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May 28, 1998 Thursday, Final Chaser


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The Question:Wonder Woman vs. Xena:Warrior Princess - who would win the battle between these buxom broads?"Xena. She’s got a way better outfit, better weapons and many better, better skills, and she’s better looking."

- Hope Lawson, Glendale

best yak

"Who will win? Neither, because the women won’t fight it out like egotistical, territorial-hungry men. Rather, the two women will go to lunch and discuss how they can help one another in their missions for the good of humanity, then they will briefly chat about bust sizes, where they buy their ‘work’ clothes, and when they are finished, they will leave being the best of girlfriends."

- Christina Hecht, Scottsdale

"Let’s see, we have two tall, beautiful, dark-haired women - one with a beautiful blond sidekick - that kick (expletive) and turn heads at the same time. Both fight for the GREATER GOOD. The answer is simple: It would be a TIE. There would be no fight, no losers. Instead there would be two strong, beautiful women - and a sidekick - fighting for the GREATER GOOD of mankind. Plain and simple!"

- Cindy Rudnick, Phoenix

"At age 44, I recall Lynda Carter/Wonder Woman in her heyday. And she still looks fabulous. However, there is just something about Xena. . . . Is it the piercing eyes, or - most of all - the leather skirt outfit? I mean, WOW! She is ALL woman. Forget the skinny Calvin Klein look. I’ll take womanly curves any day. Two buxom babes. No artificial enhancements, please. By the way, the little blond sidekick is pretty cute in her own way, too. I guess by revealing all of this, you can tell I’m married. For 22 years, in fact. Boy, would I love to see my wife dress up for me in a Xena outfit! Unfortunately, wives eventually turn into moms and lose their sense of playfulness and fun. For obvious reasons, I really can’t leave my name."

- Anonymous


"No contest here. Wonder Woman may beat out Xena in the buxom bosom department, but Xena is loaded with all the brains and brawn. She’s the kind of chick you want to have around when all hell breaks loose. Even if Wonder Woman had an army of thousands, she still couldn’t defeat Xena. Remember, battling warriors, gods and evil forces is what Xena is all about. It’s more likely that Xena would have to pair up with Wonder Woman as an ally, rather than take her on one-on-one. Not that it wouldn’t be a good fight, but apparently it wouldn’t be a fair one."

- Carrie, Tempe

"Wonder Woman would beat Xena because she’s a lot stronger and she can fly. Plus she’s got that rope that like immobilizes people." - Dan, Phoenix

"I think Xena: Warrior Princess would kick Wonder Woman’s butt. She seems more ‘90s than Wonder Woman. She wears better clothes, more ‘90s clothes. She’s cool, she has a lot of skills like side kicks, and seems really natural in her surrounding areas. It would be a good battle, but Xena would surely win."

- David Sinclair, Scottsdale

"I think Xena: Warrior Princess would win over Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is a cartoon and Xena is a series, and in all the stuff that I’ve seen, Xena is always training and practicing with her sidekick at her side. I don’t think Wonder Woman has any worthy superpowers, and Xena is stronger, so she would win."

- Alexa McDonald, Scottsdale

"Ah-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-cheeeeeeeeya!!!!!! Top 10 reasons Xena the Warrior Princess would win a battle with Wonder Woman:

10. Xena would use her inimitable war cry to defeat Wonder Woman.

9. Xena would use her unparalleled problem-solving skills to defeat WonderWoman.

8. Xena would use her outstanding courage and relentlessness to defeat Wonder Woman.

7. Xena would use her incredible hand-to-hand fighting skills and deft skills with her sword, chakram, and whip to defeat Wonder Woman.

6. Xena would use her gravity-defying flips and leaps to defeat Wonder Woman.

5. Xena would call on her faithful partner Gabrielle and her trusty steed Argo to defeat Wonder Woman.

4. Xena would use her ability to go to Tartarus and back to defeat Wonder Woman.

3. Xena would use her ability to fight even when blind to defeat Wonder Woman.

2. Xena would use her ability to come back from the dead to defeat Wonder Woman.

And the Number 1 reason Xena would win a battle with Woman Woman is . . .

1. Wonder Woman would fall in love with Xena and consequently would be totally disarmed!"

- Marilyn, Phoenix

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