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Fri., Sat. & Sun.
February 5-7, 2010
Los Angeles Marriott at LAX
5855 West Century Blvd.


Lucy Lawless,
Renee O'Connor,
David Franklin
Adrienne Wilkinson, Brittney Powell,
Hudson Leick,
Paris Jefferson,
Musetta Vander,
Vicki Pratt,
Gina Torres,
Jennifer Sky,
Tsianina Joelson,
William Gregory Lee, Katherine Fugate, Steven Sears,
Robert Field



Los Angeles, California, USA

5 - 7 February 2010

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Lucy and Renee Part 3

Report by KTL

Part of the reason I stopped last night was that it was late. But also, I had words scribbled down in my notebook that made no sense-each word individually made sense (well, the ones I could READ did), but I had no idea to what they were referring

I just opened my notebook to start this report and looked sadly at the secretive little cluster of words. In a blinding flash it came to me-this was dialogue from the little play Lucy and Renee performed for us.

Lucy played a straight laced woman. Renee played a woman who lived in the same apartment building as Lucy.

I can t remember the character s names. To separate them from being Lucy and Renee, I m just going to use their initials when talking about the
characters. (Clever, eh?)

L had set up a blind date for R. R s date with the guy included lots of hot
sex, sucking various body parts and included a touch of kink. Which
unfortunately ended in her killing him by mistake. She had stuck a pillow on his face (he was tied down at the time) because a lack of oxygen enhances an orgasm. And just left it there a tad too long. L was appalled that the guy was dead. R was ticked off because his death was very inconvenient. R was particularly worried because she d been in jail before and this would be he third offense.

There was lots of quick one-liners about boring-married-for-twenty-five-years (?) sex. Like L being shocked that R had been on top. They decided to call the cops at the end and L says something about being interested in hearing more about the last time R was in jail and had a lesbian experience. R turns back from going to call the cops and that was the end.

It was very enjoyable. I do love watching Lucy act. Lucy moved around the stage a lot and did a lot of big appalled gestures. Renee I think stayed mostly in one spot while Lucy moved around her.

They gave us big grins at the end and looked at each other laughing and
a grinning. They said that it came together late and almost didn t get done because I think it was Lucy who said she had said, I m far too busy. Renee I think was the one who said that this morning was the first time she had read the script. They mentioned that this was a cold reading, like at an audition, when an actor first gets a script and reads the lines for the first time. One of them volunteered that they had Read it twice since this morning .

A fan mentioned that it was (her/his? don t remember) first convention. Lucy ripped out a delighted, YAY! The question was does she ever see a role and think that she d want to do it. I think it was Lucy who said, Only if the part s kind of wasted . Which is an interesting answer, I think. That if someone does it well, okay. But if not, then it would be good to take a
crack at it.

Renee, answering for Lucy said, Hedda Gabler . They looked at each other. Renee, You ve said that . Lucy: Yes I said that. (Pause) So it must be true.

I think looking back now while writing this up, that they had really enjoyed the little play and were more engaged and happy after doing it. Not that it wasn t lively before. But perhaps it was just that they d gotten to do something both of them love to do and they got to do it together again as they used to. I think it really jazzed them up.

A fan asked about Lucy having said that she and Marissa would hang dog
together down at the mall-I believe she used the phrase, Being Brookstone Losers. Lucy said that she and Marissa would go hang out at the mall and Marissa would cry over not having a baby and Lucy would cry over not having a career. Just losers at the mall .

Some folks were talking about this later and saying that Marissa now has her baby and Lucy now has her career recharged, so they can t do that anymore. (The things we spend time talking about at the cons )

A young fan came up and told them about a softball game that fans had played that day.

There was a deluge of a rainstorm raging outside. This was part of the huge storm system that was about to sweep across the country. I heard from some of the more (cough) mature fans that they had enjoyed the game-from the sidelines. But that lots of the younger and some of the older fans played. Obligingly performing a few muddy face plants to get on base.

There were two teams, The Amphipolians? playing for Lucy's Starship
charity, and the Poteideans, playing for Renee s charity. The Amphipolians won (Of course they did-they re first cousins to amphibians, so the rain was a real bonus for them). People paid to play and at the game they also took donations. (Next year, they re selling merchandise.) The winner took all, so Starship will get $1500 from this charity event. They figure that next year by selling merchandise, both charities will get something at least.

Lucy shook her head and I think both she and Renee were thrilled to hear
about this. Lucy said something like, You guys are an amazing fan base.
You re a real force for good. This is what keeps us coming back. (Meaning she and Renee and the other stars.)

Lucy made some comment about High brow drama . Any ideas, anyone who was there or anyone who taped it? Next I have Lucy saying, I m doing something sad again. Then she mentioned Jeff Donovan of Burn Notice .

She was asked about her work in Spartacus, in relation to acting out
Lucretia. Lucy said, (Note: the quotes are close to what was said, but I
ain t guaranteeing perfection) It s difficult to not make everything
comedic. And it s very rewarding to push through that. Doing comedy is my safety-it s really rewarding to not do the easier fast thing.

They were asked what would define their life as a song. Renee answered,
Wind Beneath My Wings . Lucy suddenly interjected, Did you ever think that the show might possibly be about the emergence of a hero? The (something illegible) of Gabrielle?

Some folks were very excited and nodded and said yes. Renee said no though. She said, The story was about the hero s redemption . Then Yes, yes is in my notebook, but I m not sure who said it-one of them or the audience.

Luce suddenly answered the song question, Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life . (A possible reference to her various acting cruxifictions?)

They were asked if they had any advice. Lucy, Be good to your children .
Renee, Realize how beautiful you are inside.

They were asked what was their hardest experience on Xena. There was silence for a minute and the fan began to repeat the question. Lucy said, We hear ya-we re thinking. I believe Lucy suggested to Renee that it was the bare feet in India. Renee answered, Dlot hul . (Or at least that s what my notes say she answered.)

Then they answered for each other. For Lucy, Renee said something else that I can t translate either. (Is it possible she was speaking in tongues?)

Lucy said, For Ren it was the shorter skirt and that they took away her

Ren said no, it was when they coated her with mud in The Abyss. Lucy
remembered. You couldn t even talk .

Renee has talked in the past about how this was a horrific experience for
her. That she felt inhuman. She was bound and was slathered in mud and then they put that plug in her mouth. She said that she had to just lock herself in inside, or she would have gotten truly hysterical. She felt she couldn't generate any reaction, because she knew she d lose it.

Lucy said that Renee was shaking. And then Renee said I m fine
now-everything s okay . Then Lucy mentioned hypothermia.

Renee said, Looking back, I can see how I was meant to play Gabrielle. She said she suddenly realized that, Holy shit-I was meant to be that person at that time. I got to be the voice of that.

Lucy asked why it was meant to be. Renee answered, What s life about?
Gabrielle is a gift for good. Do your job at the time.

Lucy answered, How precious that kind of thing is . She brought up working on Spartacus. She mentioned that things can become lightening in a bottle. And you have to have gratitude for a thing like that.

A very young fan came up and both Lucy and Renee were very kind and very sweet when talking to her.

A fan asked Renee about her movie, Fitful . She said she s working with
really good people. When it wrapped, I couldn t speak. I know exactly how you feel.

Then I think it was Renee who mentioned a baby shower. I wept. And I didn't stop for two days .(I wonder if this was after FIN wrapped?)

And that is the end of my notes about the daring duo on stage together

I always enjoy watching Lucy play around on stage. I also like to see her
and Renee get together and play off each other, goad each other and yeah, defend each other when need be. The little performance piece they did was very funny and also seemed to charge both of them up.

More tomorrow (hopefully)






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