In the Dark

by Ella Quince

DISCLAIMER: The characters of Xena and Gabrielle are property of MCA /Universal. No copyright infringement was or is intended. This fiction may contain descriptions of a sexual nature between two consenting adult women. Please do not continue if you are under 18 years of age or this is illegal in your locale.

This story may offend your sensibilities, but only if you have a very lively imagination....

Gabrielle: So, where are we?

Xena: In the dark.

Gabrielle: I can *see* that! Or rather, I can't....

Xena: At any rate, we'd better stay in this cave until the storm blows over.

Gabrielle: Storm? I thought we were escaping a warlord?

Xena: Either, or...does it really matter?

Gabrielle: It probably should, but no, it doesn't matter. If only I weren't so cold.

Xena: Cold? I thought we were wet, drenched in the storm.

Gabrielle: I wish you hadn't said that. Now, all of a sudden, I'm cold *and* wet.

Xena: There's no wood for a fire, so we'll have to find another solution to getting warm.

Gabrielle: Please hurry, because I'm...oh...Yes, that would work.

Xena: Only as an emergency measure, you understand. Until the warriors are gone.

Gabrielle: Or the storm lets up.

Xena: Whatever...but it's the only sensible thing to do. Feeling warmer now?

Gabrielle: Yes. Much.

Xena: Good.

Gabrielle: In fact....

Xena: Yes?

Gabrielle:'s suddenly *quite* warm in here.

Xena: You're not running a fever are you? Here, let me check.

Gabrielle: Is that another of your medical techniques? Testing for a fever with your lips?

Xena: It's a tried and true method. Lips are very sensitive to heat, more so than hands.

Gabrielle: Oh, really. So, if I put my lips *here*....

(long silence)

Xena: I've never tried testing that place before....

Gabrielle: What about this one?

Xena: ...oh...yes...I mean, no...not that one either.

Gabrielle: Are you sure hands aren't sensitive enough? I can feel warmth beneath my fingers.

Xena: Yes...oh, yes....

Gabrielle: I thought so. Fingers can be just as sensitive as lips.

Xena: Gabrielle, there's another place you haven't checked.

Gabrielle: You mean this one?

Xena: know about that already.

Gabrielle: I'm naturally curious. And it wasn't that hard to find.

Xena: Now that you've found it....

Gabrielle: Don't worry, I won't stop.



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