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5 August 1998

TV Wednesday liftout,

Pick Of The Day for Saturday: (Picture shows Xena and Solan and the caption reads: Xena with her son, Solan, in a friendship-shattering episode of Xena.)

GRIPPING RIFT RIPS HEROES APART Xena: Warrior Princess 7.30pm ADS 10 The gradual rift growing between ancient Greek warrior princess Xena and her staff-wielding sidekick, Gabrielle, reaches a chilling peak tonight. After Xena goes to visit Solan, the son she gave up more than 10 years earlier (when she was an evil warlord and felt she wasn't exactly motherhood material), her arch enemy Callisto turns up to cause havoc. Callisto, this time with an unexpected, disturbing new partner, sets out to cause Xena as much pain as Xena caused her years ago. Their evil deeds rip to shreds the bond between the Warrior Princess and her bard, changing them forever. The dramatic, gut-wrenching episode's final scenes between the two women are both hard to watch and achingly well acted by Lucy Lawless (Xena) and Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle). Equally gripping is what happens to Callisto (played by Hudson Leick)after she finally tastes her long-sought revenge. This episode is multiple tissue time for adults and, due to the darkness of its content, comes with a strong parental guidance warning for the youngsters. And it's not over yet . . .

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