Convention Information

Fri., Sat. & Sun.
January 30, 31, February 1, 2009
Los Angeles Marriott at LAX
5855 West Century Blvd.


Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor
Rob Tapert
Jacqueline Kim
Jennifer Sky Band
Tony Todd
Michael Hurst
Jennifer Ward Lealand
Victoria Pratt
Robert Trebor
Hudson Leick
Steven L.Sears
Cat Crimins



Los Angeles, California, USA

January 30 - 1 February, 2009


Report by Kim Manrique

My Observations At The Xena Convention

I've read many reports on what celebrities attended, what they did on stage, how they looked, how Lucy's concerts went, but I wanted to write about something different.

I wanted to write about the people attending the Xena con and the lasting impression they made on me. Their willingness to invite a complete stranger into the fold of longtime friends and how they make you feel like a longtime friend as well. Their willingness to help out this new person when it seemed that things were just not gonna go right. How everyone is willing to say hello or ask how it's going. The genuine warmth that comes your way for people you've never spoken to or met, but there's still this connection that links all of us.

I was also fortunate to witness incredible love and devotion between partners. The way they looked out for one another, made sure each other's needs were met without even having to say anything to the other, the protectiveness to make sure no harm came to them, the genuine love they have for one another that's shown on their faces. The pride they have for one another when speaking about each other.  Doing the even the smallest of things to show their partners how much they care. At this Xena con I witness that chivalry wasn't dead, it just switched teams.