When a story comes along that is so well written, so interesting and so captivating you can’t put down. This is one of those stories. I first read this story when it was posted online in April 2002 and I’m thrilled it’s made it back (It was previously published by PD Publishing). It’s now available in ebook (Kindle).

Written by the incredibly talented T. Novan and Taylor Rickard. I would read anything TN has written (and I have).

WHIS is set during the American Civil War – two characters, Charlie Redmond, a dashing, debonir Army colonel leading his men as they push on to victory against the South.

Rebecca Gaines is a Southern lady who is alone and quite suspicious of the Northern Army camped outside her house. Charlie hides a secret that would destroy his life if it became known – he is a woman. Rebecca is the woman that claims Charlie’s heart in a moving story on par with Gone With the Wind.

Find out about Lucky Charlie and Miss Rebecca. Awesome story

Story Rating: 5/5

Cover Rating: 3/5 (Needs a better cover – doesn’t reflect the great story it is)