8 Days Magazine

December 1998

10 Burning Questions
Xena Warrior Princess
Ever wonder how come:

1.Xena's sidekick, Gabrielle, doesn't get herself a horse so that she can ride with Xena?

2.Xena never asked the gods to turn her into a man ?

3.Xena is the only person who can do those 20-feet leaps in the air without hermia?

4.No giant whom Xena fought ever wanted her round steel weapon (chakram) for an ear-ring?

5.Xena doesn't feel her biological clock ticking and settle down as a housewife?

6.Xena and Gabrielle never go shopping in the bazzaar together to get some new clothes?

7.All the gods who turn up look either like hookers or sleazy bartenders?

8.Nobody ever arrested Xena for behaving like a stark raving lunatic when she's killing people?

9.Nobody ever told Xena she still looks pretty chubby despite all the exertion?

10.Gabriele never grumbled about being hooked up with this psychotic Amazon instead of hanging out with those fun-loving Hercules joy-boys?

--Gates Chong

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