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"The Family that Plays Together…"




A Time For Good-bye

By T.Novan



I watch as Xena cradles the baby in her arms. She always looks so happy when she’s holding a baby. And this is the last grandchild that we will see born. Even though we both hate the thought, we know we have to move on and let them live their lives.

We waited until Kess gave birth, so we could meet this addition to our family. Leaving them behind and moving on will be one of the hardest things we have ever had to do. I never expected to be in a position where I would out live my children, but given all the things that Xena and I have endure to this point, I really shouldn’t be surprised.

"What are you going to name him?" Xe asks as Kess takes the baby back to feed him.

"Actually," John pipes up from his spot on the bed next to his wife and son. "We thought we would name him Lyceus."

I watch as Xe smiles and nods at their choice. "I’d like that."

"Lyceus it is then." Kess runs her hand over the top of her son’s head.

I sigh as I watch them. I remember the first time I nursed her. It seems like yesterday, but it has been long enough that she has grown up and had her first child. I wonder if being immortal makes you loose the precious sense of time.

"He’s beautiful, sweetheart." I step closer and John gives me his seat next to my daughter.

"I’m glad you were here Mom."

"Wild horses couldn’t have kept us away."

Kess looks at me, tears forming in her eyes. "Do you have to leave?"

"Yes, I’m afraid we do. It’s not that we want to go, but it’s necessary. We’re not aging and eventually someone is going to notice. We just have to go on, so that you can go on."

"I don’t know how we’re going to manage without you."

I smile and caress her face, "Darling, look at the little one in your arms. You’re managing just fine. It’s time for us to move on."

She nods and I lean in to kiss her on the cheek. "I’m going to miss you Mom."

"We’ll always be here in spirit. And I’ve left all my old scrolls in the village library for you. You can share them with your children and your grandchildren. We will always be there."

I lean over and kiss my grandson and let my hand run over his fine baby hair. "You take care of your Mama, young man. Grow up strong and proud."


Having said good-bye to everyone else, there is only one person left as Ri and I finish tacking up our horses. We turn when we hear her clear her throat. Turning slowly, we both sigh in unison as she stares at her boots.

"Mel?" Ri takes a step forward and holds her hand out. "Come here."

"I have a theory," Melosa looks at us and grins. "If I don’t say good-bye, you won’t leave."

Shaking my head I join them by the door. "Good theory runt, but it won’t work."

"I was afraid of that."

"Come ‘er." I pull her into my arms and hug her for all I’m worth. "I’m gonna miss you runt."

Very soon I feel Ri’s arms around the both of us and I’m not sure how long we stood like that. But it was long enough for all of us to have tears in our eyes when we stepped back. Reaching up, I wipe a tear from Mel’s cheek.

"You take care of yourself and the family."

"I will. Will you ever come back?"

"I doubt it."

"It’s not safe," Ri runs her fingers through Mel’s hair and tries to offer a little comfort. "It’s not safe for the village or the tribe."

"You know, I understand that, but it doesn’t make saying good-bye any easier."

"You’ll be fine." I reassure her with a wink.

One final hug and we walk back to our horses. Ri mounts her horse at the same time I get on mine and with on last look at the house where our family is gathered, we turn and ride in the opposite direction.


I toss another log on the fire and listen to her sigh for the thousandth time since we stopped for the night.


She looks up at me and sighs yet again. "I’m sorry. I can’t help it."

Sitting next to her I wrap my arms around her and let her rest her head on my shoulder. "I know. You have to look at it as a chance to start all over again."

"Oh Gods I don’t want to start all over again. Getting here the first time was hard enough."

I laugh and hold her closer. "All right then, think of it as a chance to do new and exciting things."

"There are things we haven’t done?"

"You’re just doing your best to be impossible aren’t you?"

"Am I succeeding?"


"Oh, I know why we did it and I understand why it had to be done, but those are my children."

I give her a playful elbow.

"Okay, our children." She laughs and pours two cups of hot cider from the pot on the fire. She hands me on with a wink. "If you insist."

"Thanks." I sip the cider and move to the bedroll, where I’m quick to get settled and give it an inviting pat. "Well think of it this way. With us gone, we don’t have to worry about the Gods bothering them just because we’re there."

"You’re right," she slips off her boots and climbs in next to me. "We only have to worry about the Gods bothering them because they’re petty and like to pick on mortals."

"I’m sorry I brought it up. I was trying to find an up side." I tease, sipping from my cup again.

"I know, and I’m sure I’ll get used to it. It’s just difficult to know we may never see them again."

"Well, let’s look at this as a fresh start. They’re all grown now Ri. They have their own families and we did a wonderful job of raising them. Now we can relax, and go out into the world again to explore."

She drinks down her cider and curls up in the crook of my arm. "It can be fun can’t it?"

"Sure it can. All we have to deicide is where we want to go. You name the place and that where we’ll set off for."

"I don’t want to go anywhere we’ve been before."

"All right then pick a direction and we’ll just go."

"You’re going to make this fun even if I don’t want it to be aren’t you?"

"I’m going to try my damnedest."

"I love you."

"I love you too."


Xe waits for me as I look around. She wearing that huge grin she gets when I’m making her insane and she doesn’t want to admit it. "Well?" She just can’t stand it anymore and prods a little.

"How about north?"

"North it is." She picks up the reins to the horse and hands me mine.

"Actually you know," I look at the sky. "Looks like there could be a storm in the north. How about East?"

"How about you just start walking and I’ll follow you."

I look at her and smile. "Well, if we really are going to take this as a fresh start I think it’s appropriate."


"That you follow me."

"Then lead on my love, because I will follow you to the ends of the very earth that we stand on now."

I look at her and smile. "How poetic."

"I can be mushy when I want."

"Will you start writing poetry for me?"

"Not on your immortal life." She grins and wraps her arm around my waist as we start walking.

I shake my head. "I just knew I was asking too much with that one."

I take in a deep breath of fresh morning air as we walk through the dew-covered grass and I wonder what changes we will see in the world that we are destined to be with until it ends.

I realize it doesn’t really matter because whatever challenges our life brings, I know we’ll be fine as long as we’re together.

"What are you thinking about?" she gives me a playful hip check.

"I’m thinking what a great story this is going to make."

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