Welcome to the newly designed and renamed AUSXIP Girl Power. The goal of this AUSXIP subsite is to highlight strong female characters in books, movies, tv and web. It has to be a positive role model and it has to be about powerful characters that inspire the mind.

I’ve been trying to get this site just the way I like it and frankly it’s taken me more time that I thought it would (mainly because I kept changing the design. Nothing clicked for me until it clicked!

If you have a book coming out with STRONG female characters (no wishy washy stuff) contact me and I’ll add it to the site. Any news about strong women etc. You get the gist of it. Has links to all the dedicated sites on ausxip such as Xena, Supergirl etc. I brought all the little subsites under one umbrella and called it AUSXIP Girl Power: Books, Movies, TV & Web.