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10 December 2017

Pleasuredome The Musical

Pleasuredome is coming to an end and there are only 15 performances left of this spectacular show. You can get tickets to the show by going here:

ALL the Xenites who have gone said they LOVED it.  Read my review and find out more!

Lucy is truly spectacular in this. So do yourselves a favour and go see it before it’s all gone. You don’t know what Pleasuredome is? Go here for more info

Lucy Lawless


07 December 2017


Today is a historic day for Australians and in particular the LGBTQI community. Tonight the lower house of Parliament voted on the Marriage Equality bill – first it was put to a vote by the Australian people and how did we vote? people voted for marriage equality by a whopping 61.8% and tonight, the politicians heard the people and voted to legalize same sex marriage.

When the vote was announced, there was spontaneous joy from all political parties (except for those No campaigners who either abstained or voted No). What happened after that…I found my eyes getting a little wet. There was a spontaneous singing of our de-facto national anthem, I am Australian (originally performed by The Seekers) in the Parliament. Sung by visitors and politicians. Yes this really happened. I get emotional when “I Am Australian” is played. Its encapsulates everything I love about my country

and this is how it happened


and this is what happened before that:

And this is The Seekers singing I am Australian – ENJOY!



05 December 2017

Renee O’Connor

03 December 2017

Lucy Lawless / Australian LGTBI Awards

Lucy Lawless / Pleasuredome



02 December 2017

Renee O’Connor / Beyond The Farthest Star

Renee O’Connor / Romeo & Juliet


01 December 2017

World AIDS Day

Pleasuredome is doing some amazing things for World AIDS Day

If you are in Queen Street in Auckland, the Pleasuredome Drag Queens will be out with their collection buckets. If you see them, go up to the tallest one (that would be Queen of the Drag Queens Dominique) and give a donation. Seriously. We need to find a cure because this horrible disease is killing far too many people – 1 death is too many. Please donate and let’s find a cure.

Lucy Tweeted:
Tonight we’re having a parade in our @PleasuredomeNZ street tonight to kick off#WorldAIDSDay. Thankfully Great meds exist. But now the goal is a

Applause for @Ticketek who are donating their booking fees for @PleasuredomeNZ on , Dec 1.


XIPPY Featured Artist of the Week

Virtual Xenite Retreat

Lucy Lawless


27 November 2017

Xena Fan Fic

Xena Images / Episodes



25 November 2017

AUSXIP Publishing

Lucy Lawless / Pleasuredome

Renee O’Connor / Beyond The Farthest Star

  • REMEMBER to go to Renee’s Facebook page on Nov 28th at 5:30 Central/3:30 Pacific to leave your questions & return on Dec 4 at 4:00 Central/2:00 Pacific for her Facebook Live Q&A. Questions MUST be submitted 11/28 at

22 November 2017

Lucy Lawless / Pleasuredome Musical

Adrienne Wilkinson


20 November 2017

Renee O’Connor



19 November 2017

Xenaverse News

Xena Warrior Princess


17 November 2017

Xena Art

Featured Artist of the Week

Xena Cast Interviews

We look back at some of the interviews we conducted with the Xena Cast.

This week it’s Lucy and Renee!


16 November 2017

MaryD’s Blog

15 November 2017

Xena Fan Fiction

Featured Bard of the Week is T. Novan

This week’s featured bard of the week is T. Novan. I’ve loved TN for the last 20 years. Met TN back in 2001 and I’m in awe of his talent. Look at the list of fiction that has been created over the years. Check out TN’s little space on AUSXIP:

I’ve lost count how many Xippy Awards TN has received over the years. Is there a favourite? No I love it all BUT I have to choose Classic and Uber to showcase so….read on

Featured Bard of the Week: T. Novan

Does Australia Get Marriage Equality? Today we find out at 10 AM AEDT

Today is decision day. At 10 am AEDT the postal vote in the marriage equality survey will be announced. 80% of the postal votes have been cast. That is HUGE. Which way will it go? I hate waiting. 10 am Sydney time. Decision day. I can’t begin to imagine what my brothers/sisters in the LGBTI community are feeling. Does Australia get dragged into the 21st century or do we stay in the dark ages? At 10 am we will find out.

Stay tuned.



14 November 2017

MaryD’s Fiction

13 November 2017

MaryD’s Fiction



11 November 2017

Today is Remembrance Day (aka Armistice Day). The guns fell silent on the 11th day of the 11th Month in the 11th hour in 1918 and World War I ended. Lest We Forget.

MaryD’s Fiction

MaryD’s Reviews

MaryD’s Blog


10 November 2017

MaryD’s Blog

Lucia’s Art


09 November 2017


We have a logo for the Featured Artist of the Week. Featured Artist of the Week: Lucia Nobrega 

There are a lot of artists in the Xenaverse that are spectacular. When I think of Xenaverse artist, the first name that springs to mind is someone I have known since 1999. August 1999 is when Lucia sent me some cartoon characters she was working and asked me if I wanted to post them on AUSXIP.  I opened the attached images and fell in love. Little Xena and Gabrielle were staring back at me. Lucia Nobrega had drawn two of the most beloved character as Little Xena and Gabrielle. Did I want to post them on AUSXIP? Easiest decision ever made. My answer was YES!!!!

That is why for the inaugural AUSXIP Featured Artist of the Week goes to Lucia Nobrega and she also drew Little Xena and Gabrielle for the Featured Artist Logo (she didn’t know it at the was an idea brewing in my head).

Click here to view Lucia’s artwork!



08 November 2017


Today I’m announcing a new AUSXIP Xena feature. I’ve already got a Featured Bard of the Week. Now it’s the turn of artists – I’ll be showcasing an artist and their work (either here on AUSXIP or elsewhere) in the Xenaverse!

The ORIGINAL idea of AUSXIP was to showcase my art (that’s where the P in AUSXIP comes in…PAGE. It was only supposed to be ONE PAGE and then a gallery of my art. Well that was the plan. Anyhoo it would be great to showcase artwork because as an artist, I love great art. The Xenaverse has INCREDIBLE artists.

Do you want to nominate an artist and their work? Contact me!

I will announce the first featured artist tomorrow!

Battle On

07 November 2017

Xena Fan Fiction

MaryD’s Fiction

MaryD’s TV/Movie Blog



06 November 2017

I’ve written an article for the site Women & Words and I talk about how writers / authors need to give readers a respite from the dark and gritty world with our stories. I also discuss how two of my stories are made into radio plays and how relevant they are today (sexual harassment/ misogyny and the other deals with refugees) even though they cover topics that were just as important in 1948/1950.

05 November 2017

MaryD’s Fiction Art



03 November 2017

Xena Fan Fic

Adrienne Wilkinson

Lucy Lawless / Ash Vs Evil Dead


02 November 2017

Message from Steven Sears

Every year, Combat Radio buses in ‘Polar Express style’ about 400 children (and their families) from Social Services for what is essentially Christmas. The event is an all you can eat, first class, brunch at Salt Creek Grille in Valencia with presents, about 80 characters (from Disney to Star Wars to The Avengers) Entertainment, LIVE Broadcast and…..a visit from Santa Claus! This year we plan to bring Christmas to 600 children and we need your help to do it. The following donations (which are tax-deductible) go to charter busses (we need 12 busses) presents (on average 10.00 ea) food and tech costs. To encourage some help we’ve offered the following (take a look at the last prizes below) hopefully, YOU will get involved and help us bring Christmas to families that could really use a little kindness…..

Go to the GOFUNDME page to help out! 

01 November 2017

Xena Fan Fiction

The featured bard of the week is LJ Maas. one of my favourite people on the planet and gone from us far too soon. Her work is OUTSTANDING and we remember my friend and mentor LJ Maas and her work this week.

Xena Press

Lucy Lawless

Renee O’Connor

Adrienne Wilkinson


30 October 2017

MaryD’s Fiction

Renee O’Connor


29 October 2017

MaryD’s Novels

Mary’s Fiction Blog

Adrienne Wilkinson



28 October 2017

Pleasuredome Season Extended!

  • Pleasuredome has been extended to 23 December and also in December there will be two shows on Friday and Saturday nights! For tickets go here

27 October 2017

Xena FanFic

Steven Sears


26 October 2017

Australian / New Zealand Xena Fans Wanted For Australian Magazine Article Feature On How Xena Changed Your Life

Heads UP!  Please pass this on to all #Xena groups on Facebook / Twitter / Other Social Media:

If you are Aussie and or a Kiwi Xenite, this notice is for you. I’ve been contacted by the Features Writer of That’s Life magazine here in Australia. They would like to feature a Xena superfan (which is pretty much every fan) and in particular women who have been really touched by Xena in some way (I didn’t write that, Beth, the features writer wrote that). They are looking for fans who have been inspired by the show and how that has changed their lives ie (having a Xena themed wedding, changing some major in your life etc).

It would involve a phone interview and sending some pics. The article is not a gotcha interview (if you are worried about this). You will have a chance to preview the article in full before it goes to print. So if you are interested, get in touch with me and I’ll give Beth your details.


  • You must be an Australian or New Zealand Xena fan.
  • Xena must have touched your life and you have made changes because of her
  • You’re willing to tell your story

Okay? Awesome. If you are that fan, contact me

Xena FanFic


Lucy Lawless / Changeover Movie


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