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Fri., Sat. & Sun.
February 5-7, 2010
Los Angeles Marriott at LAX
5855 West Century Blvd.


Lucy Lawless,
Renee O'Connor,
David Franklin
Adrienne Wilkinson, Brittney Powell,
Hudson Leick,
Paris Jefferson,
Musetta Vander,
Vicki Pratt,
Gina Torres,
Jennifer Sky,
Tsianina Joelson,
William Gregory Lee, Katherine Fugate, Steven Sears,
Robert Field



Los Angeles, California, USA

5 - 7 February 2010

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Lucy and Renee Part 3

Report by KTL

Okay, so we've got a few corrections.

First the last report was numbered wrong. That one was Part 2. THIS one is Part 3.

The softball teams were named The Amphipolis Warriors and the Potidaean Battling Bards. I didn't hear about the game until after it was played. And all I heard was someone saying "The Poteidaen's lost." I hadn't heard the name of the Amphipolis team at all. Also, they raised close to $2000, not $1500.

The baby shower the girls were talking about at the end was most likely one Renee threw for Lucy for Julius, not one they threw for Renee when Fin wrapped and she was pregnant with Miles. We THINK that's right.

Post appearance thoughts.

Both Lucy and Renee and/or the characters they played, separately and individually have huge followings in the fandom. But these two on stage together are pure catnip to many of the fans. For a lot of fans, it's that "The whole is more than the sum of the parts" thing-even with such delectable parts as these grrls got.

In any TV series, relationships between the various characters are always at the heart of the show. Watching two people interacting is what we want to watch. No matter what narrative surrounds them or the individual stories that each are living through, it's the intersection of person to person that draws us back each week. With ensemble casts, it's all the relationships whether friend, foe or lover and how they present the bond of this set of people that creates a fulfilling and absorbing other world that we enjoy visiting.

But most often, there is one core relationship that defines the show and what it's trying to tell us. Couples like Cagney and Lacey, Kirk and Spock, Fox and Scully, Kate and Ally, (speaking of Ally as in McBeal, my favorite couple on that show was the Biscuit and Fish), and my latest favorite relationship, Bones and Booth, these are all core relationships. And people feel that these characters are real and that the viewer really knows them and in a way is really hanging with them each week-say Thursdays at 10.

So when a core relationship duo gets up together on stage-it is for most fans a very, VERY satisfying experience.

And these two Xena chicks are an onstage team for sure.

It's always fun to experience these two on stage together. They egg each other on, tease each other, tease us, protect each other, Renee sometimes has to defend Lucy from some of us, inspire memories about each other that enhance their answers, tell little stories about each other regarding their real lives, not just things that happened during their show lives, often answer questions for each other before the person being questioned gets a chance to answer and then have little arguments over some of the answers.

For some reason, I always find it funny when they answer for each other.

They're also very comfortable physically with each other, standing close, sometimes holding hands, like when Lucy is dragging Renee to the other side of the stage so fans over there can see them and get pictures, Lucy often drapes her arm across Renee's shoulder and Renee then slips her arm around Lucy's waist. It's so obvious that these two women love each other and share a special bond, one forged in the heat of, well the daily battle of trying to get an exceptionally challenging TV show into the can, on time and within budget. And managing to wind up with a hell of a lot better finished product than many, many, many other shows.

I think one of the best things about the two of them being onstage together is that then we've got two brains digesting our questions and figuring out what the hell we're talking about. Lucy can never remember episodes. Renee usually does. Lucy talks a lot about what was going on the day they filmed it, the weather, the temperature, the place they were filming, who else was on set. Renee may remember all that, but when talking about the series, she talks more about Gabrielle than about herself.

Sometimes there's a pause after a question and they kind of just stare at the questioner for a moment or two. Then they look at each other, obviously hoping the other has a clue. And then one of them (sometimes with screamed help from us) will figure out which episode, which situation, which story and tell the other one "Oh-she's asking aboutů" and then one or both of them answers the question. And then sometimes bring up other things the answer reminds them of.

Funny thing just struck me. Just about all of the other stars get asked, "How did you like working with Lucy and Renee?" But I have never heard Lucy and Renee be asked how they liked working with one of the other stars. I do remember I think it was Renee talking about how Hudson tended to sit by herself when not in a scene-but I can't remember if it was at a con or on a DVD or maybe a Coffee Talk tape? And I don't remember if it was in answer to a fan question or not.

I enjoyed that some of their personal friends and work partners outside of X:WP were there to see them. I think Renee was talking about her projects and then gestured towards a spot in the audience, pointing out Dawn Higgenbotham, the woman whom she worked with on Diamonds and Guns. Laura Sperrazza, the woman who played Gloria last year in Lucy's "Welcome to the Pleasuredome" Roxy performance was also there with a friend.

One last thing about their joint performance. I really, really liked Lucy's advice. "Be good to your kids". Two things-it's outward directed. It gives you a task beyond yourself, makes you reach out and be a force for good in the world. And also, kids who have good parents are more likely to be good people. And maybe someday good parents themselves. So a thing like that just continues to roll on down the years. And heck, even if they ain't your kids, be nice to kids anyway. There are literally the future of the world. Butter `em upů






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