One on One with Katherine Fugate

Interviewed by: Christa and Ruth
29 Januay 2008
Los Angeles, California

AUSXIP Interviewed Katherine on January 29, 2008 - a few days after the 2008 Burbank Convention. It's a great interview dealing with Katherine's path from possible lawyer to successful writer and producer. She talks about why she changed from law to directing and writing, writing in general, what writing for Xena meant to her and the fan support during the WGA strike. Katherine also talks about Army Wives and how she became involved and what it's like to work with the whole AW team.

It's a great interview and is bound to make you laugh. This is one of the best interviews Katherine has given. Katherine received a standing ovation at the recent Xena convention in Burbank for her work on Xena, her strike captain role on behalf of the WGA strikers and the hugely successful Army Wives. Not to be missed! It's a 40 minute interview filled with lots of laughter, honesty and wit.

It is a lengthy interview but it's one of the best interviews Katherine has given.

Many thanks to Katherine for taking the time for this wonderful interview.


  Clip #1

Who is Katherine Fugate, switching from law to directing and writing, writing fan fiction of her own.



  Clip #2
Dealing with rejection and other pitfals in the business. Katherine talks about how she got involved in Army Wives and ended up being the creator and producer of the show.
  Clip #3
Katherine talks about differences between features and TV script writing and how she handles writing under the gun for Army Wives. Describes the positives and negatives in the creative process of doing Army Wives and having a wonderful cast and production crew. Katherine's goal of directing an episode of Army Wives.
  Clip #4
How did Katherine come to write for Xena and why she chose to take Xena and Gabrielle down the path she wrote for them. The fan feedback she gets (positive and negative) and what that means to her. Katherine also talks about the Xenaverse support she and the rest of the writers received during the WGA strike
  Clip #5 (Final clip)
Katherine talks about the fans and how they are now supporting Army Wives.
Talks about how different it is for writers to get support from fans other than Lucy and Renee and the rest of the actors. There is a very funny story about Katherine's search for the missing Xenaverse Cookies during the WGA strike. Katherine also talks about her new movie and what's next for Army Wives (no spoilers)

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