You may remember Wendy Woody and Tara Chadwick from their Xena convention film, “Wicked: A Xena Musical”.

They are proud to finally present their new film, “God Complex”! This long-awaited feature film will be premiering 3:20pm on Saturday, April 7 at Clexacon, a multi-fandom convention for LGBTQ women and allies. (May be closer to 4pm because it’s preceded by a short film).

“God Complex” is a classic tale of girl meets goddess! In this action/adventure comedy, Casey’s world is changed forever when she opens a magical artifact given to her by a mysterious woman. Suddenly she is thrown into a world of extraordinary power, vengeful queens, and some interesting new neighbors. Gods, girls, gaiety and best of all, free rent! All part of saving the world.”

You can find out more about Clexacon here: