*Many thanks to Michael Klossner for the transcript*

Variety Magazine

May 31-June 6, 99, p. 36, 

Review of _I'll Make You Happy_, 
from New Zealand Film Commission.

Director, Athina Tsoulis (director of one of LL's 
early shorts).  

Written by Anne & Athina Tsoulis.

Stars as listed --
1st-- Jodie Rimmer (Seraphin, Lilith on _Young Herc_), 
4th--Michael Hurst
5th--Jennifer Ward-Lealand (Boudicca)
9th--Lucy Lawless


Sisters Anne and Athina Tsoulis scripted, and latter directed, this breezy comedy about sex workers who 
decide to rip off their sleazy pimp.  Though international theatrical prospects are slim, there are bouncy 
possibilities for ancillary markets, where this chirpy outing should keep couch potatoes happy.

Jodie Rimmer is sweet as a teenage prostitute who shares an apartment with an older man (Carl Bland) 
who is both hypochondriac and agoraphobic.   She overhears her boss (Michael Hurst) plotting a drug 
deal, and enlists the help of various friends and fellow prosties to steal the loot. The caper involces a 
funny sequence in which a dominatrix (Sandy Ireland) "entertains" a police officer while his uniform is 
being used elsewhere.  Pic is modestly budgeted and the basic plot terribly familiar, but Rimmer is an  
attractive heroine and director Tsoulis keeps the action bubbling along cheerfully enough, backed by
some lively music. - --David Stratton

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