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Harder Please

by Silk

copyright 1998



"Gabrielle, ooohhh...ummm...could you be a bit rougher please?"

"What? You've got to be kidding..anymore rougher and my fingers will break off."

"Plleeeassse. Oh right there..yesss."

"The things I have to do..."


"I'm trying. Uhh..is that better?"


"I guess so."

"Ummm..could you do...?"

"Do what?"

"You know. That thing..."

"You want me to..."

"Please. I love it when you do that."

"Warriors. Gotta love em. I don't suppose I could throw you back and get a refund?"


"Ok...but only for you."

"Aaahhhh....I lliiikkkeee ttthiisss."

"It is kind of fun, isn't it."

"Otthhherrr ttthhhinnnggg agggaainnn."


"Ex-warlord. Still have some bad habits."

"Hmmm..some of them I like."

"Really? Ooohhh...lower."

"Yes, really."

"Like what?"

"Please. I'm not going to tell you. You have a swelled head as it is."

"Almost there...harder. Are you...ooohhh..saying that I have a swelled head?"

"Amongst other things."

"It's called confidence. Nothing else. Ooohhh...goddss..that feellls..OOOOhhhhh.."

"Like that do you?"

"Mmmmhhmmm...oh Gabrielle, you're so good to me."

"I try. Lower? Harder? Deeper? What?"

"Faster. I need...ohhh yes.."

"You know..this isn't half bad. I think I'm actually enjoying this."

"Goes both ways. Believe ..Ahhhh...YES! Believe me."

"Getting sorta hot in here."

"Well you are doing all the work."

"Hmmm..I hope it's my turn next?"

"If you don't make me pass out...hmmm..do that again."

"What? This?"


"Had enough yet?"

"Don't you dare stop now! I...ohh..goddess..almost..."

"Just tell me when. I know I'm not experienced at this like you are."

"Ahhh...you're doing...hmm..yeah..just fine. Just fine indeed. You don't always need to be experienced to get the job done. Creativity is just as good. MMmm....very good."

"Well..I try."


"Ooopss. Sorry. Bad spot?"

"Hrrmph. You could say that."

"Not my fault. Next time you pull a muscle you might want to tell me where it is ahead of time."


"Quit grumbling and move out of the way. It's my turn."

"I'm not in the mood."

"Excuse me?!"

"You heard me. You spoiled it."

"Xena. For gods sakes..My hands and forearms are cramped. The least you could do is reciprocate."

"Don't want to. I'm tired. Think I'll sleep."

"Come on! I want my massage!"

"Not tonight, dear. I gotta headache."

The End


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