For Aussies: On April 25, Anzac Day will be different for us. COVID is still with us and although restrictions have been lifted (a little), we are still being cautious. Some of us won’t be going to the dawn service as we have for years although this year, there is a ticket system at the Sydney Martin Place Centotaph Dawn service.

For those of us who can’t attend, we will be Lighting Up The Dawn as we did last year. I’m going to be outside at dawn with my phone and lighting up the darkness. We will always remember them.

Lighting Up The Dawn:

By standing at the end of your driveway, in your living room, or on your balcony at 6am on ANZAC Day, we can be united in the ANZAC spirit to remember all those who served and sacrificed.

How to Hold Your ANZAC Day Service at Home
Our friends and colleagues at the RSL have provided a digital recording of the Dawn Service.

At 6am on ANZAC Day, you can visit the web page and play the service.

The ABC will also be broadcasting a Dawn Service at 5:30am You will be able to live stream this service via

The most important thing is that we acknowledge ANZAC Day, and stand, pause and remember all those who served and sacrificed. Some people may choose to hold candles, or lay wreaths on their driveways. For others, it may be a few minutes of contemplative silence.