROC's new outfit for Season 6

TV Guide

July 29, 2000

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Playing Xena’s younger, blonder sidekick on the syndicated series, Renee O’Connor keeps the fantasy world spinning with her portrayal of whip-smart Gabrielle. "She has the mentality of a poet but the capabilities of killing a man like a warrior," says the 29-year-old O’Connor, a surprisingly soft-spoken Texan. Fans have seen her character evolve from peasant girl to pinup. "I have matured over the years, and as I have felt sexier, [the producers] have allowed Gabrielle to show more skin," she says. Gabrielle’s very close bond with Xena has led to speculation about her character’s sexual preference. "I can look back... and not be surprised that people thought [they were lovers]," says O’Connor, who’s engaged. "I believe they are soul mates."


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