Contact MaryD with any further questions

Congratulations! You have won item/s at the AUSXIP Starship Charity Auction. How do you pay for these items so they can be shipped to you?  Please follow the directions below. We have worked with Starship to make the process as easy as possible.  In the event you have a problem in payment, please contact MaryD

Starship accepts payments with Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Card

Please use the Currency Converter  or contact MaryD  if you are having a problem. You will be asked to meet the shortfall if you enter in the wrong amount.  

Please be aware that Starship is in New Zealand and your winning bid will be converted to NZ dollars. You will need to convert the US to NZ and pay the NZ dollar amount.

1. Go to the Starship Donation Page or click here

Please add the total of the items won AFTER you have converted it from US to NZ$


Enter your name, address etc

3 – ADDITIONAL DETAILS – this is the important part of the process.

Reason for Supporting: Use the drop down menu to select:

Select: AUSXIP Charity Auction

In the comments section:

Auction ID Number: (please add the winning auction ID number. If you have multiple winning items list them all.)

Please DO NOT put the Invoice Number. Put only the AUCTION ID NUMBER/S.

If you don’t know the Auction Item Number, you will find it on the Email confirmation you have received after winning the auction item. If you cannot find this email, please contact MaryD

4. Enter your Credit Card Details and submit

If you have won MULTIPLE items, combine the total $ amount and enter the combined total

(please make sure you use to convert from USD to NZD)

Pay now and you’re done!


Once that is processed, Starship will contact MaryD in 5-7 days time with all the winning bidders names and payment advice. We match our records with Starship and then we ship items out.

Please be aware that the address you have entered when you registered will be used as your shipping address. If it is NOT accurate, your item with be sent to the wrong place and may be lost OR returned back to us which will incur additional shipping costs for us (or for you if shipping costs are involved).

Thank you for your support! Without your contributions AUSXIP Starship Auctions will not be such a success!

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