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Bonn, Germany

Renee O'Connor,
Hudson Leick

Other Guests



2011 RingCon
Bonn, Germany
14-16 October 2011


Report by Marion Schrader
(C) 2011 Marion Schrader

Mark Ferguson was the Master of Ceremonies on the RingCon and leaded through the opening ceremony on Friday. He had some feature parts in Xena like as John Smythe in the “Xena Scrolls” and as Centaure Krykus in „Hooves and Harlots”, maybe some fans recognize him. When he introduced Hudson as the actress of Callisto in “Xena” to the fans he said that he was killed ones by Callisto, she was so dangerous in her part, but very different in real life. Renee was introduced of him as the nicest and kindest actress he ever met. Both talked on stage about some memories on the set of Xena. One story was about the shouting with the Centaures where Mark had the problem to walk like the horse and the problem of getting beaten from tail. The next story was about the crazy outfits of some cable bearer (I am not sure maybe camera operators) as frogs. Mark and Renee have been so funny together on stage, it was my highlight of this ceremony.  


The panel with Renee and Hudson on Saturday was in a small hall and so all fans had a better view on the stage. Mark made again the introducing  but he must not say much because all of us have been Xena fans this time. Renee and Hudson made it very entertaining, interesting and funny. They asked first if it was ok for us to start with talking and asking question about Xena and then to play with them a little game.  

I try to remember so much as possible and I can’t promise that I understand all right.

Hudson told us the story about Thanksgiving (Andrea wrote about it before) and said that Renee was so disciplined and hard working all the time. She was able to kick her (Hudson) and Lucy in their ass all the time without problems. The difference between Renee and Gabrielle on the beginning of Xena was that Renee wanted to fight every time a weapon came in her grasp, but must be reserved. So she was exercising always off screen when Hudson was just sitting around and eating her fruits on her free time on set. Renee was laughing about Hudsons statement. Hudson said that it was easy to play Callisto because she was just evil and she could not made much wrong with it and Hudson made her typical Callisto face. One problem was only to play Xena during role reversal with Lucy. A fan was asking if they are still doing material arts. Renee said NO, but that she is thinking about it. Her son is in material arts lesson. She met someone at one lesson who knows about her past in it. Hudson told us that she is doing Yoga. She was just in Prague giving lesson. And she would like to do it also somewhere if enough interested people came together. Renee will be for  her Awareness Seminar in Paris next weekend, but she isn’t able to do it somewhere else because of problems with the foreign language.  

I can’t remember where it started but Hudson told us about her wish to touch always a snake when she is spotting one. And she tried it, but has been stopped by the rattle of the snack: “Ok, ok I don’t touch you. Look I go away. “ Hudson is fascinated about the moving of snakes especially around and up tries and she will not stop to try touching them. Renee looked horrified, she is very afraid of snakes because they are anywhere in texas and everyone is very careful walking outside and looking for them. Renee told us a story about her walking the long way to a new location while the whole crew of Xena just walked the short way through the high grass.

A fan asked if they have been ever so afraid of fans or reporter that they have been trapped inside their home like Michael Jackson. Hudson joked about this: “ He hasn’t this problem anymore, he is dead.” (Sorry to all his fans!) Both answered that it isn’t such a problem for them because they are “only” TV actresses. Renee talked about her shopping with her kids, wearing normal clothes and her hair in two braids. The sales clerk looked first irritated, maybe recognize her but he shrugged then and said that it can’t be true. Hudson remembered Renee that Renee was often  mistook as somebody else. (I don’t remember the name of this actress). Hudson was surprised that she was most recognized at passport control and asked if this people all have been watching Xena. She told us a funny story on a flight when a steward said to her that he recognized her and before he could say more she answered: “Yes I know you mean Callisto”. But he said: “No, No this was an ugly one. You are this model…..” Hudson gave up and said: “Yes”.

A fan asked about the difference about shooting in NZ and USA. Hudson answered that it is very different. One point: A union agreement guarantee that there is always a catering with all what is wanted, especially chocolate. In NZ they got only a plate of fruits and always tea. Both joked about it. Renee told us that for her it was the feeling of a family.  She said after working hours on set it was like driving home to sleep and the next day coming back to the family. In USA it is all more doing your work right and going home after it. Hudson agreed with her. All laughed when a stuff member of RingCon came on stage to give a little bowl with chocolate to them.

Renee isn’t thinking about going back as leading part on TV show, it would be to hard for her with her family now. She wants to take care of her kids, they need their mother. She talked about her traveling after Xena, her own Production firm, her being able to make own movies. She said that we will not believe it but her preference is doing comedies, also when she gets now most parts in drama movies. She asked us if we know her web page and her short comedy clips “5 Ways”. This is the way she wants to do every months something and being a comedian. She liked this also on Xena, like her part on “Xena Scrolls” playing with the whip and cigar in her mouth. But her favored ep of Xena is “The Bitter Suite”, also when she was not singing her part. She likes it because this ep was so complex and dramatic, she was able to show so much different emotions.

Hudson talked a longer time about going on in her life after Xena, how all on the way has an effect who we are, how we feel and how we are treat and care for others. It was emotional and a deeper look on her who she is. Yoga is a way to find her inner self and she enjoys to give her knowledge about it back to others.

When a fan asked if they are not tired now speaking about Xena after such a long time, both answered NO. They don’t speak so often anymore about Xena, only on Conventions like this.

Of course Renee was also talking about her friendship with Lucy, that she loves her and when they are able to meet it is always something special to both. She is missing her and also the family of the Xena crew.

Hudson and Renee made a break between the Q&A to play with us. They asked for some volunteers to come on stage. 4 women got a chair and Hudson and Renee sat in front of them, because they should not see them during the play. Hudson and Renee switched with asking questions. All volunteers answered the question one after the other. Hudson and Renee picked their winner after answering all.

The questions have not been about Xena.  Here are just 2: “What do you do if you want to go to a date and you have no clean clothes to wear?”, “How do you clean a pan? Go to a river to clean it with water or just spit in it for cleaning?”

Renee wanted to ask one question and Hudson asked it in a very funny way: “What do you do if someone falls in mud in front of you? Do you help him/her up or force him/her down? ” Renee changed her question: “What would Xena do if I (Gabrielle) would fall in the mud? Help me up and let me sit on her horse? Or….” Hudson answered before anyone other was able to do it: “Xena would jump with Gabrielle inside, plashing and playing around, kissing and then ridding together away on her horse!” It was for the best answer for the fans and the loud agreement and laughing were extreme.


This one hour with Renee and Hudson was such a wonderful time and we all enjoyed it. I am sure it would have been last longer if not a stuff member reminded both to end. Many thanks to both of them to be there, making the evening to a special memory of their fans.  Renee and Hudson are both such nice, kind and charming women. Everyone of us was feeling their connection and caring to their fans.  


One of the big surprise at the Closing ceremony on Sunday was Renee. She says always she can’t sing but she was singing with us “In the heart of Texas”. And it was NOT BAD!



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