TV Week

July 11 - 16 1998

Xena - a mum, a wife and a superhero!

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She wants three more kids a husband who lives in another country… is it time for Lucy to hang up her breastplate?

LUCY LAWLESS, grabbing a quick bite midway through another 12-hour-plus Xena: Warrior Princess shoot, confesses she hasn't had much sleep. 'this morning I woke up at 2.12am and could not get back to sleep," she says. "1 tried to read for an hour, then I got up and got on the treadmill, then I did a little bit of washing."

Any ordinary mortal would sport the requisite baggage under the eyes after a night like that. But not Lucy. She's much more striking, and less conventional looking, than her TV persona.

And, she's just as nice. Just ask the crew on her popular show, which is seen in 82 countries. Fame, Lucy says, is all in other people's minds. ,"Famous? Not in my household! At home, there's only me, my daughter and my husband, and rm not famous here," the 30-year-old says.

The downside to that ready recognition is obsessive fans.

Lucy was shocked when a gossip columnist all but told the address of the Auckland home she shares with her husband, Xena executive producer, Rob Tapert, and daughter Daisy.

"Anyone who's in a successful show gets spooky fans and there are dangerous ones, so when a newspaper points out where to find you, you and your family are in some danger," shad says. Lucy and Ron (their typo), who married in March, prefer to keep a low profile with their careers dictating the amount of time they spend together.

"Unfortunately, we live in different countries," she says of the 2 1/2 months they spend apart, so it's Daisy who is Lucy's anchor.

And is Daisy inspired to re-create mum's famous "AAAIII-EEE" call? "Not really," Lucy says, laughing. "But she does have a Gabrielle (Xena's sidekick) costume that a friend's mother made for her..

Lawless' three best girlfriends from kindergarten are touchstones, too.

"The have pulled me back in the paste, because they knew how to say "Hey, we deserve to be treated better'," she says.

Lucy sees her Xena days as numbered. She wants to make films, but doesn't want to be "The Star". And she also wants to have "three to four more children.

"I would ike to set up my career post Xena, but I'm not an at-any-cost girl".

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