Sun Herald
12 September 1998

Xena: Warrior Princess
Ten, Saturday 7:30pm
(Accompanied by picture of Xena holding Chakram with flames in background from Return Of Callisto)

Maybe it's me, but Xena (Lucy Lawless) is becoming snarlier, and it is not such a bad thing.

There have been moments in this wonderfully tongue-in-cheek series where Xena has shown signs of grunt fatigue.

That has been the fault of Xena's nimble, fair-skinned conscience-cum-squire Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor), who often questions the morality of Xena's slashing and pillaging.

Anyway, this week ancient history recieves a further going over when the warrior princess comes face to face with Roman general Caesar (Karl Urban; See Insider, Page 8) and his military rival, Pompei (Mathew Cunnigham). And, yes, Xena even takes on gdaliators in the Coliseum.

Alas, however, Xena is still ducking the male-female squeeze thing (is this a conscious concession to her huge gay following?), prompting the following exchange with the hunky general.

Caesar: "Roman finery becomes you." Xena: We're not going down that road... Ah, I'e got to go to the bathroom!"

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