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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan



After the meal was completed Marra cleaned up as Ford finished getting ready. This included strapping on her blade, which Marra noticed she wore on her right side and her pistol, which was worn on the left.

"Marra come here." The slave put the last of the dishes away and moved to her Master. Ford took a deep breath as she held up the wide black collar. "I’m ah…I have to Marra…I don’t want…."

Marra lifted her head a little higher and then her hair. "It will be an honor for me to wear your collar Garron Ford."

Ford gave a smile that was filled with relief as she placed the collar around Marra’s neck. "Is it too tight?"

"No Ford."

"I can loosen it if it is."

"No really." Marra’s fingers almost seemed to caress the collar. "It’s fine."

"You only have to wear this when we are out. Never when we’re here." The Garron watched as Marra’s fingers touched the soft leather. "Go ahead and look if you want." Ford gestured to the mirror.

Marra turned to the mirror and smiled as she took in the sight of the collar. She had never before liked wearing a collar, until now. The gold seal of the Garron right in the middle of her throat made her happy. For the first time in her life, Marra was proud to be a slave.

She turned back to the tall woman. "Thank you."

Ford chuckled. "You thank me for the strangest things."

"You saved me. I don’t deserve to be here. We both know it. We both know that even you could be in trouble…."

"I’m not afraid of a little trouble." She smiled as she stepped forward and caressed the small woman’s face. "There is something special about you Marra. I want that to be a part of my life."

"I live to serve Garron."

"I’m sure you do. I’m hoping to get you past that." She drew a deep breath. "I need to go check on Phoenix. He was badly injured yesterday when I was engaged on the surface."

"Phoenix is your serpentine?"

She smiled as she nodded and fetched a long leash from the wall. She rolled it and clipped it to her belt. She noticed Marra looking to the leash. "I will not tether you, but I have to carry it. Anyhow, yes he is my serpentine. I’ve had him since he was a baby. I trained him myself. I don’t know what I’ll do if he dies. A part of me will be lost. We’ve been together for a long time."

"Then we must go and see if there is anything we can do. Where did you get the name?"

Ford motioned her to the door and they exited the Garron’s quarters. As they walked down the long wide corridor, Marra made sure to listen to every word Ford said, even as she took in the sights around her. This ship was so much larger than any other she had ever been on she was absolutely fascinated by its size.

"Do you know how to read Marra?"

"Yes Garron."

"Have you ever read any of the mythology concerning the place called Earth?"

"Earth? Oh yes Garron. There are philosophers who believe we came from Earth."

"Yeah, well so do I, but we know that’s not a popular opinion so I keep that one to myself. Well, in Earth mythology there was a creature called a Phoenix that died and rose again from the ashes. When you see him you will understand."

Marra nodded as she looked at the lights and all the different types that inhabited the ship.

"Garron may I ask you a question?"

"Of course. Anytime. Please speak to me when you wish Marra. I like the sound of your voice. I believe you to be smart enough to know when to be quiet."

"How many people live on this ship?"

"About fifty thousand. My command is one of the largest battle cruisers in the fleet."

Marra smiled again. Not only had she found a benevolent Master, but apparently a very important one as well. She would make sure she did whatever she had to, to keep her place with Garron Ford.

Although, there were faster ways to the stables, Ford walked, taking her time to stop and speak with a few people. Marra stood back and watched and most importantly, listened. She needed to learn what would make and keep Ford happy and listening to the tall woman would give her the hints she needed to do so.

Finally, the doors slid open and they entered the stables. The room was huge. Rows of stalls must have held close to two hundred serpentines. Most of them were on their feet preening and stretching their wings. Marra had never seen so many in one place. They were beautiful. All colors and sizes. Most of them however were large males, used in ground battles. A few were smaller females used mostly for breeding stock Marra guessed. She knew it was important to keep them strong and healthy.

They walked down the last row to a large stall at the end. Garron Ford’s seal was emblazoned on the stall door. Marra noticed the stall appeared to be empty and a knot twisted in her stomach. Ford moved to the stall and opened the door. Marra moved to the half wall and looked in. Phoenix was lying down in his bedding. Marra also knew enough about the beasts to know that this was not a good sign.

He was beautiful, pure white with a slightly silvery haze to his skin. Easily three times as long as Garron Ford was tall, with a long tail and a broad smooth back. His wings were folded close to his body but Marra could tell his wingspan must be twice his body length. He had a long, strong neck but at the base where it met his massive chest his neck and chest were covered in bandages. She felt for the creature as she noticed the droplets of pink blood that soaked through. As Ford knelt down and spoke to the beast, stroking his head, his lids opened to reveal deep blue eyes. Phoenix tried to lift his head.

"No, no boy. Just lay still." Ford cooed to the animal as she pulled his large head into her lap. "It’s gonna be okay." She stretched her long legs out and leaned back against the stall wall just petting the beast from his head down his long neck.

Marra stiffened a bit when a large man joined her at the wall. He was wiping his hands on a rag. He glanced her direction, giving a disapproving look before turning back to the stall. "Good morning Garron Ford."

"Good morning Doctor. How is he?"

"I’ve done all I can do Garron. The rest is up to Phoenix. His wounds are serious."

"He saved my life yesterday. Turned his body directly into the sniper attack."

"Yes Garron." The doctor sighed as he dropped his head. "I’m sorry Garron. I wish there was more I could do."

"I know you have done all you can. I’ll be spending most of the day here. Will you show my slave were she may find the food dispensers?"

"Of course. Do you have her tether?"

"She’s very docile she won’t try to escape." Ford never looked up as she continued to stroke the serpentine’s head.

Marra followed the doctor to the dispensers and listened very carefully as he explained them. After her left her she dispensed a cup of a black liquid listed as a favorite of the Garron’s. She sniffed this strange liquid called coffee and wrinkled her nose at its bitter smell. "Yuck." She murmured as she took the coffee back to the stall.

"Come in." Ford waved her in.

She entered, making sure to close the gate behind her. As she approached, Phoenix brought his head up and growled, bearing his long, sharp teeth as he snarled at her. She stopped immediately and stood perfectly still as Ford brought the beast’s head back down into her lap. "Oh no, no, Phoenix it’s okay she’s a friend. She won’t hurt us. Come on now. It’s okay. Rest."

The animal gave a little snort as it’s head returned to it’s master’s lap. Marra noticed that he kept one eye open and on her as she approached. She handed the cup down to Ford. She sipped the coffee then placed the cup on a small shelf at her shoulder.

"If you go to the back of the stall you’ll find a couple of blankets." Ford smiled at Marra. "Get them." She did as requested and when she returned, Ford patted the floor next to her. "Spread one of the blankets out so you’ll be more comfortable."

Marra settled on the floor next to Ford leaning back against the wall. She held the other one in her hands not sure what to do with it. "Here," She pushed Ford forward just a bit and placed it behind her back, for a little padding.

"That was for you in case you get cold." Ford grinned at the blonde.

"If I get cold I’ll let you know." Marra smiled back.

Ford nodded as she looked down at her mount. "Come on my friend." She looked back to Marra. "Do you want to pet him?"

"Will he let me?"

"Sure he will. I told him you were a friend."

Marra reached out a tentative hand.

"He likes to have his nose scratched," She pointed to his broad face just above his nostrils. "Right about there."

Marra reached over and gave a little scratch where Ford had indicated. In return she got what sounded like a happy little snort from the serpentine. She smiled at Ford and returned to the task of nose scratching.

Soon there was a low purr coming from Phoenix and he almost seemed to be smiling as he released a long sigh.

"He likes you."

"Just a few minutes ago I thought he was going to eat me."

"He thought you were going to try and hurt me."

"Me, hurt you?"

"Well anything is possible. You remember that last slave I mentioned?"


"She tried to stab me in my sleep. She was about your size."

"I would never…."

"Somehow I know that." Ford nodded as she reached for her coffee. She sipped it then put it back. "Besides if you did I’d be forced to terminate you. Don’t make me do that."

"No Garron, never. I hope to serve you for a long time to come."

"I’m sure you will Marra, I’m sure you will."

They sat there together for a few moments in silence just listening to Phoenix snore.

"Sounds like you." Marra commented quietly as she stroked a little further up the serpentine’s face.


"He snores."

"Are you saying I snore?"

She looked to Ford with slightly amused green eyes as she nodded her head. "Un-huh."

"I do not." Ford smiled back.

"I’m sorry Garron, but you do. I was there."

"Impertinent little thing aren’t you?"

"Forgive me Garron, but aren’t you the one who made me promise to always tell you the truth and never to lie to you?"

Ford’s brows shot up into her bangs as she pursed her lips together. "Hmm guess maybe I did. I’ll have to be more careful about what I make you promise."

"Yes Garron."

"You’re enjoying this aren’t you?"

Marra nodded with a little smile.

"You are absolutely adorable."

The slave dropped her head as she blushed.

Ford reached for her coffee and took another drink as she looked at Marra over the rim of the cup. "So how did you come to be on Garron Danils ship? You weren’t his slave." She replaced the cup to the shelf as she waited for the answer.

Marra swallowed hard.

"I knew Danils before the war. He wouldn’t have kept an unnamed slave. He would have killed you first."

"I was a stow-away."

"Somehow I figured as much."

She looked up to her Master. "You knew?"

"Oh yeah. You don’t carry his mark."


"Danils branded his slaves. You don’t carry his brand."

"I’m sorry. I’m ready to accept whatever punishment you see fit Garron." She dropped her head and waited.

"I’m not sorry. I’m glad you weren’t his. You have a beautiful body. It would have been a shame to mark it like that. And I’m not going to punish you. You didn’t do anything wrong."

"I feel like I lied to you."

"You didn’t say you were his slave. My Sarron assumed you were. You never lied to me."

"Thank you."

Phoenix shifted his huge body rolling over in his bedding and leaving Ford’s lap now empty. Ford just watched as he rolled away and then curled up with his head resting near his hind legs.

"Do you think he’ll be okay?" Marra asked quietly.

"I think so. He seems to be doing pretty well."

"He’s beautiful."

"Yes he is. I hope he’s well enough to mate this season. I’ve already picked his female."

"She’s onboard?"

"Yeah, would you like to see her?"


Ford got to her feet then offered her hand to Marra. "Come on."

The Garron pulled the woman to her feet. She did it a little faster and a little harder than she had intended, and they ended up locked in an embrace to keep from falling, just for a moment their eyes met.

Ford cleared her throat and released Marra from her arms, but maintained a hold on her hand. They left Phoenix to his nap and headed back down the row to a smaller stall that held an all black female. She was the totally opposite of Phoenix, smaller and black as the space that surrounded the ship. She craned her neck as they approached, then as Ford held her hand out to the beast she began a soft purring.

Marra noticed the serpentine had golden eyes and it made her gasp just a bit. "Does she have the gift?"

"She does. That’s why I’ve chosen her to mate with Phoenix. I’m hoping for an offspring that has it as well. Phoenix and I understand each other because we’ve been together for so many years, but it would be nice to have a mount that would be able to communicate with me.

"Does the female communicate with you?"

Ford hurumphed just a bit as she scratched the female’s nose. "When she is so inclined, she speaks to me."

The female seemed to find this comment amusing as she lifted her long neck and drew her head back, she seemed to be smiling at Ford. Then her head shifted and she looked to Marra. * You are a new slave? *

Marra heard the voice in her head and her eyes went wide.

*Well, fair haired female? Are you a new slave? *

"Yes…." Marra murmured aloud.

Ford’s head snapped around as she looked between the female and Marra. "Is she speaking to you Marra?"

"Yes Garron." The slave nodded her head.

* Marra? It is an unusual name for a slave. It means ‘beautiful one’. It suits you. *

Not sure how to take a compliment from a serpentine, Marra merely nodded.

"What did she say to you Marra?"

"She said my name suited me, Garron."

"It certainly does." Ford smiled as she reached for the black head only to have it jerk away.

The female put her head close to Marra. * The Garron is an honorable woman. *

Marra nodded as she reached out and stroked the head that had obviously been offered to her.

* Think and I will hear you Marra. *

* What should I say? *

Marra heard the laughter in her head. * It doesn’t matter. *

Ford watched them intently. "Excuse me I’ll be right back. Marra stay here."

"Yes Garron."

Marra continued to scratch the serpentine’s head. "Do you have a name?"

* They have never bothered to give me one of their names. In my gathering I was called Neyta. *

"You’re beautiful."

* Thank you. So are you. The Garron thinks so as well, about you that is. *

"I don’t know about that."

* I can tell, I can feel it. *

Marra just smiled as she listened to the outward purring of Neyta. "Garron Ford wants to mate you with Phoenix this season. Would you like that?"

* He is a strong male, it would honor me to carry his heirs. Even though he came from a rival gathering. We are here now and things change. *

Marra nodded. "They certainly do."

Ford returned with a smile and a piece of paper gripped tightly in her hand. "Well now it looks like you two are getting along well."

"We seemed to be." Marra agreed as Neyta placed her head on the slave’s shoulder, giving a little growl at Ford. "Be nice." Marra grumbled as she scratched the black head. "I’m sorry Garron."

Ford smiled. Having owned a serpentine for as long as she had she knew the difference between a playful growl and a serious one. That growl had been a playful one. "Well I’m glad, because I just bought her. For you."

"Excuse me Garron?"

"I bought the serpentine, but I bought her for you. She speaks to you Marra. Don’t you understand? There is a bond between you. Look at her for Capri’s sake. You belong together."

"But I don’t know anything about caring for a serpentine."

"I can teach you the basics, but I’m sure she will tell you if she needs anything. If you don’t want her…."

"Oh no Garron!" Marra reassured quickly as her arm encircled the head resting on her shoulder. "I want her. I just want to make sure I can care for her."

"You’ll do just fine Marra. So what will you name her?"

"Is Neyta all right?"

"It’s fine if it’s your choice."

"Actually it’s her gathering name. The name she was born with."

"Then that makes it all the more special for her."

* Marra please take me to him. Take me to Phoenix. *

"She wants to go to Phoenix."

"Then by all means let’s take her to him."

Marra opened the gate and stepped back as Neyta slipped out of the stall. She stretched her long body in the open length of the corridor, glad to be out of her stall even if were just for a moment or two. She moved slowly down the bay toward Phoenix’s stall. Ford was already there with the door open for her.

As she lumbered in, Phoenix raised his head and gave a growl. Neyta growled back and the male dropped his head. She circled him twice, then she lay down next to his back and curled her body around his, flexing out a large black wing and covering him with it before closing her eyes.

Ford pushed the gate shut and leaned on the stall wall as she watched them sleep. Marra joined her. She was feeling great pride in her new charge. She hoped she would be able to keep both Garron Ford and Neyta happy.

"Will she mate with him?" Ford asked as she continued to watch the pair.

"She said she would be honored to carry his heir."

"Seems that Phoenix has found a life mate then." Ford smiled as she considered that possibility for herself as well.

"So it would seem." The slave nodded as she watched Phoenix shift so that he was lying on his side. This now gave Neyta the room she needed to groom him.

* Males. * The female huffed as she began grooming the larger body next to her.

Marra giggled as the comment entered her thoughts. Ford glanced her direction and quirked a brow.

"If it’s all right Garron I’ll tell you when we return to your quarters."

Ford nodded. "Well now he’s seems pretty happy." She pointed at Phoenix, who was purring loudly as Neyta continued to groom him.

"I’d say he’s very happy." Marra agreed, as she side stepped to be a little closer to Ford.

"Do you blame him. Look at her. She’s taking very good care of him."

* He is my chosen. I will die for him. * Neyta lifted her head to Marra then returned to grooming Phoenix.

"She says that he is her chosen and that she will die for him."

"Well what do you know. I never thought about them for more than mating until today." Ford turned to Marra. "It’s a good thing you came into our lives Marra. We might never have know and then they would have been separated after the mating."

* Yes it is a very good thing. Not only for Phoenix and I, but for the Garron as well. You are going to be important to her, Marra. *

Marra just shook her head not believing for one second that she could ever be more than a slave to this powerful woman who stood next to her.

* Do not under estimate yourself Marra. *

* Behave Neyta! *

Ford took a deep breath as she tapped her fingers on the stall walls. "Well, Phoenix is getting the best care possible and I haven’t had a chance to meditate in weeks. Would you like to join me?"

"Of course Garron. Anything you wish."

"Good. You can prepared the coals for me."

"I’ve never done that before."

Ford wrapped her arm around Marra’s shoulder and pulled her along with her. "It’s very easy. I’ll show you how. I need to go back and change. We’ll have to get you the proper robes for the temple as well."


"Don’t mention another silly rule or I’ll spank you, I swear I will." Ford teased as she tightened her hold on Marra’s shoulder. "You are my servant. Where I go, you go."



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