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Showbiz Reports: "Xena" Star Hangs Up the Breastplate

Aired June 19, 2001 - 14:38   ET

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LAURIN SYDNEY, CNN ANCHOR: For all of you "Xena-Warrior Princess" fans, the sad news is that the original is about to end, as the 6-year-old series concludes this very week. But there is good news, that "Xena" will be seen in years and years and years to come, thanks to the wonderful world of syndication.

Joining us now is the heart and soul of the one and only super hero, Lucy Lawless.

Thank you for stopping by.

LUCY LAWLESS, ACTRESS: Why, thank you.

SYDNEY: Your true feelings about hanging up the old breast plane. Bittersweet?

LAWLESS: Bittersweet. Mostly sweet, actually. I don't feel like there is anything that I didn't get to try, I even got to dress as a man, crucifixions, the lot and I am over it. But, I love that character and I love being with that bunch of people. And eventually, all good things have to come to an end. So now I am looking to -- I am looking for other creative endeavors.

SYDNEY: And speaking of all good things, Lucy Lawless, you had this incredible, incredible reputation of being just really one of the great guys. You've had amazing success, and I want to know what --

LAWLESS: I don't know this.

SYDNEY: You definitely do.

LAWLESS: That is what keeps me grounded, because nobody tells me.

SYDNEY: I have heard it throughout the entire six years. You are a just a joy on the set and you are a role model to the others on the set.

LAWLESS: Oh my God!

SYDNEY: But now, it's over. Now you can be your real self.

LAWLESS: That's right. I -- I have to maintain the right to be a thoroughly rotten person from here on out. SYDNEY: Which I don't think will happen, but really, success came very, very quickly. Mega-success all over the world, and you did retain who you are.

LAWLESS: Yeah, I don't know if that's -- maybe it's because it happened too late in my life, to get too jazzed by it, and I already had a child and I'd been married. And I think that gave me a good perspective on what matters in life, and real responsibility at a young age I was -- I had my first child when I just turned 20. And --

SYDNEY: And (UNINTELLIGIBLE) still in your 20s.

LAWLESS: I will be 20 forever.

SYDNEY: Now that I have complimented you, what will happen tonight? Tell me the secret. Tell me the truth. This week.

LAWLESS: "Xena" is finishing up all over the states, different times in different markets, so -- and I am very proud of it. It's a tremendous exciting ending, I don't think anybody will be disappointed.

SYDNEY: Lucy, are there rumors all over the place that they are hitting the gamut about what happens to your character.

LAWLESS: Well, don't believe any rumors, just tune in. It's one hell of a rollercoaster. And I think we have always had the -- it's always to make bold choices and do what other television shows, you know -- where other shows would fear to go.

And, you know, sometimes that's come and kicks us in the butt, too, you know. Sometimes we went, oh, we shouldn't have done that. No wonder no-one has ever done that before. But, by in large, it's been just a real risky original usual, genius show, you know. We've done a lot of things that are television firsts.

We've done proper operas. Musicals. We've -- I can't tell you how many (UNINTELLIGIBLE) bursts that I have been to.

SYDNEY: I have an idea.


SYDNEY: We will toss to break and I promise our viewers if I find out the secret to the final episode, I will let you know. We'll be right back.


SYDNEY: We're back with Lucy Lawless, who told me absolutely nothing during the break, but I enjoy her company anyway.

Lucy, you have done what no other superhero has done before. Your demographics were entirely across the board: young, old, women, men. How did you do that? LAWLESS: Well, I didn't -- I didn't do it alone. But we did it -- I guess it was a sizable eye-candy quotient, and a great friendship between the two main characters, Gabrielle and Xena, and really that's the show's heart and soul. That -- whether we know it or not, we are gravitating towards heroes and great friendships, and this was one of them.

SYDNEY: And this is actually from the first episode. You look a little bit different.

LAWLESS: I know. I was more voluptuous then.

SYDNEY: You'll always have it on tape the wonderful world of syndication. Now that you have put down your sources, I know that you love to write, you're interested in a small movie, you are about to write or have written. And musical theater. Which one is it going to be?

LAWLESS: Oh, do I have to choose? I would like to do a little bit of film and some musical theater and I would like to do a play with a guy that I have met, a terrific actor, and I will not mention who it is at this stage. But in a small theater, I'd like to have that experience, and just take it a little bit of a break before I entertain some of the offers I have had in television.

Had a lot of offers for comedy, and I wouldn't have thought that people perceive me as -- as a comic entity. But they do.

SYDNEY: Lucy, you have obviously amazing fans out there. Would you like to just take 30 seconds and just say good-bye to your loyal fans, into that camera, who just adore you and who are going to be sad?

LAWLESS: Laurin, Christiane -- no, all of you, it's just been an honor serving you and it's such a wonderful show to be part of, and we all work with great love -- it was a tremendous labor of love.

And I thank you for all the good work that have you done in the show's name, and on behalf of Renee and I...

SYDNEY: OK, you are really not going anywhere, because you will be back on syndication.

LAWLESS: Thank you so much.

SYDNEY: Thank you, Lucy.

LAWLESS: It's a pleasure.


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