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Bonn, Germany

Renee O'Connor,
Hudson Leick

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2011 RingCon
Bonn, Germany

14-16 October 2011



RingCon Day 2 Panel & Autograph Line Report
by Andrea

Today Renee took her time and talked with each and every one of her fans during the autograph session. She was selling her D&G and Words Unspoken dvds and I told her that I already own them and have seen them, that the first was lots of fun and the latter was intense. And that I would love to see Infinity sometime and that I knew about the controversy regarding it. To what Renee replied (with a smile): "If you found that one intense, you will hate Infinity... in comparison to Infinity Words Unspoken is light entertainment." ;-)

During the bit-part of the double panel I got, someone asked if they still did martial arts (Hudson: "Hell no!") and if they liked it during filming (Both: yes. Hudson liked doing it because it kept her awake during the long hours on set).

Hudson said how Renee was always training with her staff while she just sat there eating fruit. And one day the Americans were celebrating Thanksgiving and had a party and Renee was on her treadmill (Renee was LOLing at that), but came over later. Renee only remembered that she tried to make a Thanksgiving dinner for Ted Raimi, but it all burnt. Quote: "I am not a cook!".

Hudson also admired that Renee is still in great shape and complimented her on it and the tone of her arms. "Thank you" - "You're welcome. Merry Christmas Renee". :-)

Renee said, even if she was quite good at it (staff and martial arts I guess), the professionals were another league. If someone would threaten her, she would just... (shrugged).

And Renee talked about that next weekend (?) she will be holding her first awareness seminar in France in French. She has a translator. And depending how this works she is not opposed to do them in other countries (some Italian fans asked about that).

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