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The Subtext Virtual Season picks up from where Season 6 Episode 22: A Friend In Need Part 2 left off - Gabrielle finds a way to get Xena back, whole and alive. Featuring Xena Writer Melissa Good and artwork by Lucia Nobrega.

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Created 15 December 1996 | Edited by MaryD

The Power, The Passion - Their Courage Changed Our World

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14 May 2019


I actually don't believe I'm writing this but a dear friend and beloved bard SwordnQuill (Susanne M. Beck) passed away in her sleep over Easter. I'm absolutely heartbroken. I'm seriously in shock this morning. I woke up at 3 am and decided to read so I could nod off again. I received a message from T. Novan and I thought I was seeing things. This is one of those WTF kinda of things. It has to be a hoax. it just has to be. God, please make it a hoax! Unfortunately it's not.

I just can't believe it. According to her brother's post, Sue passed away in her sleep over the Easter weekend. Sue was 55 years old.

Earlier this year, I announced that one of my favourite series, The Redemption Series, was going to be republished by AUSXIP Publishing. We wanted that series to find a new generation of readers who would enjoy Sue's incredible talent.

We were going to publish them later this year. We've decided that we will be publishing Sue's work and 100% of the royalties will be donated to Sue's favourite charities. It's our way of honoring Sue's legacy.
I will say the Xenaverse's hearts are hurting today...


Her brother's message was posted on her FB Profile

With great sorrow I have to announce that my sister Suz Beck (Sue) passed away in her sleep over Easter Weekend.

Sue was a sister, a daughter, a mother of three amazing dogs, a passionate creative mentor and collaborator, a skilled and capable nurse and thoughtful, compassionate medical professional, an award winning writer, friend, activist in the gay community, and a human rights warrior putting herself in harms way to help those she cared about and causes she believed in. She suffered from the results of that commitment several times severely, but never wavered from her resolve or beliefs in humanity.

She is survived by her parents, myself and two amazing dogs, Whiskey and Gremlin, who have been placed with loving families already. She will be dearly missed. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or anything you'd like to share.

Her ashes will be spread in her "zen place", referenced in many of her books, the Wequaquet Lake in Cape Cod, later this summer.

We will miss you Sue and as always, we love you. Xena, Star Trek and so many other characters will always have your heart and mind in them for so many people.

10 May 2019


TheMarySue has an interesting article about the new Xena Comic!

The Return of Xena: Warrior Princess Gives Us the Hero We’ve Been Crying Out For

For many young women and queer kids around the globe, Xena was one of their awakening moments. Whether it was the relationship between Xena/Gabrielle or the sight of Lucy Lawless in all that leather, despite being off the air for almost twenty years, the fanbase it built is still as strong as ever, which is why seeing it continued once more in comic form is such an immense pleasure.

Dynamite Comics has brought back Xena: Warrior Princess, written by Vita Ayala (Chandra, Livewire), with art by Olympia Sweetman, colors by Rebecca Nalty, and letters by Ariana Maher, so it’s a ladies and non-binary team bringing this first issue together. In the issue, Xena and Gabrielle have been called to the village of Sideros because the goddess Discord (guess what she does) has threatened to pull a pied piper and steal the children of the village.

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26 April 2019

The Broken Thread

by Ella Quince (Awarded a XIPPY in December 1999)

This is the story of Xena getting ready for battle when a stranger walks into her camp. A stranger who is also very familiar. The join forces to prevent a death.

Click here to read the story

2 March 2019

How's this for exciting!

SwordnQuil (Sue Beck)'s Redemption, Retribution and Restitution is going to be published once again! AUSXIP Publishing will be doing the honors (and I get to create the covers again!)

Book 1: Redemption

Redemption is the story of a young woman who finds out that the best things in life are often found in the last place you’d look for them. Angel is a small-town girl who finds herself trapped within her worst nightmare, a state penitentiary. She finds inner strength, maturity, friendship and love while at the same time giving to others something she thought she’d lost within herself: Hope. It is the story of how Angel rediscovers hope blazing within the piercing blue eyes of another inmate, Ice

Book 2: Retribution

Retribution is a story with action, drama, suspense and too many emotions to list. Told by Angel herself, it will let you see into her very soul. This sequel to Redemption details the lives of Ice and Angel as they cross over the border and try to make new lives in a small vacation town in Canada. They meet both friends and enemies along the way and their love for one another grows and deepens. But obviously, as a fugitive from justice, danger is always only one step away for Ice. The man who fixed it so that she was sent to jail for a crime he committed is out to get her again. Several of his cronies manage to find her and she trades her life for Angel’s and is dragged away. Can she save herself and find her way back to Angel and happiness?


Picking up three months after “Retribution” left off, this is the story of how Ice finally makes full restitution for her crimes by agreeing to a plea bargain set up by a secret justice probe. The authorities are out to get the man who’s almost twice killed Ice (and who is in possession of some secrets which could topple a state government if he’s caught). She only agrees to the plea because if she doesn’t, Angel will be incarcerated for harboring a fugitive, and Ice will not let that happen.

4 February 2019

Updated MaryE's FanFic Section with new Classic stories

2 February 2019


I'm ECSTATIC to announce that an idea that I've had rattling around in my noggin will become reality. You are all aware of Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World and it's release is in 2020. Well I can now announce a SECOND volume (that will be sold together) and this will be focused on something that is dear to my heart - FAN FICTION.

I am BEYOND thrilled to announce that the LEGENDARY Xena fanfic reviewer Lunacy (aka Maribel Piloto) has agreed to write the opening chapter of this book PLUS include all her reviews and let me tell you folks, I've enjoyed Lunacy's Xena Fan Fic reviews as much as the stories. I'm simply OVERJOYED!

Fan Fiction has been the breeding ground of some INCREDIBLE works of fiction by EXTRAORDINARY bards (as we affectionately call our writers in the Xenaverse). These breeding grounds have produced award winning authors out in the Known World. How did that happen? Well this book will tell you BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!

Not only is it going to have all that goodness but YOU will get a chance to vote on your favourite fan fic stories (they don't have to be on Lunacy's list). The TOP TEN voted on stories will be listed in the book and a link to the story will be included.

and I'm borrowing Graphic Art CallisCreations's awesome cover of her fanfic covers site to pretty this post up.


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