~ All Our Tomorrows ~
J M Dragon
Part Eighteen
February 2001
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Chapter Thirty-six

Captain Artillius stroked the twenty-four hour beard on his chin, wishing it could be the day before. At least then he could have the pleasant company of James Thompson before him, rather than this dour unpleasant detective from Piraeus, asking stupid questions.

Okay, so the woman called ‘Hudson’ had escaped, everyone was aware of that, well almost everyone!

Okay, they hadn’t had any luck trying to recapture her with the limited police resources, how the hell could they! It was clearly well organised for there wasn’t a trace of her or the accomplices anywhere.

Now twenty hours later, it was looking like she had left the small island. Otherwise someone somewhere would have found her or at least noticed something odd going on. Not to mention the woman still needed drugs, lots of them according to Doctor Crystal.

Doctor Crystal had still been a little dazed this morning when he’d arrived to take her statement, although she was outwardly calm, accepting that it wasn’t her fault in any way.

“What do we really know of this woman Captain?” Detective Arianna Secaris asked the man sharply.

“Not a great deal at the moment. Interpol has sent us some brief information they have on her, it contains some interesting information in the last couple of entries.” Artillius glanced down at the report he’d received an hour earlier.

“Explain the last couple of entries?” Secaris looked out at the cobbled street where the station was situated, deserted except for the odd person walking down the darkening street towards the nightclub at the end of the street.

Artillius shook his head slightly; surely the woman would want to see the report herself? The police from the mainland had no respect for the officers on the islands. Artillius wondered if they knew that all the officers stationed on the islands had their basic training on the mainland.

“She was made bankrupt by a law suit in America after she had made slanderous accusations against a large corporation, they won! She left the country; several months later she was reported killed in a boating accident in Hawaii. Obviously that isn’t the case as she’s turned up here.”

“How do you know this person you call Hudson is really that woman?” Secaris asked, as she turned abruptly to face him, suddenly the case became more appealing, maybe even promotion material.

“We finger printed her of course! Not to mention she was identified by a visitor to the island.” Artillius barked out annoyed that someone of lower rank would consider him inept at his job.

“She is who you have been told she is.” Secaris said again thoughtfully, her mind drifted to several scenarios.

“You say that someone on the island knows her well, who?”

“Jace Warriorson, she’s staying at the villa Xianspiros.” Artillius said quietly.

“Well, lets get her over here and find out more shall we?” Secaris muttered, why hadn’t he thought of that. These Island cops had it too easy they should try it in the big cities.

“It’s close on seven thirty, surely we can do that tomorrow?” Artillius didn’t want to disturb Jace Warriorson at this time in the evening.

“I’m sure she won’t mind, after all she will want the woman back in our custody surely. Make the call!” Secaris answered sarcastically.

Artillius almost blasted her with a rejoinder of his own, deciding against it at the last minute! He hoped Jace Warriorson had gone out for the evening, as he dialled the number to the Xianspiros villa.

Several minutes later he replaced the receiver back in its cradle, glancing up into the interested features of the woman who had made the request for the phone call.

“She’ll be here in the next half hour.” he said in a muted tone, the woman had obviously made plans but she had agreed when he had finally told her Hudson had escaped the hospital.

“Good.” Secaris went back to looking out of the window, ignoring the heavy sigh that the officer in the room expelled.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jace silently walked into the guestroom she shared with Catherine. Immediately entranced as she opened the door to see one beautiful tapering leg being encased in black silk stockings, now that was one sexy sight.

Catherine looked up with a grin, “ Hi I know I’m not ready, aren’t you early?” she laughingly chastised Jace.

Jace smiled warmly but she couldn’t keep her eyes from the long legs, one covered with the black shimmering silk the other ready to be clothed as such.

“That’s okay, I am early.” Jace said quietly, Catherine raised her head a little away from her task as she heard the words, noting the sadness behind the words.

“What’s wrong my love?”

Jace went over to sit on the edge of the bed with a slightly crooked smile. Catherine always knew when things were not going to plan it was one of the wonderful things she loved about her.

“I just received a call from Captain Artillius, he says he needs me to go over some details about Hudson with him.”

Catherine knew that wasn’t all, as she dropped the stocking onto the chair next to the bed and sat down next to Jace, tracing a gentle finger over her cheek. “It couldn’t wait until the morning?”

Jace felt herself move into the caress she was receiving with the pleasure of a feline, she almost purred. “Darling, Hudson has escaped.” Half expecting to feel Catherine withdraw instantly, she was amazed to find that instead her partner increased the area of the caress.

“Catherine did you hear what I said?” Jace was surprised at the lack of interest in the subject it wasn’t like Catherine at all.

“Absolutely Jace.” Catherine responded hoarsely as she kissed eyelids, nose and finally lips that initially struggled as they attempted to ask her what was going on. Finally to drown into submission in the sexual haze that followed.

Eventually, they both came up for air. Both women gazed into each other’s eyes they had shifted their position to lay on the bed. Jace held securely on top of Catherine who was running her hands up and down her back over the thin fabric of the silk blouse she wore.

“You knew about Hudson didn’t you Catherine?” Jace accused her quietly but with no heat behind the words.

“Let’s just say I’m a paranoid security freak, this morning I talked with the police who are on security at the moment. He admitted that Hudson was loose but seriously injured. I checked with the hospital, they have serious doubts about her surviving any major journey.” Catherine kissed the astonished expression away.

“You didn’t tell me?”

“No! I was going to let you and the others who had gone through the ordeal have some peace if only for twenty-four hours. I’m sorry Jace.” Catherine said sincerely her word’s apologetic too.

Jace looked into a face she had memorised. Could draw every single feature and line of the face if she was asked, or if indeed she could draw. It had numerous facets, some she knew she had yet to experience, others that she knew she never would! This wasn’t a cover up by Catherine it was a genuine need she possessed to spare people she loved further pains and anguishes.

“I love you Catherine!” Jace whispered emotionally placing a searing kiss on her partner’s willing lips.

“When did you say you would be at the station?” Catherine asked as she expelled a ragged breath. Jace’s finger stroked her thigh encased in silk; her fingers lingered at the clasp that held the garment in place.

“I said about half an hour.” Jace rasped out, her fingers were moving sensuously over the leg that was covered in silk. Catherine enclosed in black silk always turned her on, and as Catherine was also only wearing her underwear it was difficult to think with any clarity.

Catherine placed small kisses over her neck and shoulders finally trailing to the valley between her breasts in the open necked blouse Jace wore. “How about we both go.”

Jace was finding conversation difficult but huskily replied. “I knew I could rely on you to have any type of date with me darling, I love you.”

Catherine smiled into the kiss they shared and gasping for air muttered. “Any date with you my love, any date at all. I think the police might just be waiting a little longer than half an hour.”

Jace wasn’t able to answer as they lost themselves in the passion that overtook them; unclasping the silk stocking she began a trail of seduction that Catherine was more than willing to accede too.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jake was sitting in a chair that overlooked the sea, it was a great view and he’d really enjoyed the day, it was a great place. The villa as they called the house was great. He knew that it was old, how old he wasn’t sure exactly, Lukas had told him that Catherine’s ancestors had lived there for generations. That was a cool thing to know all your ancestors, he didn’t have a clue about his and wasn’t sure if he wanted to know either. He didn’t think much about his parents now, he had at the beginning but now they were like a background memory. Unable to recall that much about them, only that the people, who had come for him the day his parents had been killed, had said it was a car accident.

He loved Catherine and Jace, although he knew that there were problems with the fact that they were married. He also knew that they were happier than any one he had ever met, except maybe Colin and Grace. He loved Colin as a Dad, more so than his own father, that upset him too sometimes, for he shouldn’t really think that way should he? Colin was always there for him if he needed it. He would attend the football matches and also discuss the future with him. He knew he could do that with Catherine and Jace but he felt that Colin understood his situation better that was all.

When he’d told Ian his best friend about travelling to Greece, his friend had been envious but slapped him on the back, telling him to enjoy himself. Catherine had linked up her laptop today in a room, her Aunt who was the spitting image of her or was that the other way around? Anyway if it didn’t matter they were family, she had said no problem to use the line whenever he wanted. He’d chatted with Ian for an hour before dinner recounting his day to his friend. Ian had explained the content of the subjects he was missing at school, nothing that he wasn’t capable of catching up on.

He was off in a dream world when he felt a small hand tap him on the shoulder, which brought him out of his daydreaming to look up into a smiling face, with blue eyes and a red mop of hair.


“Yeah that’s me Jake, can I sit with you for a few minutes? Grace said once she’s finished her phone call to Colin she will read us a story.” Lisa asked, normally she would have just pounced on her brother but this time she held back.

Jake smiled at her unexpectedly pulling her onto his lap as they both starred out at the beautiful scene.

“The stars twinkle different here Jake.” Lisa said as she snuggled into her brother’s shoulder.

He smiled as she said that, feeling so grateful that she was here with them. He couldn’t help but hug her tight for a few seconds. “Yeah, I guess they do.”

Lisa turned misty eyes to his hazel ones; he could see a shimmering of tears in them “ What’s the matter Lisa?” as he held her close.

She turned her face into his football shirt sobbing quietly. “I was scared Jake, no one came for me and I was scared.”

Jake heard the terror in her voice uncharacteristically kissing the top of her head. It was out of character but he knew she needed to know that he cared and he did care!

“Hey, that’s okay I would have been scared too.”

Lisa turned tear-stained eyes to his, gazing up into his eyes to see if he was joking or not. No, he wasn’t! She loved Jake, he was a boy and did boy things but that was okay. “You would?”

Jake smiled as he thought that Lisa had more chance of staying sane in that situation then he would have. “Yeah I would have.”

“No one came for me Jake, they said they would and they didn’t.” Lisa said her tears making the words virtually inaudible.

“Lisa, Catherine came for you, she found you.” Jake explained to his sister.

“That bad lady was going to hurt me Jake and they didn’t come!” she sobbed into his shoulder.

“That bad lady made it difficult for Catherine to find you Lisa but she did, she did!” Jake emphasised.

“I was frightened Jake!” Lisa pleaded for him to understand as the tears dripped down her cheeks.

Jake turned her face towards him smiling softly at her with deep concern filling his eyes. “Lisa, Catherine and Jace want to know if you’re ever scared. They asked you earlier if you wanted to go with them this evening and if you needed to talk about anything, anything at all Jace said. Why don’t you tell them you’re scared?”

Lisa raised anxious eyes to his as he saw the pain reflected back at him, “can’t do that Jake, I’d be a gooseberry. They don’t see much of each other alone do they?”

“You could still tell them you’re scared and why?” The boy pointed out patiently.

“Catherine will think I’m a weakling, then she really won’t want to adopt me!” The child stated sure in her misguided knowledge.

Jake shook his head, no way would Catherine think like that! If it were not for the fact that Lisa was distraught he would have admonished her for the remark. “No, Lisa I don’t think she would do that, why would she?”

Grace entered the room and saw the two children together, about to go over when her mother stopped her. “No Grace, let’s leave it for a little while okay?”

She looked puzzled but agreed, taking a seat until her two children decided they wanted their bedtime story.

“She didn’t adopt us Jake maybe she doesn’t want us?” Lisa finally voiced her biggest fear.

Jake looked out at the peaceful scene pulled her further into his shoulder, she really was a small person reminding him of a twig that you could snap easily.

“I know she loves us Lisa, there must be some reason she doesn’t adopt us. What do you say we ask her?” Jake said simply.

Lisa hiccuped blinking back a tear, as she finally gave Jake a watery smile. “Yes we will ask her, but will you do it Jake?”

Jake laughed quietly as he hugged her again. “How about we both ask her? Come on Lisa, Grace is sitting in the room and she looks real relaxed. How about we go ask her for one of Catherine’s special stories just for fun?”

Lisa giggled, “Yes she doesn’t know any of Catherine’s stories does she?” Standing up with the girl in his arms he put her down holding out his hand for her to take. “True she doesn’t.”

They both sauntered hand in hand towards the unsuspecting Grace.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter Thirty-seven

“Will she be able to travel?” the man asked in Turkish as the Doctor they had selected, administered another shot to the unconscious woman.

“She’s in pain and should be in a hospital, why is she travelling?” the Doctor asked, she had agreed to this extra money, it was a vast amount because her father was ill and they needed the money for proper treatment or he would die.

“Never mind why! Can she?” the man was concerned about the woman’s welfare; she’d made it a stipulation that unless she arrived at their final destination alive he wouldn’t get the money she had offered. Rashly he had agreed, if she was alive for only a few minutes once they arrived at their destination that was all he needed. He didn’t care if she died immediately afterwards, that was her choice not his, he was only after the money.

“Yes, barely.” The doctor checked her over once more and then handed a package of drugs over to the man.

“Make sure she takes them as I’ve instructed on each container,” the Doctor stated.

“No fear Doc she will get them exactly how you say!”

“Good, you may take her now there isn’t anything more I can do.”

“You think she’s going to die?” the man asked conversationally, he wanted to know what the chances were of getting his money. If it were a lost cause he’d throw her overboard now.

“She’s not well.” The doctor said noncommittally.

“That a yes or no?” the man asked aggressively.

Before the Doctor could answer another voice entered the conversation.

“I’m gonna live asshole, let’s get moving.” Hudson managed to croak out shutting her eyes as abruptly as she’d opened them.

“Guess I have my answer.” He picked up the woman, and then surprisingly gently loaded her into the vehicle. Leaving the Doctor standing at the door, puzzled but alive!

* * * * * * * * * *

“Detective you have quizzed Jace about the events and why she thought the person was Hudson for the last hour, who is the criminal here?” Catherine couldn’t help it she had had enough of this cat and mouse inquisition.

Secaris was annoyed at the question. ‘Who the hell was this woman?’

“I need to clarify that we are all on the same wave length.”

Jace was looking open mouthed at Catherine’s defence of her it was…simply wonderful.

Artillius had to put up a hand to his mouth to stop the detective from seeing the smile that last comment from Jace’s wife made.

“I know my wave length detective. If you require more information, why not check it against someone else who knew Hudson even better.” Catherine challenged the woman.

“That would mean someone in America, we haven’t the time.” Secaris said defensively.

“You haven’t done a file check from the States? Or who could perhaps furnish you with the information closer to hand.” Catherine said sarcastically. She didn’t like the attitude of this detective, it was time to cut loose she had a date she wanted to continue. This was only a short interlude in her mind.

“Yes, yes of course we have! Do you think we are incompetent to your American standards?” Secaris blustered.

Catherine laughed turning to smile at Jace. “Tell you what next time they send you on a case detective Secaris, make sure you know the people your talking to and the background.”

“Come on Jace we have wasted enough time here, Captain it was…well it was.” Catherine shook the Captain’s hand then held out her hand for Jace to take.

Secaris spluttered, “You can’t go!”

“Try and stop us!” Catherine returned clearly as they left the building.

Secaris was seething no one could do that!

Artillius smiled as he passed over the file that Interpol had sent. “Perhaps you should have read this first.”

Secaris looked at the document, seeing a familiar name there. Realising that she had made one of the biggest mistakes of her career to-date. Catherine Warriorson-Devonshire-Xianthos.

“Oh shit!” The woman shouted, as Artillius considered he needed a couple of hour’s sleep. Then maybe when he woke he would call the number on the card that he had been given by a very handsome man, which seemed like days ago but wasn’t.

* * * * * * * * * *

Constance smiled at the pre-occupied expression of the new figurehead of Xianthos; it had even gone well with the city analyst’s, which was an unexpected bonus. Even if it hadn’t, she doubted that Catherine would give a damn, overpaid hangers on she called the business analyst’s in the city. Although she had one of the brightest teams at her disposal when she required it, the owner was no fool.

“Jason, want any help with a decision?” Constance asked quietly as she neared the man who was looking out over the bustling crowds below. It was now six in the evening most were commuters headed home.

Jason continued to look out at the view and then looked Constance directly in the eye smiling at her gratefully. “I have been given a proposition, it looks good to me but a little diverse from our usual business’. Want to give me your opinion before I take it to the executive committee?”

Jason walked over to the large desk picking up a black plastic folder, handing it over to Constance.

Glancing at the name of the proposal she raised her eyebrows in surprise, yeah it was diverse. Taking a seat on the sofa she placed it on the coffee table to begin reading the contents.

Jason called Rita to bring in some coffee, dismissing her for the evening. Several minutes later Jason was pouring the beverages as Constance continued to read the document.

About fifteen minutes later, having drained the coffeepot Rita had brought in, Constance finally closed the project folder and sat back in a contemplative mood.

“That bad huh?” Jason asked as he placed his cup down on the table, now sat opposite her having brought a visitor’s chair to face her over the coffee table.

Constance smiled, laughing softly at his crestfallen expression.

“Jason it’s not bad! Actually it’s a wonderful proposal but not something we usually delve into. Do you think Catherine would approve?”

“She said as long as she makes a profit she doesn’t mind what I term a good investment. I don’t even have to get her vote on the issue, if you and I agree, the executive committee will most likely go along with it, assuming it’s viable of course.” Jason pronounced as his expression cleared, becoming animated when she had said the project was wonderful.

“Oh I’d say on those figures that it’s viable, in fact it’s a gift, but where’s the catch?” Constance hadn’t been in business for the last ten years not to ask that basic question.

Shamefaced Jason hung his head a little then quietly explained. “I have a close buddy from my early days, he needs cash quickly but doesn’t want the investors to become big players in the decision making. Says’ he has a possible addition to his stable that could be a big star in the future. He and I still talk once a month, obviously he’s aware of my changed circumstances and gave me the first option.”

“Ah the buddy network! I’ve come across that before…admittedly in other circumstances, certainly not as beneficial in monetary terms as this one appears to be. We need to quantify the numbers, want me to get a small team onto it straight away?” Constance smiled as she saw his eyes warm, twinkling with anticipation.

“Thanks Constance that would be wonderful.” Jason stood up flexing his muscles, in a stretch that amused the woman who stood up at the same time.

“Well, I don’t know about you Jason but I’ve a dinner date tonight that I want to keep. What about yourself?” Constance had promised Clare that she would be home before eight no later, they had planned to go along to the local Chinese restaurant, rather than cook. Things were certainly easier now that she had decided to accept her lover’s help when she felt that things were getting difficult to handle. Somehow just knowing that Clare was there was enough; she didn’t feel like things were becoming uncontrollable in her life.

“Alison my wife has had to go home to LA. Our youngest appears to have a problem and you know what kids are like they want their mother when the going gets tough.” Jason smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes, something was up at home with Lucy but until Alison called him later he was still in the dark.

“She’s in college right?” Constance had neared the door but had heard the slight change in tone in the man’s voice.

“Yes, she’s a bright kid. I know parents say that about their kids, but she is. Even wants to emulate Catherine, although she wouldn’t admit it to anyone.” Jason said, recalling the animosity between Lucy and his daughter in law.

“Probably a love affair gone wrong then.” Constance tried to reassure him as she opened the door. “Goodnight Jason see you in the morning.”

“Goodnight Constance, I’ll call my friend Jack this evening and ask him to co-operate with our team.” Jason saw her nod as she left him alone in the room.

Turning back to his desk he picked up several items from the polished surface, opening the drawer to lock them away before he left for the evening. As he did so something got stuck, which stopped him from opening the drawer fully. Several attempts and tugs later he had the drawer free, looking for what had caused the obstruction. A key that he hadn’t noticed before was the offending article he looked it over. It was rather ornate and aged. Probably a key for a door lock that had since been replaced, the building was old. Then he saw a scrap of paper that was a label; he starred at it several times trying to make out the faded ink. Finally he thought he had deciphered it twirling it around in his hands. Alison wasn’t due to call for another three hours and Jack would be home whatever time he called.

Locking away the items he had originally taken from his desk he held onto the old key. Switching off the light he went in search of the President’s office, one Stewart Devonshire.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jace smiled lovingly, watching Catherine eating with a voracious appetite the Greek Chicken with lemons. Although it was evening the dish itself was so ‘sunny’ in appearance, it made you feel that you were actually in the presence of the sunshine itself.

“I see you have a good appetite tonight Catherine.” Jace noted as she drank a glass of local brewed white wine. It was a little tart but that was just fine as her meal complemented it surprisingly enough.

Catherine laughed, almost choking on her meal as she considered the reason for her need for sustenance.

“Well, it’s usual practice to have the work out after the date. However, in your case my love you have a wonderful way of creating an appetite for dinner.” Catherine saw Jace look at her in surprise.

“I didn’t hear any complaints.” Jace smirked as she considered the hour before they had left for the police station, exceptionally exciting and stimulating, also unexpected, and rather decadent.

“Oh, no complaints from me lover. Anytime you want to go out on a date, please feel free to ask me, I will be willing, more than willing.”

Jace chuckled as she sipped the final dregs of her wine, as Catherine polished off more of her meal. “More than willing. Well, I love the sound of that and I have lots of idea’s for us to go out on dates when we get home.”

“You have? Well, maybe we should go home with Grace then?” Catherine smiled warmly, capturing the green eyes in a loving hold from her ice blue ones.

“Madam, would you care for more wine?” The waiter had appeared out of nowhere, asking the question picking up the empty wine bottle. Catherine had taken a solitary glass but Jace had polished off the rest, even though she had said she wasn’t sure about the taste of it.

That made Catherine grin widely as she answered the waiter. “Sure, go ahead.”

Jace looked at Catherine giggling. “Are you trying to get me drunk on our date?”

“Who me? No! Although… kind of an interesting thought Jace.” Catherine’s eyes twinkled with laughter. Jace had never been drunk ever in her presence, now that couldn’t be said of herself of course.

As the waiter placed another bottle on the table, pouring them both a glass. He left them with a smile; winking at Jace, who had to stop the laughter from being heard by the man, so put a hand over her mouth.

Catherine had seen the waiter wink at her partner, it brought a smile to her face, and normally she would be mad. Not now! Now she knew that Jace was hers body and soul, nothing was going to change that, just as she was Jace’s.

“Guess you love to attract the locals Jace.” Jace smiled finishing off her last morsel of dinner before answering.

“Not a match on the person I’m dating I can tell you.”

Catherine chuckled as she replied. “Lucky date.”

“Yep, thought so myself, and she’s not bad looking too!” Jace replied and giggled as the wine began to kick in. Amusing Catherine to no end, one day Jace was going to join her and Grace for a real nice drink.

Her partner always seemed so serious for one so young she rarely if ever drank at home not that she was advocating drinking at all! Always putting the welfare of the children first.  She never let herself go even when they had a house full of willing helpers. Okay, so they had a baby to think about, admittedly Elena was a handful that was the truth, but she sometimes felt that Jace had grown up far to quickly. They needed to relax together, fill in the gaps of their relationship and there were lots of gaps. She’d asked this once before, suddenly when she thought they were going to work on that a crisis occurred. They had learned a lot about each other on the month long honeymoon, even promised each other that they would continue to learn more and more, but situations and events always seemed to interrupt.

“Not bad looking. Well, thank you darling. I must say from where I’m sitting my date isn’t ‘bad looking’ either.”

Jace turned emerald green eyes onto Catherine’s grinning face, seductively taking her hand whispering loudly, “How does bed sound as the next part of our date?”

Catherine had to laugh she couldn’t help it; the occupants of the two tables close to them obviously heard her proposition.

“I thought you respected me?” Catherine asked in a mock strait laced tone.

“I do!” Jace announced loudly, not realising that Catherine was teasing her.

“You do huh? Well in that case my love lets go.” Catherine smiled, her gaze filled with passion mixed with humour.

“What about the wine?” Jace asked as she placed a hand on the bottle to emphasise her question.

Catherine indicated for the waiter to bring the check. Then placed her own hand over Jace’s on the bottle.

“Trust me darling when I say you are intoxication enough for me. Although if you want wine…well that can be arranged.”

Jace turned eyes as big as saucers to her partner. “It can?”

“Absolutely my love, have no doubts.” Catherine responded, as she pulled out a wad of notes to pay the check, leaving a generous tip. After all the man was out of luck, she was going home with the most beautiful and sexy woman in the place, the island too in her opinion.

“I have never had doubts with you?” Jace retorted, as she stumbled walking out of the building. The fresh air caused her to stagger a little, until a strong arm went around her waist to hold her securely to a warm body she knew so well.

“Pleased to hear that Jace, so very pleased, and darling.’ Catherine bent her head to snatch a quick kiss as Jace turned to her quizzically.

‘I have no doubts about you either.”

Jace was acutely aware of the excitement building in her body as she pulled down Catherine’s head as they kissed with mounting passion.

“We are in public darling.” Catherine dragged her trembling body from Jace, stoking her cheek to soothe away the sting of having to relinquish her wife.

“We are married Catherine.” Jace logically pointed out. As she tried to pull her head closer for another long and satisfying kiss. Catherine hesitated for a second, and then allowed herself to drown in the ecstasy of the woman in her arms. Hell, they were in a quite street anyway and who would give a damn!

“Yes we are! Time to go home love and carry this on in comfort.” Catherine finally replied as she maintained the contact this time and made her own sensual assault on her partner. What a wonderful date this was turning into.

Continued in Part 19

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