Many thanks to Venta for the following transcript.

The Age
(Melbourne, Australia)

8 July 1998

The Debt Part 2

An exhilirating combo of kung-fu comic strip and Epic Theatre, Xena:
Warrior Princess has a fierce, fabulous heroine with top-notch martial
arts skills, an instinct for the kill, a desire to do good and a
formidable bustier. In this episode, Xena has apparantly been betrayed by
her closest friend, Gabrielle, who has the best intentions but not the
best judgement. It wasn't the way Gabrielle meant it to turn out, but
because of what she has done, Xena's all set for execution by the fiendish
Ming T'ien. She survives- of course- but at what cost? The show's
closing credits often contain a light-hearted gag, along the lines of "No
centaurs were harmed during the filming of this picture". But this time
they sound an ominous note: "Xena and Gabrielle's relationship suffered
another blow (although Gabrielle doesn't know it yet) during the
production of this motion picture". Stay tuned.

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