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29 October 2010

Lucia Art - Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander

I'm beyond stoked that my friend Lucia Nobrega has created some gorgeous new artwork of Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander as Rizzoli & Isles. Click on the thumbnail to see the larger version. As you can see on the new Rizzoli & Isles banner, I'm using Lucia artwork. I've been a huge Lucia fan since her days drawing Little Xena and Gabrielle for AUSXIP (started in 1999) so I'm thrilled to have her on board drawing Angie & Sasha!




26 October 2010

Sasha Alexander Part 4 Interview BeerWithDuncan

ImageSasha was interviewed by the website BeerWithDuncan for a very lengthy interview.

You can now watch Part 4 of this interview

Click here to view

You can also watch:
- Part 1
- Part 2
- Part 3



20 October 2010

Sasha Alexander Interview - Part 3 BeerWithDuncan


Sasha was interviewed by the website BeerWithDuncan for a very lengthy interview.

You can now watch Part 3 of this interview

Click here to view



You can also watch Part 1 and Part 2



17 October 2010

Sasha Alexander Interview with BeerWithDuncan - Part 2

The second part of Sasha's interview with BeerWithDuncan is now available. You can view Part 1 here

Part 2



15 October 2010

Tess Talks about Rizzoli & Isles in Huffington Post Interview

New York Times Bestselling Author, Tess Gerritsen, Chats About Camden, Maine, Ice Cold & TNT Series

Tess Gerritsen, the New York Times bestselling author, on coastal Camden, Maine, a scenic, seafaring village, which she calls home.

SF: Medical school to bestselling suspense author, how did the journey progress?

TG: I was a writer first, and knew I'd be a storyteller at age seven. But since my parents are very practical, they urged me to go into a profession that would be far more secure so I went to medical school. But after practicing medicine for a few years, while raising two sons (with a husband who was also a doctor) I realized that combining medicine with motherhood was more of a challenge than I could handle. So I left medicine and stayed home. And that's when I once again picked up the pen and began to write.

SF: What is your latest book and what inspired the plot?

TG: Ice Cold is the eighth in my Rizzoli and Isles thriller series. It was inspired by a true occurrence in the 1960's, now known as the "Dugway Incident," in which 6,000 sheep mysteriously died overnight in a remote area of Utah. I thought, "what if it happened instead to people? What if the inhabitants of an entire village vanished overnight?" And that was the plot of Ice Cold.

SF: Tell us about Hollywood knocking on your door and the new TNT Rizzoli and Isles series?

TG: Three years ago, the rights to my characters were optioned by a producer named Bill Haber, who told me he loved my characters, Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles, and felt they belonged in a TV series. Most of the time, these Hollywood deals never really go anywhere. But this project seemed to be born under a lucky star. Bill hired a wonderful screenwriter, Janet Tamaro (now executive producer) who wrote the pilot episode. The cast was top-notch, including Angie Harmon, Sasha Alexander, Lorraine Bracco, and Bruce McGill. When the episode aired in July on TNT, it broke all ratings records for a cable TV debut, and it's already been renewed for a second season.

SF: I feel as though I know Rizzoli and Isles, the two main characters in your crime thrillers, tell us about the actresses chosen for the two roles and how they differ from the characters in the books?

TG: There are a number of differences. Jane in my books is an ordinary looking woman, a bit scruffy, with a tough attitude. Angie Harmon is tall and gorgeous -- certainly not the plain Jane I'd imagined. But she's managed to channel the personality of Jane Rizzoli perfectly. Maura in the books is dark-haired, intense, and stand-offish. On TV, they've written her as far sunnier and more open, and she's played by a blond Sasha Alexander. The cast has great chemistry together, though, and I think that's what has made the show such a success.

Read Full Interview



14 October 2010

Rizzoli & Isles Behind the Scenes On Super Channel

ImageSuper Channel takes you behind the scenes of our new smash hit series, Rizzoli & Isles, which follows Boston detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles, complete opposites and good friends who solve crimes and bust some of Boston’s most notorious criminals.

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14 October 2010

Sasha Interview with BeerWithDuncan - Part 1

ImageLast week, we had a casual SKYPE chat from our living room with our favorite American actress, Sasha Alexander, star of TNT’s megahit show Rizzoli & Isles. Sasha is as brilliant as she is hilarious, and we had a really hard time editing the interview down – so much great stuff. So…we decided to cut the interview in to five segments. We will be releasing the segments every few days starting with our first segment where we talk about what a major hit the show was from the starting gate. Coming soon, you ask? Well, there’s a lot covered including her insights into Season Two and Sasha’s most proud moment as an actress. Stay tuned!

p.s. As you may know, we usually do our interviews in the local pub over a beer and we are just SO psyched that Sasha took the time to be interviewed, albeit not in a fancy studio…but in our living rooms…and not over a beer, as she’s expecting!

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