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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan


Drawing a deep breath, Marra rolled over. Ford was gone from their bed, but the aroma rolling through their quarters was wonderful.

"Well, what do you know." She laughed softly, retrieving her robe as she sat up.

Running her fingers through her hair, she found the restraint bands and disks lying on the bedside table. She smiled with the memory. Moving into their living quarters, she found Ford sipping a glass of wine, staring intently at a book on the counter. The blonde took another deep breath.

"Is that my dinner I smell?"

Ford looked up with a grin. "No, I’m drying my boots in the cooking unit."

"Well it’s not what I asked for, but they smell good."

"Very funny. Yes, my dear, it’s your roasted dalig. I had to break out a preparation book to figure out how to cook it." She didn’t bother to tell her she had to call Sarron Richards and ask him what it was and to have one sent down from the ships own food storage.

She crossed her arms, offering Ford a slight smile. "You don’t have a clue how to cook do you?"

"Nope. But I’m willing to fake it."

"Hmm. I see. So, I may have agreed to a month worth of meals that can’t be eaten?"

"There is a slight chance a few of them won’t be tolerable, but I can always take you out."

"Un huh, and you can always hope I’m going to let you off the hook out of a mere instinct to survive."

Ford poured another glass of wine, moving across the room, she flashed a brilliant smile at her wife. "That apparent huh?" She offered the glass to the blonde.

"Yes, but forget it. It’s," She delivered a playful poke to the tall woman’s chest. "not going to work."

Marra watched Ford shrug while she sipped her wine. "I tried." The tall woman resigned herself back to the food preparation area to check on the meal. "After we eat, would you like to go see Phoenix and Neyta?"

"Yes. Speaking of which," She took a seat on a stool on the opposite side of the counter from Ford. "Neyta is carrying three young."

"Really? Well, let’s hope the strongest one is a handsome one."

"Well, actually, I promised Neyta that we’d try to save all of them."

"And how do you expect us to do that?" Ford removed the pan from the cooking unit to check the meal.

"I’m not sure. I thought you might have some ideas."

Ford shook her head. "Never known multiple young to survive before." She replaced the lid on the pan, returning it to the unit. She hoped that she was doing it right. Stupid bet to make. Next time she’d have to give it more thought.

"Doesn’t mean they can’t. Just means that no one has ever tried."

"And you’re suggesting we should?"

"Absolutely. Anything less is just plain wrong."

"Well we have a few weeks before the babies come. We’ll be home and hopefully settled by then. I’m sure we can come up with something."

"Then we’ll try?"

"If it makes you happy, of course we’ll try."

"Thank you." She sipped her wine. "So if after dinner and a trip to the stables I tell you I want you to come back here and ravish me, you’d do it?"

"Can I use your little black box?"

"No. That’s my little black box."

"Yeah, I noticed I couldn’t get it open despite the fact it doesn’t seen to have a lock." She shrugged. "Okay then, I’ll just bring out my own brand of justice." She leered, wiggling her eyebrows.

Marra swallowed her wine with a loud gulp. "Your own brand of justice?"

"Un-huh." Ford leaned on the counter, tracing her finger down Marra’s cheek. "You’ll love it."

Marra shivered at the thought. "I’m sure of it."

They met half way across they counter, sharing a very sweet kiss.


Neyta lay on her back, wings folded under her, while Phoenix nuzzled her midsection, purring loudly.

Ford leaned on the stall watching them. "What is he doing?"

* Talking to the babies. Trying to soothe them for me. *

"He’s trying to soothe the babies for Neyta." Marra leaned on the rail next to Ford, holding the tall woman’s hand as they watched the beasts.

"Really? He can do that?"


"Well, what do you know. It’s very interesting, this."


"Watching a pregnancy progress. I’ve never really been around anything or anyone long enough to watch it develop."

"None of your wives have had children for you?"

"No. I have no heirs."

Marra turned to Ford. "Why not? Certainly you want them."

Ford nodded. "I do, but it’s complicated. I’ll explain one of these days."

This was another very direct, ‘end of conversation’, signal from Ford. The blonde turned back to face the stall. "When you’re ready."

"Hmm." Ford nodded.

"Do you think we’re going to be able to stay at command long enough for Neyta to give birth?"

"That is my hope. I don’t like that fact we’re moving her around so much."

* Neither do I. * Neyta gave a little growl, baring her teeth to get her message across to Ford.

"Be nice!" Marra chastised her serpentine, which blinked at her a couple of times, then curled into a tight ball on her side effectively trapping Phoenix’s head. The silver beast gave a muffled yelp and pulled away.

"Oh yeah that’ll calm the little ones right down." Ford chuckled. "Hearing, their father decapitated."

Marra slapped Ford on the arm. "Now you be nice!"

"I was being nice. I was concerned about moving her around so much. Your serpentine is the one who growled at me. Grouchy isn’t she?"

"You’d be grouchy if you had three little ones competing for limited space too."

"True. I suppose I would."


Ford interlaced her fingers with Marra’s, holding her hand while they strolled back to their quarters. "So," She brought their hands to her lips, giving the small hand a kiss. "Was dinner reasonable?"

"Actually, it was very good."

"So, how long would it take you to get bored with roast dalig? Apparently, I do that pretty well."

"You worry too much. You’re doing just fine. Can’t wait to find out what’s for breakfast in the morning."

"Same thing you gave me today. Fresh fruit and juice." She gave her hand a little squeeze. "Only you’re going to be totally naked, tied to the bed and fed very slowly."

Now it was Marra’s turn to groan. Ford chuckled, wrapping her arm around the blonde’s shoulders as they continued to walk. "Can I make one request?"

Ford looked down at her wife "After the way you treated me this morning? I think not."

"Hmm. You’re gonna make me pay for that aren’t you?"

"Why yes. Yes I am."

"Oooo I’m in so much trouble."

"Why yes. Yes you are."

Marra stopped. Playfully she pulled back from Ford. She tried to take a few steps back. "You know I think I’ll go back down to the stables, just to make sure…"

Ford lunged, scooping Marra up and placing her over her shoulder. "Oh no! No way!" The tall woman turned, continuing a slow leisurely walk through the corridors.

"I’m really glad we’re not aboard the cruiser at this moment. This could be really embarrassing if we were." Marra remarked as she allowed her hands to come to rest on Ford’s backside so she could push up a bit.

"Get your hands off my ass."

"Make me."

A very firm slap to her own backside sent Mara back down into a slump.

"Now behave, or I’ll give you another." Ford growled.

For just a moment Marra looked at her hands, then Ford’s backside, then her hands again. She decided not to do it. The corridors were still to public for her tastes.

"Good eve…ning…"

Marra slumped further when she heard a familiar voice. It was apparent that her current placement over Ford’s shoulder was causing the speaker great pause.


"Good evening Sarron Richards."

Marra groaned. Ford turned so Marra could see the young man. "Say hello to Rick, Marra."

The blonde looked up, pushing hair out of her eyes she grinned a little. "Hi Rick."

He smiled, scratching his head a bit. "I’m not even going to ask."

"Thanks." Marra nodded. "I appreciate that."

Ford turned around once again. "She was being difficult. Sometimes you have to take them in hand when they’re being difficult. You’ll learn when you get married. I have been married five times. I have a system."

"Apparently, a very effective system."

"We’ll see about that." Marra mumbled, making sure however, Ford didn’t hear her."

"Well I’ll leave you to, un, well…" The young man stumbled over the words. He pointed nervously. "I’m just going to go back to the command deck."

"All right." The tall woman agreed. "Lady Kurrathian and I are going back to our quarters."

"Enj…" He stopped himself before he stuck his foot all the way in his mouth. "I’m just going to go now." He stammered, side stepping the pair and making his way around them and disappearing down the corridor.


The door slid closed. Ford carried Marra directly to their bedchamber, where she tossed the little woman to the bed. "Don’t move!" She commanded.

She crossed the room, pulling open a cabinet door as she kicked her boots off. Marra remained on the bed, but her eyes followed Ford’s every movement. She didn’t even try to contain the gasp when she looked in that cabinet.

Ford stood there for a moment. Trying to decide which of her toys to play with first. "Do I need to tie you down?"

Marra shook her head.

Without turning around Ford added. "I can’t hear you shaking your head. Tell me."

"No." It came out as a squeak.

"Okay. I really prefer not to do that, but I will if I have to."

"No." Another squeak

"All right then." Ford unzipped her jumpsuit removing it in one fluid movement. "Take off your clothes."


Ford removed several items from the cabinet, tossing them to the bed. Then she moved next to it, staring Marra down. "What didn’t you understand, dear? Take…off…your…clothes."

Marra let out a shuttering breath, taking in the sight of Ford tall, strong and naked made her breathless anyhow. This commanding presence only made it worse. Her hands were shaking as they began working the clasps on her shirt.

"Need help?" Ford reached down, taking the shirt by the front, she efficiently ripped it open then pushed it off Marra’s shoulders. She tossed it across the room before grabbing the waist of the small woman’s pants. She pulled Marra flat to her back. She removed the small woman’s boots and pants, they found very nearly the same future as her shirt, as a rag.

"Oh well…" Marra hummed, rather enjoying this experience.

"Now. On your hands and knees, facing away from me." Ford gestured to the opposite wall.

Marra obeyed immediately.

Ford smiled, licking her lips appreciatively. "Nice. Very nice." She murmured, running her hand over Marra’s bare backside.



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