Star Trek: Discovery fans should plan for a return trip to the mirror universe in Star Trek: Discovery: Succession, the second Star Trek: Discovery miniseries from IDW Publishing.

Though the series was announced months ago, details were kept under wraps until the second chapter of Star Trek: Discovery Season One wrapped up in order not to spoil the surprises that awaited fans in the mirror universe.

Now, with the season complete, IDW Publishing has revealed that Star Trek: Discovery: Succession will be set in the mirror universe. The covers feature Michael Burnham in her Terran Empire uniform, suggesting that this series will take place before the events of Star Trek: Discovery Season One and follow the actual mirror universe version of Burnham who fell in with Gabriel Lorca and rebelled against the Terran Emperor, her own adopted mother Phillipa Georgiou.

Star Trek: Discovery fans should plan for a return trip to the mirror universe in Star Trek: […]

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