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Other: Part eight in the series "Legends Legacy". Takes place about six months after "Back from School"


In the Arms of a God

By T.Novan



Removing my cloak and helmet, I hang them on the hooks in the cavern as I make my way into our living area. As has become Ri’s custom since our arrival, she has a meal ready for us, even though we don’t need it. She tells me that it just makes her feel better. As long as it makes her feel better I’ll eat every meal she prepares.

She has it settled down in front of the fire tonight with a thick pile of blankets and pillows, where she is waiting for me while writing a scroll. Still writing. I wonder if she will continue to do that for the rest of our lives? I drop down next to her, kissing the back of her neck and snitching up a piece of meat from a plate.

"Hmm that’s nice." She hums a bit, tilting her head to one side to give me more room.

"Umm-hmm." I can’t argue the point as I drop the meat back to the plate and continue to nibble her neck instead.

"So what did you do today?" She asks, her quill and scroll coming to rest in her lap.

"Same thing I do everyday. Go to some battlefield where Ares has started some little skirmish and collect the bodies. I’m a glorified undertaker." I settle back, once again reaching for the meat. "Hades did this for thousands of seasons. I only have to do it for thirty or so until Solan passes naturally. It’s going to be a long thirty seasons."

She sets her scroll aside and curls up next to me as I kick off my boots, stretching my feet toward the fire. I yawn, tired from my days activities. It does take a lot out of you, even for a God. I can understand why Hades wanted out.

"To make matters worse they’re having a warmer than normal winter. Lots of rains, causing flooding that they’re not prepared for." I yawn again.

"Is everyone at home okay?"

"Last time I checked. Kess and Rosa have things well in hand. For them, the rains have actually been a blessing. They used it to their advantage to bring the centaurs and the amazons together. They had to dam the river to keep both villages from flooding."

"Ah, those are our girls. Use a bad situation to their best advantage." She seems very pleased with herself.

I hug her close to me. "You trained them well my love. They are excellent rulers. They will lead the amazons to great things."

"You’re biased."

"And you’re not?"

She snuggles closer to me. "No, not me. Not at all."

"Liar." I give her ear a little flick with my fingers.

"How can you call me that?"

"Because you’re laying here lying to me."

"I am not!"

"Yes you are." I laugh a bit, pulling her back as she tries to struggle away from me. "I am a God Ri. I can tell when people are lying to me."

"Brat." She gives my stomach a little slap. "You are so damn smug."

"Love you." I kiss the top of her head.

"Oh sure, you say that now."

"Now and for eternity."

She draws a deep breath. "Xe, Bri will be giving birth in a few months. Can we go see the new baby?"

"Oh, I think we could make a trip up top for that. Wouldn’t want to deny you a chance to see your new grandchild."

"Like wild horse could keep you away too. Now who’s lying?"

"And being immortal tells you I’m lying?"

"No, being married to you tells me that you’re just as anxious for that baby to come as I am."

I nod. "Okay, okay. Yes I am. I’ll be interested to see what the child looks like. It was a unique solution they came up with. Not one I’m sure I could have chosen for us."

"It makes perfect sense."

"I never said it didn’t. I just said, I wasn’t sure I could have used it."

"Keeps the baby in our line and makes Mel feel like a part of it really belongs to her."

"I know."

She sits up, tosses another log on the fire, and then returns to my arms.

I gesture toward the fire. "You don’t have to do that you know. You really should learn to use your powers for thing like that."

"I used them to start it."

"Couldn’t get the tinder to catch huh?"

"No. It was damp." She sighs a bit.

"What were you writing?"

"Oh I thought I’d play around a little bit. I’ve started a chart of our line. I thought I might keep track of it as it progresses."

"That’s going to be quite a task Ri."

"I know, but think about how interesting it’ll be if I can keep track of it."

"Given enough time it’ll be voluminous."

"Oh I know, and I know eventually, I won’t be able to keep track of everyone, because we can’t be everywhere, but I’m enjoying myself so far."

"This is good. I know you must be bored silly down here most of the time. I wish there were more for you to do."

"Eh, I’ll live." She snickers a bit. "Besides, given enough time you know me, I’ll find something to get into."

"I’m sure you will." As I pick through the food on the plate at my right hand, I feel her tug on my belt. "Umm Ri? What are you doing?"

"Making you more comfortable."

"Is that a fact?"

"Sure." She tugs my belt away, tossing it across the room. Then I feel her start on my tunic.

"How comfortable do you want me to be?"

She purrs in my ear, giving it a little nip. "Very."


Lying on top of me, she feeds me an olive from her own lips. The kiss is long and passionate. My hands run up and down her back, massaging it and caressing away the dampness from her skin. "You’re bad for me." I grin, kissing the tip of her nose.

"Un-huh. Didn’t hear you complaining a little bit ago."

"I was otherwise occupied."

"Yes you were. Thank you very much." She giggles a bit, feeding me another olive.

"Oh, it was indeed my pleasure. I assure you."

"Xe what do you think the future holds for us?"

"I have no idea Ri, but I’m sure it’s going to be interesting."

"Based on our past I don’t see how it could be anything but."

"Keeping an eye on our heirs for eternity? How could it not be? If nothing else we do have adventuresome children. I don’t see that trait dying away in our line anytime soon."

"Very true. You’ve been a really bad influence on them in that department."

She jerks her head up, pointing to herself with a look of shock. "ME? ME? The little innocent village girl from Poteidaia, I think not!" She grabs my hands, pinning them above my head, meeting me nose to nose. "You’re the one with the wanderlust in your system."

"Nope. I was on my way home to make peace and settle down. Rescued your butt and well," I pause and sigh dramatically. "The rest, is history." I wiggle my eyebrows and kiss her nose.

"You are so full of it. You were gonna get your butt beat, warrior. I saved you."

I roll her over, pinning her under me. "Oh pluuleeze. You know what?"

She smiles at me, pushing a strand of hair behind my ear. Her look is loving, but somewhat more serious now. "Yeah, I know it doesn’t matter when or how. I’m just glad it happened."

"Oh now how am I suppose to tickle you until you beg for mercy after that?"

"Hmm you’re not, but there are other things we can do."

"Repeat performance?"

"More of an encore really, wouldn’t you think?"

"Yeah I guess it would be." I offer her a soft kiss, which turns long and deep when her fingers tangle in my hair signaling that she won’t be letting go anytime soon.

Hmm, and eternity of making love to this woman. Yeah, I can live with that.


With my head propped again my fist I watch her sleep. Curled contentedly, with her back to me as we face the fire, my arm over her waist, holding her close. Brushing her hair back from her face I realize I love her more now than I ever have before.

She sighs in her sleep, tugging my arm back down and tighter around her waist, pushing her body back into mine. I pull the covers over us to keep her warm, kissing her temple when she snuggles into the warm blankets.

She has followed me no matter where the road has led us. When I got tired of leading, I followed her. Followed her home.

I followed her home, to my true destiny, to my family. She gave me children and a life beyond the fighting and the darkness. Our life with the amazons gave us place to belong and a purpose. She ruled them well, with a wisdom that no one would have given her credit for if they had known her when we first met.

Our children have grown up so strong and proud. They have given us grandchildren. I smile at the thought, placing another kiss to her hair. Our grandchildren, who I am sure, will do the same. They are a part of my world and they always will be.

But she truly is…

My world.

My love.

My Gabrielle.


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