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TV Week

9 - 14 November 1998

IT’S a double dose of action-adventure tonight, when warrior girl Xena pulls no punches. With her sidekick Gabrielle (above), Xena trades in her leathers to go undercover in a beauty pageant to help keep the peace in a chaotic kingdom.

No doubt, she’ll end up the winner.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle is kidnapped by handsome warrior Palaemon, who threatens to kill both her and Xena. With the campy show in its fourth season, there’s no sign of its popularity dwindling, nor of the main stars losing interest. "I love the character," says Renee O’Connor, who plays the blonde dynamo, Gabrielle.

‘I’m grateful that I’m playing a character who’s athletic. It’s great running around with a wamor princess."

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