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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan


Ford barely heard the last words the Priestess spoke. Her world was filled with visions of the woman who had just become her wife. A single tear tracked down Marra’s cheek. Ford was quick to wipe it away, a concerned look falling over her features. "Marra?"

"Happy." The little blonde sniffed a bit, falling into Ford’s strong embrace.

"I’m glad. You had me worried there for a second."

"No, I’m fine, I swear."

Ford released Marra then turned to the Priestess. "Thank you."

The Priestess took a deep breath, regarding the woman in front of her. "You are not the person everyone has made you out to be Lord Kurrathian. I am honored to have performed your ceremony. Even if it was a little less than traditional."

Ford nodded. "I know and I am very grateful to you. I promise you, just as soon as we can, we will have a traditional ceremony."

"Good." The Priestess caressed Marra’s cheek. "Capri’s chosen deserves no less."

"I agree." The tall woman hugged Marra very close to her. "She will have a wedding that won’t soon be forgotten when we return home."

"Lord Kurrathian, what will happen to us when we get back to your home world?"

"Military prisoners will be taken into custody. Civilians will be given the choice of asylum or returning to their own home worlds."

"You are not the monster we’ve been led to believe you are."

"Thank you." Ford’s smile was sincere. She glanced down to Marra who still held on to her, running her hand up and down Ford’s broad back very slowly. "Now, if you will excuse us."

She nodded, looking at the couple. "Of course." She bowed, backing out of the room. "May you have a long, happy and fruitful marriage Lord and Lady Kurrathian."


Ford made one last check with Rick and found him to be handling everything very well. He had found several of Dror’s officers were less than thrilled with the way they had been treated and commanded and were more than willing to help him with the functions of the ship until they docked with the Devereux.

"Always nice to find unexpected allies." She gave him a little slap on the back. "But be careful, make sure they are just not trying to gain your trust."

"Of course Garron Ford. I have made very sure they are sincere."

"Good. If you need me I’ll be in my quarters." She put her arm around his shoulders, pulling him close, whispering in his ear. "Just make sure that it’s really something you need me for."

"Yes Garron Ford. Congratulations."

"Thank you Sarron Richards. I’ll see you in the morning."


She stood outside the door of the quarters that Marra had chosen for them. Shifting nervously from one foot to the other, she even caught herself polishing her boots on the back of her pant legs just a bit. * Oh for Capri’s sake Ford get in there. You’re not a virgin. You’ve been married five times now. Why are you feeling so nervous? Maybe because you really love her? Because you don’t want to disappoint her? Go on you big coward. Go face that mere slip of a woman who has such a firm hold on your heart. *

She opened the door, stepping inside she found the room dimly lit. Soft music, and the aroma of roses permeated the room. She shifted a bit as she took in the atmosphere. "Marra?"

The blonde stepped out of the shadows, holding two glasses of wine, wearing a silky, very tight fitting night gown that showed off the things Ford had tried so very hard not to think about. She groaned just a bit as she stepped forward, taking the wineglass.

"See something you like?" Marra smiled from behind her own glass, turning around to give Ford a much better view.

"Oh yeah." Ford nodded, taking a long, quick drink from her glass

"Glad to hear it. Anything else I can show you?" She sat her glass down on a small table, then moved to Ford. She ran her hands up and down the front of her jumpsuit, apply pressure in all the proper places and pausing, waiting for a response. "Well?"

Ford was busy trying to find her voice and her tongue. She nodded again while the search continued. Marra was definitely amused by the fact that Ford was finding speech difficult.

"You’re very cute when you’re speechless." Marra leaned forward, brushing her lips against Ford’s.

"Un-huh." She brushed her lips over Marra’s again. "Adorable." Her hands began a slow caress of the body before her. The kiss deepened, they began to melt into each other. Ford felt the zipper coming down on her jumpsuit. Her head dropped to Marra’s neck, exploring, tasting, testing.

"Oh that’s good." Marra moaned a bit, tugging harder at the zipper. She began pushing the jumpsuit from Ford’s shoulders. "I like that." She whispered, taking Ford’s earlobe into her mouth giving it a little nip. She was rewarded with a deep growl.

Before anything else could happen, Marra felt herself being swept into Ford’s arms, then carried into the bedchamber. She could feel being lowered to the bed, Ford’s hands gently pulling the thin straps of her gown from her shoulders while soft lips continued to lick and explore her skin. She could literally feel her heart trying to beat through her chest. She had never experienced anything quite like this before.

She wrapped her hands in Ford’s hair, amazed at the sounds escaping her own body and the feelings building within. She thought she knew what she was in for when they finally came together. She was wrong. She felt the fabric slide from her body, leaving her totally naked and exposed before Ford.

Ford drew back, smiling, looking down at Marra. "Beautiful." The tall woman whispered, pulling the jumpsuit from her shoulders, kicking off her boots. She stripped out of the suit stepping out of it, she finished undressing and lowered herself gently to the bed with Marra.

"I love you." She whispered, taking the small woman into her arms.

"Love you too." Marra moved closer, absorbing the heat from Ford’s own body. "Teach me." She whispered, kissing a spot on a shoulder that she just couldn’t resist. "Now teach me how to ‘make love’ to you."

"Oh I will my love, never fear. I will." Ford very slowly rolled over, placing Marra on her back, looking down at her, caressing her cheek. "You will know many things by morning."

She brought her lips down, softly, gently. Kissing the woman with so much tenderness Marra almost found herself in tears from the frustration of it. She was torn between wanting it to be so slow and tender and the desire for Ford just to take her and make her scream with pleasure.

She felt Ford flinch when her hands came to rest on the broad back. She remembered that Ford’s back was injured and raw. She didn’t want anything to interfere with this night. She closed her eyes, allowing her head to drop back so Ford could explore there to her hearts content. She began a slow, gentle massage of the tender skin. She felt the transfer of pain for the briefest of moments. Allowing herself to cry out just a bit when it happened, she felt Ford pause.


"Don’t stop." She moaned, shaking her head a bit. "Please."

Ford nodded against her neck, continuing her explorations. She let her hand slide down the blonde’s body, feeling the slight sheen of sweat that was already beginning to form there. "So lovely, so nice." Her hand slipped between their bodies, down to Marra’s legs.

A very gentle nudge was all it took before Ford found herself laying blissfully between them. She felt Marra’s breathing catch when she settled down with her, beginning a slow, rhythmic grind of their bodies. She smiled when she felt fingertips dig into her shoulders.

Ford opened her eyes, taking in the sight of Marra’s face as they began making love. Her eyes were closed, her lips damp from their kisses, a flush was slowly creeping over her skin, and her breathing was short and thick. Soft moans escaped her throat as her body tensed and relaxed with Ford’s gentle loving of her body.

She turned her head, feeling Ford’s eyes on her and opened her own. Green met blue as their passion continued to build. She felt a firm hand settle between their bodies and begin soft, soothing caress of her most intimate place. She was surprised at her own body’s reaction, which was to thrust her hips toward Ford’s hand and body as a deep growl escaped her chest.

"Relax." Ford instructed, kissing her forehead. "I don’t want to hurt you."

She just shook her head. Forming words right now was almost impossible. She managed to get her message across, they same way they had communicated their plans to take the ship, even one-sided telepathic communication was better than nothing, Marra made her desires quite clear.

She felt the discipline in Ford’s body take over as she was entered for the first time. It was easy and gradual, slow and compassionate, loving and tender. The initial pain transformed into something else entirely almost immediately. She felt the rush of pleasure sweep through her body.

"Ohhh yes…" She moaned, her back arching into Ford. "Yes." She pushed her body into the tall woman groaning and writhing in her own pleasures and desire.

"Oh sweet Eternity." Ford groaned in her own time, feeling Marra moving under her was pushing her to her limits. Feeling this woman that she loved and adored, so very unsteady from her arousal and pushing into her, trusting her so completely, was like nothing she had ever experienced before.

She was careful with the small woman, being as tender and kind as possible. She knew she was holding back quite on purpose. There would be a lifetime for exploration and formation of other pleasures, but for now and for tonight, Ford would be the gentlest of lovers.

Their eyes met again. Marra’s lips parted as if she wanted to say something, then it happened. Her eyes snapped shut, her breathing stopped and her hands pushed against Ford’s shoulders as absolute ultimate pleasure swept through her body, leaving her a quaking, shuddering mass in the bed. Tears fell from her eyes as she felt Ford leave her and pull her into her arms.

"Marra? Did I hurt…"

"Shh…no. Hold me." She begged through her tears, molding her body into the larger one next to her. Her own body still trembled with aftershocks. Her breathing slowed with her tears. Finally, she opened her eyes to find a very concerned set of blue peering back at her. She laughed a little, wiping her cheeks. "Wonderful." She whispered. "Simply overpowering darling."

She relaxed in Ford’s arms as exhaustion tried to overtake her. She felt the soft kisses being placed on her forehead and temple. She took a deep breath, running her hands over Ford’s body. "Teach me how to satisfy you."

"Marra, we have plenty of time…"

Her words were cut off by the insistent kiss being delivered by the little blonde. She felt her bottom lip captured by demanding teeth. "Teach me." She growled.

Ford moaned. Her body certainly agreed with Marra’s idea even if her mind wanted to argue. Sometimes it was just better not to think. She rolled on her back, pulling Marra on top of her, allowing her to come to rest in the same spot she had been earlier with the blonde.

Marra pushed up a bit and looked into passion filled blue eyes. "Here?" She began a very slow, deliberate motion with her hips. She tried to hide the grin when Ford could only nod and groan. "Oh you like this don’t you?"

"Un-huh." Another nod and another groan.

Marra watched Ford’s face. Her eyes were closed, head tilted back slightly, lips parted as she breathed through her mouth. The features of her face moved and twitched with pleasure while Marra’s hands explored her body. "Oh yeah…" She moaned with a slight nod.

The little woman lick her own lips, enjoying immensely watching Ford give over to pleasure. She took one last look then dropped her lips to Ford’s skin. She gave a slow, lingering lick from her neck to her shoulder.

Ford was simply amazed at the things Marra was doing to her. All the pleasures she was feeling. Her body tingled with every touch, burned with her kisses. Then simply soared with the gratification it finally found at the hands of her new wife.

She curled up instinctively around Marra, feeling her own body shiver through the end of the climax. She held the woman close, while they both found peace and contentment in each other’s arms.


Ford stretched, smiling and feeling very satisfied. There was however, one thing missing and that was Marra. She sat up quickly scanning the room. When she didn’t see her she was on her feet immediately, pulling on her jumpsuit. "Marra!" She called, pulling the zipper up then reaching for her boots.

"Ford relax." Marra’s voice was soft from the doorway.

The commander turned to see her wife holding a tray with their breakfast on it. She released a deep, relieved breath. Then she moved, quickly to her side, taking the tray and setting it aside before pulling Marra into her arms. "Until this is over, you stay with me at all times. I won’t risk losing you."

"You’re not going to lose me Ford. We’re together…."

Ford’s response was to kiss her. "Don’t care." She mumbled past the kiss. "We stay together."


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