AUSXIP Interviews Minae Noji(Kinki)
by Lori Boyles / MaryD

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April 2010

Minae Noji, the star of the movie Bitch Slap, took time out of her busy schedule to talk to AUSXIP reporter Lori Boyles recently. Minae talks about her role as "Kinki", her amazing fight lessons from an unexpected source and unusual "weapon", her thoughts on co-stars and director Michael Hurst and lots more!

What was your first thought when you saw the title...”Bitch Slap”?

I thought to myself, I hope it's my character who gets to bitch slap someone.

Then you read the script…what did you think?

A movie about beautiful, strong women who kick butt?  Count me in.

Were you familiar with the classic B-Movies and the exploitation films from the ‘70s that “Bitch Slap” pays homage to? Were you a fan?

I remember watching these classic, exploitation films when I was younger and thinking to myself, "I wanna be that when I grow up."  Who knew my dream would come true!

What was your favorite thing about getting to play “Kinki”

Doing a role that requires me to speak in only Japanese!

Did you have any input into the character?  Was there anything  specific that was the “Minae touch” in the character?

Rick, Eric and Brian were fantastic and really gave me artistic freedom to play with the character. I added a sweet touch to Kinki that made her more unpredictable and surprising.  You weren't sure whether to you were going to get the sweet Kinki or the meaaaaaan Kinki.

“Bitch Slap” has amazing fight scenes and “Kinki’s” weapon of choice is the yo-yo.  Any special training for you with the yo-yo?

Absolutely!   I took lessons from this young, college girl who was a yoyo champion in 2007.  She basically showed up to our private lessons with her school backpack in one hand and a James Bond like suitcase in the other.  She opened up the hard shelled suitcase and displayed 25 different types of yoyo for various tricks.  She was amazing!  I had no idea there was this whole under ground culture of yoyoers.

Did you come to truly appreciate the yo-yo after filming?

Oh yeah.  I think I want to learn a whole routine with costume and music and compete in the National Yoyo Competition.  Perhaps, I should go as Kinki!

Did you enjoy doing all the fight scenes? What was it like having a fight scene with Zoe Bell.

This was my first time fighting in a movie and to have the privilege of learning from the best, Zoe Bell ..... well, it was a fantastic experience to say the least.  And better yet!  To have a fight scene with her and for my character to kick her butt?  Wow Weeeeee!  I can actually say that I kicked Zoe Bell's arse!  Who can actually say that???  ;)

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If you could play another character in “
“Bitch Slap”, which one and why?

I would want to play Hot Wire.  He is always yelling out loud exactly whats on his mind and there must be such a freedom in that!  ;)  However vulgar that may be!

What one word would you use to describe each of your co-stars:
Erin - Smart as Hel!  Get it?  ;)
Julia - Soulful - She is deep and has some juice going on.  I love it.
Michael - Sexy.  Even with a speedo on.
Greg - Ballsy.  He goes for it, whatever he does.  I really admire that.
America - Perfect.  I would marry her in a minute if I were a guy.
- Fearless.  When I grow up, I want to be Zoe Bell.

I’m also familiar with your work  as “Kelly”(doctor,best friend, and sex addict) on “General Hospital”.  What would happen if “Kelly” and “Kinki” ever met up?

I think it would be a pretty good stand off.  Kinki with her lethal yoyo and Kelly with her gynecological equipment....who knows who would win?!?

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have to mention your website with “GH” co-star Kent King(minkonline.com) and the videos of both of you facing your fears(loved them by the way). You did the trapeze and skydiving… what’s  next?  What brought about the 2 of you doing this?

Kent and I were both at a place in our lives where we were ready to let go and grow.  We believed in order to let go and be free, we needed to step up and face whatever was getting in our way or scaring us. So we wrote a list of all of our fears, however big, small, strange or emotional and decided to face them.  The experience has been sooooo rewarding for us that we decided to create minkonline.com to inspire women to push past their boundaries and conquer their fears as a means of empowerment.  Upcoming fears are body image, diving in a swimming pool, math calculating, bungee jumping and shark diving.

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Any other projects you would like to mention?

I am currently working on the OLD NAVY SuperModelquin Campaign. I am the voice of Amy, the Asian mannequin who isn't very bright. It's been so much fun working on the project.



Photo Credits:
▪ Photos of Minae for this interview are courtesy of Minae Noji
▪ Photos of Trixie (Bitch Slap) are courtesy of Epic Slap, LLC

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