The Sydney Morning Herald
(Sydney, Australia)
4 August 1998

Cold war warrior melts

madeline.jpg (24200 bytes)

Sure, she's one of the world's most powerful women, but even Madeline Albright needs someone to look up to. Visiting New Zealand after her Australian whistlestop last week, the US Secretary of State revealed Xena, Warrior Princess was her heroine. "I've never been to New Zealand before, but one of my role models is Xena, the Warrior Princess, who's from here, so I feel very much at home," she told amused reporters. (Our clever digital dicks have recreated a scene from one of Maddy's dreams above.) The revelation came after Albright met Jenny Shipley, New Zealand's first woman Prime Minister, and Helen Clark, New Zealand's first woman Leader of the Opposition. Albright described Shipley as "one of a small but outstanding group of women heads of state".


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