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Step 8

Chemeclees slipped out of the door, pulling Gabrielle into the hall along with him. They could hear the echoing voices of the guards approaching and they were getting very close. He closed the door quietly behind him and remembered to lay his package on the ground just outside. He looked at Gabrielle’s questioning stare.

"This is what I usually do."

The bard nodded and they both started back in the direction from whence they came just as the door at the end of the long hallway began to open.

Chemeclees twirled Gabrielle around by the shoulders and pushed her up against the wall. Much to the bard’s surprise, the apprentice leaned his body against her’s and then captured her lips in a lover’s kiss.

Gabrielle’s first reaction was to knee him in the groin. On second thought, she realized his strategy and hesitantly placed her arms around his neck.

Xena suddenly found herself being crushed between two ample breasts as Chemeclees pulled Gabrielle into a tight embrace.


The warrior pushed with tiny arms and legs against the firm mounds as they threatened to suffocate her. Her cry was muffled by soft skin.

The two guards burst through the entrance, calling the apprentice’s name, then stopped short, smiling at the lad’s luscious indiscretion.

Gabrielle and Chemeclees parted with a start, looking properly embarrassed.

"Come on, Chemeclees. Take it outside." Manus chuckled and motioned for the couple to exit immediately.

Chemeclees coughed. Gabrielle pretended to fix her disheveled bodice, but was secretly checking on Xena’s condition.

The warrior was glaring at her with a perplexed and angry expression, not a little flushed from lack of oxygen. Gabrielle breathed a sigh of relief and eased her top closed. She smiled quickly at the guards and straightened her skirt.

"Let’s go you two." Gregor insisted.

The apprentice and bard walked quickly to join the guards at the doorway and were escorted to the exit of the castle.

Gabrielle tried hard to ignore the soft snickers from the guards as they followed behind, obviously enjoying the sway of her hips. She gave Chemeclees an aggravated glare, promising to have a word or two with him before this day was finished.

The apprentice caught the bard’s irritated expression and secretly smiled to himself. Despite the close call, he was proud of himself for his indiscretion. Gabrielle was a good kisser. His eyes wandered discreetly back over to the bard as they walked along, until a slight movement in her bodice caught his attention.

Chemeclees found himself being stared at by two very small, very angry and, despite the size, very threatening bright blue eyes.

He paled and quickly looked straight ahead as he and the bard walked out of the palace gates and into the market beyond.


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