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C and D


Candy Desperate Measures Uber
Extreme Measures 1-2 | 3 | 4 Uber
Carrie's AJ Carpe Doodah Uber
Fast Fling Uber
Hell On High Heels Uber
Lust's Journey Uber
The Family Curse Uber
Stun Gun Shy Uber
Carrie's AJ & Carrie Carr Present Tense Classic
Future Tense Classic
Carrie Carr Past Tense Classic
Destiny's Bridge Uber
Faith's Crossing Uber
Hope's Path Uber
In The Blink of an Eye Uber
Love's Journey Uber
Something To Be Thankful For 1 | 2 | 3 | 4-5 | 6-7 | 8 | 9 Uber
Strength of the Heart Uber
The Greatest Gift - 1 2 3 4-6 Uber
  Cat Amazon Fate Classic
  Backstage Classic
  Berries Classic
  Conversations Classic
  Strength of Souls Classic
  Cath, Bard A Dream of Dragons Classic
  And 'Round We Go - Again Classic
  Another Solstice Classic
  Blood Reckoning Classic
  Control Classic
  Hearts and Warriors Classic
  Her Soulmate's Scrolls Classic
  In The Company of Tigers Classic
  Night Promise Classic
  Possessed Classic
  Prunin Classic
  Tantricks Classic
  Tears and Diamonds: Goodbye to Love Classic
  The Healer's Kiss Classic
  The Nightmare Scrolls Classic
  Until We Die Classic
  Winged Goddess Classic
  A Friend In Deed (Post FIN Fic) Post FIN Fic
  We Need A Little Solstice (Post FIN Fic) Post FIN Fic
Machine Dreams Uber
Professional Standards 1: The Introduction Uber
Professional Standards II: Season of the Battered Bard Uber
Professional Standards III: Endings and Beginnings Uber
Wise Words in Any Age Post FIN Fic
Cath, Bard & Skylark Amazon Liberties - The Discovery Uber
  Chakram The Forgiving (Gen) Classic
  Chellew, Candace  And One To Grow On (Alt) Classic
  Camilla (Alt) Classic
  If it Had Been a Snake... (Alt) Classic
  Ministrations (Alt) Classic
  The Wall (Alt) Classic
  Things That Go Hump In The Night (Alt) Classic
  Chris M A Very Special Moment in the Life Classic
  Delaying Velaska Classic
  Iolaus' Unforgettable Festival Classic
    Deus Ex Gabrielle : The Author's Cut Classic
  Christian, David S.  Of Glyphs and Gods Classic
  Constare A Scroll By Its Paper (Alt) Classic
Cory, Dana Ubermadness - The Lost Episodes Uber
Corsaro, Rose The Return Post FIN Fic
Beneath Twinkling Stars Classic
A Day of Memories Made Classic
Wanderlust Classic
Broken Hearts Classic
A Matter of Trust Classic
When The Time Comes Classic
A Little Piece of Parchment Classic
In The Beginning Classic
    The Greatest Gift Classic
    The Arrival Classic
    Finding Yourself Uber
    An Opened Heart Uber
  Costa, Marie E. A Lesson Learned (Sins of The Past) (Gen) Classic
  Campfire Thoughts (Dreamworker) (Gen) Classic
  Childhood Remembered (The Black Wolf) (Gen) Classic
  First Steps (Sins of the Past) (Gen) Classic
  Friends Sticks by Friends (The Reckoning) (Gen) Classic
  Fugitives (Crade of Hope) (Gen) Classic
  Gabrielle's Shock (Altared States) (Gen) Classic
  Heart to Heart (Death in Chains) (Gen) Classic
  Life Happens (The Greater Good) (Gen) Classic
  Solitude Hurts (Chariots of War) (Gen) Classic
  The Taste of Loss Classic
  When Darkness Falls (Just before The Gauntlet) (Gen) Classic
  When You Care Enough (Ties That Bind) (Gen) Classic
  Xena's Fears (Gen) Classic
  Crist, Linda March The 16 Classic
  A Solstice Treaty Classic
  Cleopatra 4 AD Classic
  Shattered Classic
  Destiny Conquered Conqeuror

It's What I Do

Soul Vessels Uber
  Crossing the Fire
(XIPPY Award Winner - 26 October 2000)
(XIPPY Award Winner - 23 November 2000)
  It's What I Do Classic
  Soul Vessels Uber
The Bluest Eyes In Texas 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 Uber
  The Eyes of Eire 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 7 8 & 9 10 (complete) Uber
Conquest of the Heart Classic
    First Solstice Classic
Beyond Sight Classic
    Galveston 1900: Swept Away Uber
    To The Love Of My Life Uber
Culprit Aspen's Child Classic
Assumptions Classic


D A Valiant Heart Uber
A Valiant Interlude Uber
A Valiant Journey + zipped file Uber
Frequent Conversations Uber
Forty-Eight Hour Fix Post FIN Fic
    A Valiant Life Uber
    It’s All Greek to Me: Memoirs of a Talking Warhorse OR the Life and Times of Xena and Gabrielle as told by Argo II Classic
    Most Cherished Dreams - Doc file / html file Uber
    Christian's Faith Uber
Danae Blood Innocence (Alt) Classic
  Building a Mystery (Alt) Classic
  Cradle of Destiny (Alt) Classic
  Dream Workers Classic
  Live To Tell (Alt) Classic
  Priceless (Alt) Classic
  Puzzle Pieces (Alt) Classic
  That Damned Kiss (Alt) Classic
  The Egg Hunt Classic
  The Rift (Alt) Classic
  Untamed (Alt) Classic
Interview with The Fortunate One (Alt) Uber
One Wild and Crazy Kiwi (Gen) Uber
Saddlebag (Alt) Uber
Darblyne, K The Healing Touch Series:
Book 1 - The Fellowship
The Healing Touch Series: Book 2 - Up In The Air Uber
  Darkbloom, Vivian All The Colours of the World Mel & Janice
White Trash Series Uber
Love and Death in the Trailer Park Uber
Ways To Be Wicked Uber
Mayonnaise and it's Discontents Uber
I've Been to Pocatello But I've Never Been to Me Uber
Requiem for a Bitch Uber
Secret Histories Uber
Venezia Uber
Coup de Grace - Parts 1-5 Uber
The High Road To Low Expectations Uber
A Narcoleptic's Guide to Romance Uber
Her Majesty's A Pretty Nice Girl Uber
Appetite Post FIN Fic
Delirium Tremens Uber
  Dartt, G.L. Enemy Mine (Alt) Classic
  Enemy Ours (Alt) Classic
  Goddess of Truth (Alt) Classic
  Nothing Remembered (Alt) Classic
  Davies, Barbara Another Day In the Life Classic
  Bard In a Cage Classic
  Like Pegasus Classic
  Sister Act Classic
A Date To Remember Uber
A View to a Kiss Uber
Beneath The Surface Uber
Break Out '99 Uber
Home Sweet Home Uber
In Contention (aka The Hellcat Comes to Town) Uber
Pendragon Cove Uber
Prior Engagement Uber
Say Goodbye to Boston Uber
Silver Lining Uber
Stage to Phoenix Uber
Summer Reunion Uber
Summer's Circus Uber
Inlaws for an Outlaw Uber
Frederica and the Viscountess Uber
A Pirate's Treasure Uber
    The Spy Who Killed Me Uber
    Rebeccah And The Highwayman: A Meeting On Shooter's Hill (Part 1 of a 2 Part story) Uber
  Dbod A New Hope (Poem) Poem
  Bonded (Poem) Poem
  Callisto (Poem) Poem
  Clouds of Darkness (Poem) Poem
  Conquest (Poem) Poem
  Fierce Embers (Poem) Poem
  Guardian of Growth (Poem) Poem
  Purpose (Poem) Poem
  Search of Repent (Poem) Poem
  Soulmates (Poem) Poem
  Strength of Rejection (Poem) Poem
  Trust of Faith (Poem) Poem
  de Bonheur And Fair Truth (Alt) Classic
  Summer Storm (Alt) Classic
Secrets of The Hoary Deep Uber
  de Jong, Petra Warrior...Poet (Alt) Classic
  Dekker, Nusi A Nebula Menage (Alt) Classic
  Getting Her Back (Alt) Classic
Deven K Dark Seduction Uber
Case File 301 (Sequel to Dark Seduction) Uber
Deven K & Lissa Bonds Series Uber
  Future Bonds Uber
Bonds of All Time Uber
A Tale of Two Goddesses Uber
Xena 3K Uber
Dark Raine Uber
  DJWP A Bard Day's Night (Alt) Classic
  A Hand In The Bush (Alt) Classic
  Eating Out (Alt) Classic
  Ghost of a Chance (Alt) Classic
  Lost Soul Walking (Alt) Classic
  Seven Days In Pompeii (Alt)

The Lost Chapter from Seven Days in Pompeii
  The Marriage of Xena and Gabrielle (Alt) Classic
  What Are Little Girls Made Of (Alt) Classic
  The Conqueror's Stone (Alt) Conqeuror
  Attack of the 50 foot Bard (Alt) revised Classic
The Irresistible Flame - Parts 1-2, 3 4 5 6 7(Unfinished) Classic
  Domenica As Darkness Fell (Alt) Classic
  The Dragon's Child (Alt) Classic
  The Hunter (Alt) Classic
  Doyle, Brigid A Tale of Two Mothers Classic
  Between The Times Classic
  Another Way Classic
  Empty Promises Classic
  Entwined Destiny Classic
  Following Directions, Spoken or Unspoken  Classic
  From The Ashes of Disaster Classic Have and to Hold Classic
  No Matter What Others May Think Classic
  Pieces of Darkness Classic
  Poetic Justice Classic
  Seasons of Sunset Classic
  Stolen Moments Classic
  Strength of Vision Classic
  The Things of Youth Classic
  Thicker Than Water Classic
  Thicker Than Water, Too Classic
  Time After Time Classic
What Child Is This Uber
Halfway To My Heart Uber
  Dr Bob A Soul Reunited (Alt) Classic
  Beginnings (Alt) Classic
  The Silent City (Alt) Classic
  The Spring Festival (Alt) Classic
  What Price Redemption (Alt) Classic
  Xena: The Animated Adventures (Alt) Classic
Dragon, J M A Light At The End of the Tunnel Uber
Actions and Consequences (sequel to In Pursuit of Dreams) Uber
All Our Tomorrows 1-10 | 11-17 | 17-25 Uber
Clock Tower Uber
Define Destiny Uber
Haunting Shadows (sequel to Define Destiny) Uber
Improbable Protector Uber
In Pursuit of Dreams (sequel to Haunting Shadows) Uber
The Black Knight and the Lady Uber
The Promise Part 1 and 2 Part 3 Part 3b Part 3c Part 3d Uber
Silence of Love - Part 1 Uber
Dragon, JM &
O'Rielly, Erin
A Single Tear 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 Uber
New Beginnings - Parts 1-2 3-4 Uber
Reconciliation - Part 1 Uber
    A Quest Ridden On Behalf of Love - Parts 1-4 5 Uber
Dreams 8 x 10 1 | 2 Uber
Alix 1 | 2 Uber
Valerie 1 | 2 | 3 Uber
  Dudock, Larry Death Wish (Alt) Classic
  The Toughest Thing (Gen) Classic
  Dunn, Karen Bardic Theories Classic
  Letting Rip Classic
  Literal Thinking Classic
  Prelude to a Hangover Classic
  The Guard The Bard Classic

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