Convention Information

Fri., Sat. & Sun.
January 30, 31, February 1, 2009
Los Angeles Marriott at LAX
5855 West Century Blvd.


Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor
Rob Tapert
Jacqueline Kim
Jennifer Sky Band
Tony Todd
Michael Hurst
Jennifer Ward Lealand
Victoria Pratt
Robert Trebor
Hudson Leick
Steven L.Sears
Cat Crimins



Los Angeles, California, USA

January 30 - 1 February, 2009

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Con 09 L.A. Lucy and Renee - Part 1

by KT

Let me warn you that my notes on this part are positively atrocious. I didn't get many sentences, heck not even many phrases. Mostly one word sloppily jotted down, the explanations for which elude me at the moment. I appear to have had MAJOR Lucy haze on this one. *sigh*

After Claire left, Lucy was onstage by herself for a little bit. I THINK that she either was asked or asked us about the concert. She may have said that she enjoyed it very much, that this performance thing was so cool.

I note that when she said, “So cool”, she kind of squeezed herself-did that little drawing in of the body into a more compact position and gave a squiggly little shiver that in our culture anyway, denotes excited pleasure and happiness.

(Okay-now someone reply and tell us what REALLY was going on at this point, okay?)

Then I believe she stood and posed for photos. A fan asked her if that was her own “Catholic school girl outfit” from her school days. Lucy said no, and I think the fan asked if it was similar to the one she wore. Then I believe that Lucy was talking about nun discipline-“After age 8, it’s like ‘Why are you hitting me?’ Hot smacks on the hand with a bloody (ruler? hunk?) of wood”.

A fan called out a question and Lucy asked her what she had on her head. Lucy mentioned that it looked kind of like gaffing tape. But that the fan’s hair looked magnificent.

Ah okay, it appears that the next question was how many more episodes of Battlestar Lucy would be in. (Gods--my notes are nothing less than pathetic. Where’s that bloody (ruler? hunk of wood?)

BE CAREFUL. IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ANY OF THE LATEST BATTLESTAR GALACTICA EPISODES THERE ARE DEFINITEY SPOILERS IN THE FOLLOWING. I will put space after the relevant paragraphs also so you can easily skip over it if you want to.


Lucy answered, “I expect to be in the whole next season. I’m going to take out (toss out?) Starbuck, toss out Six. I’ll save Number two-who is Mary McDonald. We settle on a planet and have some kids.”

A number of ever helpful fans yelled out that she’s done-that Ronald Moore said in an interview that Lucy would not be in any more episodes. She asked us, “What happened to her?” And was told that she stayed on earth. Luce looked at us and said, “That’s it!?” And then I think possibly both she and the audience commented that earth was destroyed. Lucy said, “Oh well-find another planet.”




A woman in the back of the hall yelled out to Lucy, saying she might remember her as the man who always came to the cons dressed as Xena. (This person was often picked to be on various television reports on the cons in the early days.) She has now become a woman. Lucy said with a smile and an expansive wave of her arm, “Welcome to a new life.”

At this point Renee was back on stage because she said to Lucy, “This is YOUR life!”

Now I’m not sure if it was Lucy or Renee who said, “This is an intervention.” Lucy suggested that she might give up singing. There was a horrified roar of “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” from the audience.

Renee told us that she had been going to see the show last night. But that her son had been playing golf and got hit in the head with a golf club. She and he wound up spending 7 hours in the emergency room. She told Lucy, "I don't have your number." (What is it with these people that they can't keep track of each other's telephone numbers?) “I kept imagining you on stage.” And I think it was Lucy who said, “We missed you.” (But it could have been Renee. . .)

One of them said, “We look alike now, eh?” Lucy said, “We’re just a blur (blurred together because they were both wearing jeans and black tops.) Then they said something about Lucy’s own (stuff?) that had been in her closet. Then my notes say “Hollywood Boulevard” and “She hung all the curtains”, for the concert the night before. And Sharon mentioned today that Lucy had been the one to decorate the stage and that she had been on a ladder hanging curtains at the run-through. Lucy said, “Yeah. I have a new career”.

Someone said, “Scary shows make me nervous.” (Sounds like this was probably Luce, eh?)

Now at this point I noticed that Renee had fallen into the same pattern from the past, where she “interviews” Lucy and begins to draw some of Lucy’s escapades out of her. Or she’ll just ask questions about how Lucy feels about something. She always seems very interested in what Lucy has to say and always goads Lucy into telling tales on herself. At one point she said something like, "You crack me up", which she has also said in the past when on stage with Luce.

I don’t remember what brought this on but she asked Lucy something to which Lucy replied, “Stay excited about life. And stay away from the fridge.”

A fan brought up that one of the producers? of Bedtime Stories said in an interview that Lucy loved wearing costumes. In one of the dream sequences, she was made up as a half human/half crab. And she wanted to stay in the crab costume after the scene ended. Lucy replied, “I do love costumes. I put a costume on and I become that thing.” Then she added in a serious tone, “But I don’t want to live life as a crab.”

I believe someone asked her if she and Renee would like to work together again, or maybe just if she enjoyed working with Renee or maybe if they would work together on the Holy Grail of a Xena movie. Lucy answered, “I hate to work with her. I never want to work with her again. And I don’t want the movie to happen.” (Then, probably for the sake of some of the far too serious and literal minded fans among us, I think Luce added, "No, I love working with Renee" or something along those lines.)

One of them brought up working together on Bitch Slap. “Keep it quirky.” I believe the next question was something about would they prefer to do a comedy or a serious piece together. One of them said serious, one said comedy. Lucy threw out, “Maybe a romantic comedy”, with a shrug. A little blast of applause from some sections of the audience on that one.

Lucy always gets teasing and joke-prone at these things. When she would point to a fan for them to ask a question, she would often intone, “Yessss?” in a very snooty, fruity, upper class, society dame voice. (Pretty much like the voice she used as Xena in Heart of Darkness when Gabrielle threw a coat at her head for making out with Lucifer.)

Someone asked if on these more dark projects, they ever had a problem with taking the character home. I think it was Lucy who said, “When they call ‘CUT!’, phffffft!” She's out of character.

However, my next notes say, “Therapy. Dark place. You need a guide back.” (Well, there’s a 50/50 chance we can guess who said what here.) But then Lucy finished with, “Mustn’t grumble.”

Someone asked about Lucy’s upcoming jobs and she talked about being on a new web show called “Angel of Death” that is staring Zoe Bell, who was Lucy’s stunt woman on Xena.

Lucy said that at about 5 a.m. she was driving around in a very bad area of town thinking, “Wow-I’m going to act like an old hooker in an internet series staring my stunt woman. What's happened to me!?” Lucy added that she was glad to be working with Zoe, because, “She wasn’t alone when we’re together.” (Which intrigued me-I thought this was a very nice sentiment. Lucy is just so gol’darn maternal.) She told us she’d be playing a “Skanky old hooker. I love that-I wear stained clothes.” (That made me laugh.)

She mentioned “Flight of the Conchords”, an HBO very quirky comedy series about two New Zealand musicians trying to make it in New York. She’s told us before that she plays a New Zealand travel agent. She said she thought it was episode twelve that she was in, called, “New Zealand Town”.

End of Part One.