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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan


Marra watched the vid screen. The images before her made her stomach turn into knots. Man after man fell at the feet of Garron Ford, as she used both her blade and her disrupter to kill each man that charged her.

The look on her face was wild and untamed, her hair blew about her shoulders as she turned in circles continuing to take down everyone who challenged her. The explosions behind her only seemed to charge through her system encouraging her to continue.

Sarron Daien finally stopped the vid when Marra’s eyes dropped from the screen. "She is a war criminal. She had to be stopped. That was the massacre at Velros Seven. She killed two hundred and fifty men by herself. She is a vicious animal, an animal that must be put down. Don’t you agree?"

Marra looked the woman directly in the face and nodded. "Of course. Someone like that can’t be allowed to live."

"I’m glad you agree. We want to know how she treated you. We want to know if there is even one redeemable quality to this woman. If there is we might try rehabilitation. There are methods we can use to ‘change her personality’."

"You want to see what she did to me?" Marra lowered the zipper on her jumpsuit and turned her back, allowing Sarron Daien to view the lash marks across her back. "This is how she treated me."

Daien moved in, gently touching the marks. "Why?"

"Because she could." Marra offered. "Because it pleasured her to do so." She paused, drawing a deep breath. "Like you said, she is a vicious animal." Marra pulled the jumpsuit back up. "I only wish I could return the favor."


Rick sat in the small room at the table, his nervousness very apparent in his features and body language. He continually rubbed his hands together, he was so nervous they felt like ice.

They had been questioning him for the last five hours. He hoped to Capri, they believed the story that he told him. He and Marra didn’t have long to come up with it before they had been captured.

He was amazed when they had utilized a small scanner to disable the termination unit implanted at the base of his skull. He knew for the moment, he wasn’t going to die. The problem was, he didn’t know if he should be relieved or not.

The door opened once again. He was relieved to see Marra standing before him. He stood quickly and was very surprised when she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him quiet soundly.

"Put your arms around me." She mumbled through the kiss.

He nodded dumbly, doing as he was told.

She kissed him from his lips, up his jaw to his ear. "We are lovers. We took the opportunity to escape when the battle broke out." She whispered, her hands running through his hair and up and down his back. "Understand?"

He nodded again.

"Good." She pulled back, cupping his face in her hands. "Are you okay?"

"I’m fine. Are you?"

"Yes. I’ve been treated very well. I explained everything to them. They have offered us asylum aboard the ship. All we need do is ask for it."

"We should."

"Yes," She gave him a slight smile. "We should. If we do, they’ll allow us to watch the execution of Garron Ford."

"I know nothing would give you greater pleasure."

"Only one thing could make me happier and that would be if I could do it myself. I owe her that much after what she did to me. After all the tortures she put me through."


Ford continued to carefully remove the wire from the pant leg seam of her flight suit. She knew she was being watched and she had to make sure her movements were discreet at best.

The door to her cell opened. The blonde stepped in and Ford cocked a brow. "My little slave." She hissed quite convincingly from her place on the bunk. "I suppose you are behind this."

"No, I only wish I could have been." Marra crossed her arms over her chest. "I came to see you before they execute you."


"To see if you have a repentant bone in your body for the things you’ve done."

"Such as?"

"Well, I’ve been shown vids of the massacre at Velros Seven…"

Ford threw her head back giving a hearty laugh as she got to her feet. "You know on my home world, it’s considered a great victory and I am thought to be a great hero and was highly decorated for that battle. Guess it just goes to show, it depends on who’s writing history. The victors, see it one way, the defeated, see it another."

"For the things you’ve done to me?"

"For treating you like the whore and the slave you are? Hardly." Ford took a step closer.

"Some how I didn’t think you would be."

"I should have killed you when I had the chance." The tall woman sneered. "I would have enjoyed choking the life out of you with my bare hands."

"You are to be executed first thing tomorrow. They have decided that you are just too dangerous to be allowed to live."

"They’re right!" Ford snapped, drawing back her hand and slapping Marra to the floor. She quickly bent over the woman and jerked her to her feet. "I’ll just do it now then!" She hissed.

The door to the cell opened, two guards charged in, using a stun gun and a stun stick they managed to knock the enraged woman from the smaller female and pulled her from the cell. Marra scooted back from the door of the cell as she watched the men beat Ford down. Leaving her beaten and barely moving on the floor of the cell, they back out and slammed it shut.

Marra was quick to conceal the wire.

"Are you all right?" The guard asked, helping her to her feet.

"I’m fine. I assure you I have been through worse at the hands of that beast." She ran her tongue over her lip tasting a trickle of blood. "I’m fine."

* Ford, be strong. I’ll be back. We’ll get out of this. I promise. *


Ford groaned, rolling from her side to her back. * That hurt. Gotta remember not to do that again. * "Shit." She mumbled aloud, getting to her feet. She choked down the slightly nauseous feeling caused by the spinning of the room.

The guard watched the monitor. "Damn." He mumbled. "She should have been down for at least an hour."

Marra did a very good job of masking the smile that wanted to cross her lips. "She’s very tough."

"No kidding." The guard nodded. "I’m glad I don’t have to deal with her one on one, without weapons."

"Just be careful that she doesn’t use them against you." Marra offered before leaving the office.

She took a deep breath, leaning against the wall of the corridor. She could feel Ford’s pain and tried her best to absorb it and relieve her of it. She closed her eyes, offering a small prayer of her own to Capri.


Sarron Daien walked toward the quarters that she had arranged for the run away slave and her lover. They seemed to be a nice couple who had met their near defeat at the hands of Garron Ford Kurrathian.

Marra had explained how she had met Rick while she was doing some errand for the Garron. How they had become lovers and decided to try and escape from the woman.

There was something in the story that didn’t quite ring true, but everyone had a secret or two in their past. It wasn’t her job to prove they were lying. It was merely her job to look after them until they got settled.

She rang the bell at the door. She smiled a bit when Rick opened the door. "How are you this evening Rick?"

"We’re fine. I’m trying to get Marra to eat a little something."

"Is she ill?"

"I think the stress of the last few days are just getting to her."

"Anything I can do to help?"

Rick shrugged a bit. "I dunno, maybe if you talked to her. Maybe, it’s a woman thing I’m not connecting with."

She chuckled, stepping inside when he stepped aside. "Anything is possible."

Sarron Daien moved into the quarters. She looked at the little blonde, tilting her head just a bit when she saw the busted lip. "What happened?"

"One last thing to remember Garron Ford by." Rick offered, handing the woman a glass of wine. "It happened today when Marra went to see her."

"I hope the guards put her down."

"They did." Marra nodded.

"Does it hurt?" Daien took a seat at the table with Marra, cupping her cheek in her hand.

"No more than any of the others."

"I can’t believe they considered keeping that animal alive."

"They did?" Marra questioned, sipping her wine.

"They did. Garron Dror’s original orders were to bring her back to our home base. But those orders were changed earlier today and thank Capri for that. That animal will be executed tomorrow."

"I can’t wait." Marra mumbled from behind her glass.

"Well, you should really enjoy it. I’ve made some very special arrangements for you."

"Really? Such as?"

"Garron Dror has agreed to allow you to, un, ‘return the favor’."


"A little retribution is good for the soul Marra dear. You will have the chance to get a little revenge for the things that were done to you."


They locked Ford’s wrists and ankles in the cuffs at the end of the chains. She was being tethered for a flogging and she knew it. She had seen it done enough times to know what it looked like. What she didn’t understand were the chains. This was most certainly barbaric.

She stared at the guard who moved in front of her and used a small knife to cut away the fabric of her jumpsuit, baring her from the waist up. "Enjoy the view. It’ll be the last thing you see." She growled.

The guard grinned, resisting the urge to put his hands on her body. His orders were clear. She was merely to be hung out for her punishment.

The door opened, four people entered. Garron Dror, Sarron Daien, Marra and Rick. Dror took a position in front of Ford, crossing his arms in front of him. "My how the mighty have fallen."

Ford remained quiet. She did however give him a slight smirk. He gave her a slap. She allowed the blood to pool in her mouth before she spit it on his boots.

"You always were to arrogant for your own good Ford. I intend not only to kill you, but to humiliate you too." He unfastened the whip at his hip. "Seeing your fondness for Earth mythology and things of that nature we thought this was very appropriate." He unfurled the whip, allowing the leather to snap on the floor. He motioned Marra forward. "Remember her Ford. Remember what you did to her? She’s going to give you a little pay back."

Dror handed the whip to Marra. She stared into Ford’s eyes as she brought the handle of the whip up under the tall woman’s chin pushing her head higher. Ford managed to maintain eye contact that made it look like a snarl on her face. "I’m sure the stress of the situation will break you." The blonde offered with a slight shifting of her eyes.

Ford just pushed down on the handle of the whip with her chin. "Get on with it you little whore. When you’re done, I have plans for you."

"Arrogant to the end." Sarron Daien murmured to Rick.


Marra moved around behind Ford, snapping the whip to test it. She looked to the other occupants in the room. The guard leaned against the wall, holding his weapon down against his leg. Dror stood between the guard and Rick. Rick stood patiently with his hands behind his back and Sarron Daien stood next to Rick.

"You," Marra gestured to the Sarron. "May want to move a bit. I’d hate to catch you with this thing."

The Sarron did as requested. Marra drew her hand back and delivered the first blow.



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