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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan


Marra leaned against the wall of the shower. Regaining her breath, waiting for her pulse to slow. She looked down at the dark hair of her wife, her head, still nestled between her legs, kissing and nibbling the inside of her thighs. She threaded her hands through the wet, dark tresses, pulling back a bit she looked into Ford’s eyes. She licked her lips as Ford smirked.

"Enjoying yourself down there?" Marra inquired feeling just a tad breathless yet.

"Very much. Thank you. And you?" A dark brow shot up.

"I’m good." Marra nodded her agreement. "You’re umm, very talented, you know that?"

Ford just smiled and did something with her head that was a cross between a shake and a nod, shrugging just a bit. The tall woman figured a comment like, ‘Yeah, so I’ve been told’, might not be the best thing to say, given her current position and situation.

The blonde reached down, pulling Ford up by her chin until their faces met. "I love you."

"I love you too." Ford leaned in for a kiss from the sweet, soft lips before her.

She was stopped by soft fingers at her lips. "Ask first." Marra whispered.

"Please?" Ford whispered back, kissing the fingers for good measure.

Marra moved her hand and allowed the kiss. She pulled Ford closer meshing their bodies together. Ford was quick to place a firm thigh between Marra’s legs and pull her hips down to settle her there as the kiss continued.

The small woman returned the favor and soon they were pushing against each other. Marra enjoyed the taste and the flavor of the kiss. It was the first time she had that experience and she enjoyed it immensely. She made her enjoyment quite clear by sucking Ford’s tongue into her mouth and taking as much as she could from it. Ford groaned as her hips began to find a rhythm and her breathing increased.

"Stop, stop…" Marra broke the kiss, pushing Ford back.

Ford looked at her, breathing hard, licking her lips and shaking almost uncontrollably. "What do you mean stop?" She growled.

A quick pull on that chain reminded her of who was in charge. She continued to breath harder and stare at Marra in quiet challenge. She was feeling very charged now and the smaller woman knew she had better do something and do it fast.

Marra took the chain in hand gingerly, lifting a brow. "Are you going to be good?"

The tall woman stared just a moment longer, then nodded with quick, jerky movements. "Yes, yes I promise. I’ll be good."

"Okay then." Marra reached around Ford, shutting the water off. As she did, she took a moment to run her hand between Ford’s legs and check on the situation for herself. "Oh that’s nice. Is all that for me?"

"Oh yeah, please, please take it!"

"I will, once you say those two little words. In the meantime," she removed her hand with a nice, firm little wiggle of her fingers that caused a deep growl. Then she slapped a very wet backside. "Get out and get dried off. Then go to our room and wait for me."


Ford sat down on the bed with the towel in her hands and her head down, wondering where Marra had become so good at these little games. She hook her head a bit trying to get her heart to stop racing when she remembered the night that Capri had come to her.

"Maybe I should just surrender now. With that kind of knowledge I don’t stand a chance." She mumbled, tossing the towel over her head to push the water out of her hair. Then she smiled to herself. "Nah!"

"Talking to yourself Lord Kurrathian?"

Ford pulled the towel from her head then looked to the door. Marra stood there with a shiny black box in her hands and nothing on her body.

"Un…" The commander nodded dumbly, again wondering why the sight of this woman naked struck her mute. She had seen naked women before, lots of naked women, but this one was so very special. She cocked her head a bit, her fingers traveled to the base of her own throat and she touched Capri’s mark there. Then she saw it, she didn’t understand why she hadn’t seen it before, Marra had the same mark.

She stood without a word. Turned to Marra, took two steps forward then dropped to her knees. She looked up at her wife, taking one of her hands in her own, she whispered, "I surrender."

Marra looked stunned. "Well, okay." She really was at a loss for words. "I wasn’t expecting that."

Ford held her hand, kissing the back of it tenderly. "I surrender, because I love you." She reached up, letting the tips of her fingers touch Marra’s own mark. "I love you because we are one." She felt a great deal of emotion building up, she choked it back with a smile. "Doesn’t mean we can’t keep playing?" She wiggled her eyebrows.

"Hmm, do I get dinner tonight?"

"Oh you bet. You name it."

Marra smirked. "Ford." She gestured to the bed. "Now move it!"

"Oh yes ma’am."


"Marra, darling I hate to disagree with you here." Ford looked at the thin black bands wrapped around her wrists and ankles. "I’ve had a little experience in this and this isn’t going to work."

"Trust me."

"Oh honey, I trust you, but for this to work you need to tie your victim down."

Marra tilted her head just a bit, holding up a small device with a red button in the center of it. She gave Ford a totally bored look and pushed the button. "Go ahead, get up." She challenged.

The tall woman tried to move but couldn’t. Her hands and feet felt as if they were weighed down. She struggled, but there was no way she was getting up from the bed. She finally dropped her head back to the bed, breathing hard from trying. She felt a happy, warm familiar rush settle over her body.

"You were saying?" Marra dialed down the device. This allowed her to position Ford any way she liked. And she decided that an appendage at each corner of the bed was a good place to start.

"I’ve basically decided just to lay here and be quiet, because it’s clear I have no idea what I’m talking about."

She looked to her left hand, trying again to lift it. She wondered where Marra got these little toys and what else her inventive little spouse had planned. It had most certainly been an interesting morning so far.

The release of the clamps on her nipples and the feel of Marra’s mouth and tongue replacing them certainly got her attention away from her hand. "Oh yeah that’s good." She nodded, licking her lips.

"Certainly is." The blonde agreed, pulling back, watching the reaction in Ford’s body. "So wonder what else I can find to do to you?"

"Anything you desire my love."

"Oh, you have no idea how much trouble you have just bought for yourself Lord Kurrathian."

Ford grinned. "You going to torture me?

Marra looked in the box on the bed, pursing her lips and nodding. "Looks that way."

"Un, Marra, what’s in the box?"

"Wouldn’t you like to know?" She raised her eyebrows as she leered at Ford.

"Actually I would, thanks." She raised her head trying to see in the box.

"Ah, ah, ah," Marra gave a little push to Ford’s forehead, sending it back to the pillow. "Play nice." She retrieved from the box a small black disk then placed it in the tall woman’s forehead. "That should help keep you in your place."

Ford growled on protest at not being able to lift her head now that the disk had been introduced. "How long before you gag me too?"

"As long as what you say what pleases me, you don’t have to worry about that." The blonde retorted.

Ford did her best to keep her eyes on Marra while the blonde one again went into

the box. "Now what in the name of Blackguard are you digging out of there?"

"Ford Kurrathian! Watch your language."


"I will gag you if you keep that up."

"I said, I was sorry."

"Hmmm." She murmured.

Ford felt two cold disks being place on either side of her waist, now holding her hips in place. She was for all purposes totally immobile. "Un Marra…darling…"

"If you’re uncomfortable just say our word. The bonds are programmed to accept it as a shut off command."

She was told this, just before a warm kiss was placed on the inside of her right thigh. "Never mind." She offered quietly. "You go right ahead. I’ll just lay here and be quiet again."

"Not too quiet. I like it when you groan." Another kiss and she was rewarded with a groan. "That’s the one."

Marra stretched out on the big bed, lying on her stomach right between Ford’s legs and very much enjoying the view. She considered where to start and exactly what to do to her captive lover. She gave the thigh closest to her a firm scratch with her nails.

"Uggg…Marra please! You’re killing me here."

"Oh you don’t look like you’re hurting."

"You have no idea. I’m hurting in places you can’t even imagine."

"From my point of view, I can imagine." The blonde leaned forward offering a little kiss exactly to the right spot. "Hmm sweet."

"Yeah, I’m a big old dessert tray. Dig in."

Marra got to her knees, untying her robe and dropping it on the bed. Then she crawled up Ford’s long, lean body until she completely covered the woman. Their noses met. "You in a hurry? Got a better offer somewhere else?"

"No, not me. I’m happy as a serpentine with a ripe canna fruit."

"Oh, the juices jokes I could make from that, but I won’t."

"Marra I have a request."

"Yeah? Do you really see yourself in the requesting position here?"

A quick hand slid between their bodies and then right between Ford’s splayed legs, staying there, playing and trifling with the large woman under her, causing short gasps and little groans."

"So? Do you?"

"What," Ford licked her lips, fighting for words. She could feel the tremors beginning in her body "What was the question again?"

"Do you think you’re in a position to make requests?"

Ford was in the process of trying to form words when she felt herself touched, firmly, deeply. A long moan escaped deep from her chest. The field holding her in place, keeping her body still seemed to be absorbing the tremors from her body, magnifying them and sending them back. "Ohhh Marra I…." Her throat closed, her eyes snapped shut and her scream was swallowed by the long-lasting, profound kiss from her wife as the climax reached it’s zenith and began to subside.

Marra pulled back allowing Ford to draw a long, deep breath.

"End session." Marra said quietly.

Ford felt the field give way. Her arms automatically wrapped around Marra. "Thank you my love."

"It was my pleasure." The blonde rested comfortably on top of Ford, making no attempt to move, enjoying the sensation of being held and loved.

"You are truly amazing."

"I had a good teacher in what would bring you pleasure and make you happy."

"You might have had some instruction, but you’re the one who made it happen." They shared another searing kiss. "It was your hands, mouth and body that gave me that pleasure.""

"I’m glad I make you happy." The blonde offered quietly, yawning a bit.


"I could take a nap."

"Then I think we should do that." Ford moved Marra to the bed, curling tightly behind her then wrapping an arm around her stomach to hold her close.

Snuggling back, the blonde sighed allowing her eyes to slip closed. "You sure you don’t have anything to do?"

"Nothing that’s more important than this." Ford answered, pulling a cover over their bodies.



"I want roast dalig for dinner tonight."

"Right." She was confident in her answer. Now all she needed to do was find out what exactly dalig was and how it should be roasted.



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