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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan


Marra rolled over, feeling a bit sore, but very sated and extremely happy. Ford had utilized several of the items in her cabinet and they had made love for most of the night. The blonde rolled to her back, shocked to find that it was rather early. She most certainly hadn’t expected to be wake this soon and was also surprised to find Ford was up and about already.

She could smell breakfast cooking and she smiled. She pulled Ford’s pillow on top of her body, hugging it as close as she could get it. She wondered since she obviously hadn’t been given the chance to place her order for breakfast, what the chances were for getting it served to her in bed. She just felt so good that she didn’t want to get up. The truth of the matter entirely was, she didn’t want to get out of the bed ever again and she wanted Ford to come back real soon too.

She rolled over on her stomach allowing her hands to run all over the sheets of the bed. "Hmmm so good. Good, good bed." She praised it lovingly, continuing to caress the sheets.

"I’m not sure it’s that fond of us. I think I felt a support give last night." Ford chuckled from the doorway.

"Well," the blonde purred, rolling over and arching her back. "We did give it quite a workout."

"That we did, my love." The tall woman entered with a small bowl of food. She placed herself right at the edge of the bed. "Taste this." She offered a utensil full of a green substance to the blonde.

"What is it?"

"Never mind just try it."

"No way."

Ford looked hurt. "Come on Marra don’t you trust me?"

"With my life, just not with my stomach. Ford look at that, it’s green."

"It’s supposed to be green. Come on Marra, try it." She watched with great amusement as Marra slowly took the food into her mouth.

The look as she swallowed made it quite clear that it wasn’t good. "Oh Ford," She shook her head in revolt, her eyes closing automatically as she grimaced. "That is so bad. I’m sorry love it’s awful."

"I was afraid of that."

The blonde looked up. "You mean you didn’t try it first?"

"No. Why would I put it in my mouth if I thought it was going to be bad?"

"You brat!" Marra grinned.

Ford moved off the bed quickly, backing up, grinning and holding up a hand defensively. "Now Marra…."

"Oh no!" The smaller woman followed, grabbing her robe and tossing it on quickly. "Come’re you."

"I’m many things my love. Daft isn’t among them." The tall woman continued to smile, backing up from the blonde.

"You can run, but you can’t hide Ford." She approached menacingly. "Give me that bowl."

"No." Ford held it high over her head, far out of Marra’s reach. Or so she thought.

The smaller woman watched as Ford made a tactical error and backed herself against a counter, holding the bowl over her head. She shook her head, disapprovingly, took a deep breath then proceeded to grab Ford in a very sensitive spot, which brought her arm down. Marra then took the bowl from her hand and released her grasp. "Thank you."

Ford coughed a bit. "You don’t play fair."

"I play just fine. Feeding me this, wasn’t fair."

"I’m sorry?" She shrugged with a wink.

"Yes you are. Now taste this." She pushed the utensil toward Ford’s lips.

A very tight-lipped Lord Kurrathian shook her head.

Marra nodded, pressing closer. She sat the bowl on the counter. Holding the utensil in one hand she allowed her other hand to travel under Ford’s robe. Ford groaned, her body jerked in response, but she clamped her jaw down, refusing to open her mouth. Her eyes twinkled as Marra’s hand tortured her in an effort to make her open her mouth.

"Come on I know you want to." Marra teased, increasing the pressure. "You want to let out that long, deep moan. You know the real breathy one that always signals when you’re…"

Ford groaned again. Gripping the counter with both hands to keep from falling to the floor or sinking into Marra.

"That’s it. You’re almost there." She smiled, leaning forward offering small delicate kisses to the sensitive flesh along the base of the tall woman’s throat. She knew from her own experience that the area around Capri’s mark was especially sensitive. "Come on Ford." She growled, "don’t be so stubborn. Let go."

A long groan, then the moment Marra was waiting for. The moment that Ford opened her mouth Marra fed her the substance. Ford’s only course of action at that point was to swallow, then slide to the floor.

The blonde stepped back, looking down at the dark haired woman. Ford grimaced, swallowing hard, shaking her head to make it go down. She looked up, the look on her face was split between pure disgust and humor. "That was really sneaky."

"Whatever works." Marra shrugged, tossing the utensil into the bowl.

"That had to be one of the most delightful and the most disgusting experiences of my life."

Marra offered her hand. "My pleasure. What do you say we take a bath? Then have a real meal?"

"You cooking?" Ford asked, accepting the hand, getting to her feet.

"My survival instinct is pretty high at the moment. So I guess so."


Settled back in the tub, Marra relaxed against Ford, who continued to drizzle warm water over Marra’s arms and shoulders. She also placed tender kisses to the blonde’s neck.

"I love you. Have I told you that lately?"

"Not lately. I don’t think you’ve said it since last night. Then it was just kind of a groan as you collapsed on top of me."

Ford could feel a blush rising up her neck. She had been pretty rough with Marra, but she certainly hadn’t protested or asked for it to stop. If she remembered right when she tried to move, Marra wouldn’t let her. "I’m sorry."

"Did I say you had anything to be sorry for? No, I don’t recall saying that. Last night was truly a unique learning experience. I enjoyed it immensely. I didn’t realize those kinds of things were possible."

"That was just a sample of the things I know."

"Oooo I hope we’re married for a very long time." She let her hand travel back and caress Ford’s cheek. "And, I hope it’s me that you desire from now on." She felt a shiver run down her spine at the thought of not being at Ford’s side.

"I promise you. From this point forward in my life, there will be only you. Marra I’ve waited my entire life for you." Her hands moved up to the small woman’s throat, the fingers of both hands tickled over Capri’s mark. "We are meant to be together forever. There will be no more wives."

"And what of the ones you already have."

"All of them are otherwise occupied."

"Danella’s not. She’s bound to turn up again. I don’t imagine she’ll be happy." Marra squirmed around a bit in the water, enjoying the relaxing feeling of the hot bath and being so close to Ford.

"You needn’t worry about Danella. She won’t be back."

Marra turned to face Ford. "Why?"

"Danella is in jail."

"Why? Because of what she did to me when I was a slave. Oh Ford, you can’t imprison her for that?"

"No, because she was unfaithful to me. I can imprison her for than, and I did."

"Is it really necessary?"

"Yes Marra. She disgraced my house and me by taking someone not her spouse to her bed. It wasn’t as if I had turned my back on her where sex was concerned, I hadn’t. There was no excuse."

"Ford, did you make love to her or did you have sex with her?"


"Did you make her feel the way you make me feel or did you just do what you thought you needed to, to keep her satisfied."

"Well, I certainly never made her feel the way I make you feel, but then again she never made me feel the way you do."

"But maybe the other person did make her feel that way."

"Then she should have married him. It’s a closed issue Marra. She’s in jail and she’s staying there."

"Nothing I can say or do to change your mind?"


Marra sighed and nodded, returning to her previous spot. "Fine. She is your wife."


"Now this is real food." Ford hummed happily as she put the second huge helping on her plate.

Marra chuckled, sipping juice, watching her spouse enjoy the meal she had prepared. "I’m glad you approve. You need to keep your strength up." She wiggled her eyebrows.

"This is very true."

"So tell me, what kinds of things will we be doing when we get home?"

"Hmm. I’ve got to go see Trella very first thing. I was hoping that you would take charge here and get us settled planet side at the house. You know, making sure our things are moved and taking care of Phoenix and Neyta."

"Of course. I’ll do whatever you need me to do."

"I knew I could count on you. When you get there you’ll need to pick a staff for yourself."

"A staff?"

Ford nodded, sipping from her glass. "Un-huh the First Lady of the house always has a staff. A personal staff to help you out at the house and a personal assistant that will travel with us. The house already has a staff as do I."

"They aren’t slaves are they?"

"No. They are paid staff. Hired freely and they can be dismissed."

"All right."

"I’ve never had a slave in my house and I never plan to. I’ll burn it to the ground first."

"No need for that my love. No need for that."

"Not now that I have a wonderful wife to take charge of my house. Right?"

"Right. Are we going to be able to stay there or are we going to have to go back out?"

"I don’t know yet. But regardless I intend to take some time off. I’ve been out here a long time. The fighting will continue whether I am there or not. The dying will continue and I have had enough of that for a while. I have many things I want to show you and share with you. They can fight without me for awhile. As High Lord of the Second House I only have to take my seat on the council. I don’t have to be in the middle of all of this and now I have no desire to be."

"You know," Marra stood and began clearing the dishes. "We need to go to temple. We’ve been remiss."

Ford considered it, nodding her agreement. "True, but I think Capri understands."

"I’m sure she does. But you still owe her three days of attrition for being stubborn." Marra placed the dishes in the sink.

"Don’t suppose you’d be willing to put in a good word for me first?" Ford chuckled a bit. "I have a feeling I could use it. There’s a big difference between being Capri’s chosen and her favored. Chosen is a much better position."

"Is that so?"

"So it would seem." Ford gathered her own plates. "Don’t think I didn’t notice the fact that you healed my back merely by touching it."

"Did I?" She gave Ford a sly look, taking the plates from her hands.

"You know you did."

"Maybe it was Capri."

"Umm no. It was not Capri." The tall woman leaned over, leering and whispering. "It was not Capri running her hands over my back that night."

"I got it, thanks." Marra blushed.



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