Many thanks to Heartbrkn Bard for the transcript


Lucy Lawless on

21 June 2001

Transcript by Heartbrkn Bard

Lucy Lawless look stunning as usually for the whole 10 minutes she was on the set.

She arrived on the stage at 930am wearing a beautiful Blue dress and black high heel sandals. Lucy was quite fidgety in her seat. Oh and she loves sex in the city.

And the whole interview went something like this:


Regis: You look wonderful. Nice and trim. Are you working out?

LL: No actually, I’m a doughnut. I sit on the couch and watch TV.

Regis: Why is this show going off? The revues are just crazy.

LL: I am not clear as to why, but I am loving the life change.

Regis: so how do you like your new life?

LL:: Good. It’s been the coldest winter and I am so happy that I don’t have to go out in it. I am also spending time with the kids.

Regis: So what are you doing with yourself otherwise?

LL: I am taking a class at the University in Auckland to learn German. I also am taking vocal lessons.

Regis: That’s right you like to sing. You sang for me in New Orleans last time.

LL: <major blush> Yes I did. Singing makes you happy and that’s why I love it.

Regis and Valerie: Is there a reason you want to learn German? Like do you have anyone to talk to in German?

LL: Nope, just want to learn it. < Smiling at the camera> I did language in school. I seem to have a knack for it.

Regis: So lets talk about this season finale.

LL: Well it’s just a roller coaster ride; you need to tune in to see it.


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