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Warnings: This short piece describes love and a sexual relationship between two women. If you can't deal, read something else. It is not intended for people underage.

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By Rebeccah Hall

"The cries of passion were like wounds that needed healing...." Indigo Girls

"By the Gods, that was a close one." Gabrielle's tone was deceptively light, and she didn't notice the effect on her lover until she turned around and looked at her. Xena stood by the barn door, a shaft of light filled with dancing dust and hay motes illuminating the stricken look frozen on the warrior's face. Her breathing was labored, chest straining against her leather bodice. Gabrielle knew Xena was not winded from the fight it had been quite short nothing requiring any special exertion from either of them. It's only remarkable aspect was the fact that Gabrielle had come a hair's breath away from a fatal blow. In fact, if she hadn't stumbled on that loose flagstone at that exact second, she certainly would have been cut in half by that broadsword and Xena could have done nothing to prevent it.

The fact that Xena was more than a little upset by the close call became abundantly clear to the bard as Xena crossed the barn in three quick steps and folded Gabrielle into an almost crushing embrace. The warrior tucked the bard's head under her chin and held on as though both their lives depended on it. Gabrielle felt barely suppressed sobs wrack the warrior's frame as Xena choked out in a whisper: "I can't lose you. I just can't." Pulling back just enough to meet blue eyes bright with fear, Gabrielle whispered "I'm right here, Xena. Right here...."

Although she said these words over and over, they failed to re-assure the warrior, who continued trembling in the bard's arms. Usually her voice could soothe the warrior, even in the worst of times. But it was clear she wasn't reaching Xena this time. Even though their gaze was locked together, Gabrielle could tell that Xena wasn't seeing her. It was as though she was looking right though the bard's eyes at some vision of despair hovering behind her. At a loss for what to say or do to bring her warrior back, Gabrielle leaned up and kissed her.

She was afraid of Xena's reaction to this the warrior always made a point of avoiding any contact that could remotely be seen as sexual after a fight, refusing the bard's advances and never initiating any of her own. When Gabrielle had asked her why, Xena would abruptly pull away, sometimes adding a brusk statement of non-interest. Hurt by the terse rejections, the bard stopped trying. But now, not knowing how else to reach the warrior she kissed her, hard, hands clasped in black hair, standing on the balls of her feet to better press her tongue deep into the warrior's mouth. It took a long moment for the kiss to register and Gabrielle was just about to give up. But then it did, and Xena's response was intense.

She pulled Gabrielle to her tightly and deepened the kiss, kissing the bard with more force than she ever had before. Xena's transition from fear to passion was swift, and the bard could feel the power of their connection through the kiss. 'I guess she needs this,' Gabrielle thought to herself, but then Xena curved large hands tightly around Gabrielle's rear and squeezed, hard, pulling the bard's hips against her own, and Gabrielle felt liquid fire flood her britches. 'Gods I guess I need this too,' was her last coherent thought as her tongue warred for space in Xena's mouth. Gabrielle unhooked the warrior's breast plate and let it drop to the floor. Slipping her hands behind Xena's back she quickly loosened the laces of the warrior's bodice, and with Xena's help, she was able to push it down far enough to free Xena's breasts.

Sliding a hand to the front, Gabrielle's thumb and forefinger grasped a swollen nipple, pulling on it, pumping her fingers in a rhythm that matched the movement of her hips against the warrior's frame. Xena's grip on the bard tightened in response and she sucked Gabrielle's tongue back into her mouth, causing the bard to gasp into the kiss. Gabrielle grasped Xena's other breast, and, pulling free of their kiss she buried her face between the warrior's full breasts, her fingers still working the tight nipples, palms cupping along the outside to push Xena's breasts together, pushing her tongue between them in long strokes.

"Gods!" Xena cried. Reaching forward, her hand swept the surface of a work shelf clean-- horseshoes, nails, wire brushes flew to the floor with a crash. She set the bard on the shelf and used her hips to spread the bard's legs wider. Gabrielle leaned her back against the wall as the warrior rocked her hips, pushing her center against the bard's, Xena's mouth attached to her neck, sucking. "Yes, Xena ... that's it ... come on ... come on ...." the bard prodded, her hands sliding to the warrior's backside to pull the warrior against her need. Gabrielle's words inflamed Xena. Reaching down she tilted the bard's hips, lifting them off the shelf slightly, ripping at her britches. Gabrielle kicked the loosened material off her legs and pulled up her skirt.

With one hand, Xena reached between her own legs and slid her britches down, hiked up her battle skirt and then pushed their mounds together, swollen lips meshing perfectly. "Gods," Gabrielle whispered, and grasped Xena's naked rear cheeks with both hands, fingertips gripping the cleft. Xena's britches were half-way down her thighs, her hips moving helplessly, pumping hard into the bard. Gabrielle groaned, tilting her head back to rest against the wall, mouth open, eyes closed. Hands still possessively curved to Xena's backside, squeezing hard in rhythm with the warrior's pumping.

The warrior cried out, sharp waves of need rippling through her body as she came. Xena meant to take a moment to catch her breath, but then she met her bard's eyes, saw the naked desire there, and pulled her into a hungry, open-mouthed kiss. Gabrielle took Xena's hand and pulled it toward the ache between her legs. Xena's response was immediate -- she slid three fingers deep inside, and Gabrielle closed around them, squeezing the warrior from the inside. Xena pushed hard, using her own hips to add force, the bard's legs raising off the shelf with each motion. Panting, the bard wrapped her arms around the warrior's back, pulling her tight and bit down on Xena's shoulder as her eyes closed in ecstacy. Xena turned and whispered in her ear: "Ah ah, ah, don't come yet, I'm not through with you."

"Xena, please!"

"You feel too good."

"Xena!" The bard cried out, fingernails digging into the warrior's back, head buried in the warrior's neck, calves wrapping around the warriors hips, pulling her in, pumping hard against the warrior's fingers, the liquid flow of her fusing the warrior to her while the spasms rocked her body. The bard leaned back, trying to catch her breath, waiting for her hammering pulse to slow. Finally she was able to open her eyes which were met and then captured by a worried silver-blue gaze. "Xena?" "Did I hurt you?"

"By the Gods, Xena. If that's your idea of pain, then please, hurt me some more!" That made the warrior smile, but she was clearly still worried. Suddenly Gabrielle started to put the pieces together.

"You thought ... That's why you never ... Xena, I'm not fragile. I don't break that easily. What we just did ... I think we both needed it. And I liked it."

Suddenly Gabrielle blushed and, no longer able to meet the warrior's gaze, she looked down at her hands, now resting on her thighs. "I loved it," she added in a whisper. The warrior cupped the bard's chin in her hand, pulling her up to look in her eyes. Xena's eyes were soft, and her gentle smile felt like a caress. "And I love you, my bard."

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