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26 July 2012

Rizzoli & Isles Ratings Update



Overnight Ratings for EP308

5592 Viewers (000) (Live + SD)

1.2 Adult 18-49 Rating (Live + SD)



Ratings for EP307

Ranking second behind The Closer among basic cable's top shows for the week and first among basic cable's Tuesday programs, Rizzoli & Isles pulled in 5.8 million viewers in Live + Same Day, up 6% compared to the prior week. Among key demos, Rizzoli & Isles averaged 1.4 million adults 18-49 and 1.8 million adults 25-54.




26 July 2012

Good Housekeeping magazine scan








Angie in the August 2012 issue of Good Housekeeping

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26 July 2012

A Day out with Sasha Alexander








New 2 page interview with Sasha in the July 30 issue of TV Guide.

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19 July 2012

Rizzoli & Isles location shoot photos





We found out Rizzoli & Isles was on location while we were in LA and went and checked it out. They were filming at a house and a church for the day. We had planned to do the Paramount tour, so we went over to the location after that since it wasn't very far from the Paramount lot. We saw Angie and Lee from a distance kidding around between scenes. Then after a little while we got to meet Angie, Lee, and Bruce after they finished their scenes. All super nice and very gracious.

We also got to chat with some fellow Rizzoli & Isles fans that were in town for the RizzlesCon. Great meeting you!!


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19 July 2012

Photos from EP309 "Hometown Glory"





Added photos from EP309 "Hometown Glory".

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16 July 2012

Watch Lorraine Bracco on The View and Jimmy Fallon






Lorraine is scheduled to appear on The View on FRIDAY (it was changed from Monday to Friday)

and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Monday July 16. She will also be on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live on Thursday July 19.



11 July 2012

A chat with country star Craig Morgan - Dr Billy Ray Higgins on Rizzoli & Isles

ImageA chat with country star Craig Morgan:

Most folks these days need a 10-page “to do list” to keep everything straight in their incredibly un-straightened lives. Discover nuclear fusion – check. Have lunch with the President – check. Pick up the Nobel Prize – check.

But country music star and award-winning TV host Craig Morgan does things just a little bit differently. The exceptionally hard-working artist doesn’t need to keep track of things that are undone – because he’s done it all. And I do mean all. Morgan would do better with a “been there, done that list.”

On July 17 at 9 p.m. EST Morgan makes his scripted acting debut as Dr. Billy Ray Higgins on TNT's popular detective show, Rizzoli & Isles. Morgan plays a medical examiner that comes to Boston for the Bullet and Blast Injuries Symposium and winds up helping Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) and Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander) solve a murder case.

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11 July 2012

Sharon Lawrence talks "Rizzoli & Isles" , "Drop Dead Diva" & more!

ImageWhen speaking with Sharon Lawrence, there is a deep sense of gratitude and joy heard for the work she has had as a television, film and stage actress. And one can see why; Lawrence's amazing career has spanned across two generations. Her diverse and impressive resume reveals nothing short of talent from the North Carolina native. Perhaps best known from her multiple EMMY-nominated and SAG Award winning portrayal of Sylvia Costas Sipowitz on the highly-acclaimed "NYPD Blue", Lawrence has also starred on some of television biggest hits including, "Desperate Housewives", "Curb Your Enthusiasm", "Law & Order: SVU", "Monk", "The Mentalist", "Community", "One Tree Hill" and "Grey's Anatomy"; which earned Lawrence her fourth Emmy nomination. And her recognition doesn't stop on screen-Lawrence's performance of Vivian Leigh in the Off-Broadway run of "Orson's Shadow" won her an LA Drama Critics Award. Her most recent Broadway appearance was as Velma Kelly in the world-famous musical "Chicago".
As if her acting didn't keep her busy enough, Lawrence is also a dedicated activist. She works with several environmental organizations including Heal The Bay and Global Green. She has also chaired the Women In Film Foundation and is a strong supporter of standing behind projects that empower women.
Currently Lawrence can be seen on two of television's fan-favorites, Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva" and TNT's "Rizzoli & Isles". I had the pleasure of recently chatting with her about what's ahead for her characters' on both shows, the Sundance winning-film "Middle of Nowhere", the role she is most grateful for and much more!

The film MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, which you star in, just premiered at the LA Film Festival in June and I know it was very successful at Sundance. What is it about and what is your role in it?
Sharon- It's the project I'm most proud of. Not particularly because of my work, because it's very limited my contribution (based on the role); but the message, the quality of film-making, the fact that a director, who I admire so much, is the first black female to ever be named 'Best Director' at Sundance. Ava DeVernay is the director. It is an important movie with really beautiful, beautiful style and message. It's about a woman whose life is put on hold when her husband is incarcerated. And it is a very common story. It's about anybody who is hanging on to loving someone who isn't there. He's not dead but he's not there.

I play the defense attorney for the family. I'm one of the voices that questions the wife's decisions and her judgments about how much she is going to invest. But I also really represent the judicial system. The systemic, unpredictable, rigid aspect of that system that these women's lives are caught up in once their husbands are sent away.

Currently on TNT's Rizzoli & Isles you are playing Dr. Hope Martin, who is a successful, world-renowned doctor. She is the mother to Maura, played by Sasha Alexander. What most appealed to you about this role at first?

Sharon- I was interested in working on a show that was driven by women. That was my first impulse. A woman wrote the books that the series is based on. Tess Gerritsen wrote the books. A woman created this. Janet Tamaro, who is a former journalist, has created and runs the television series. The leads of the show are women. The first episode that I did was directed by a woman. And one of the executives at the network, TNT, is a woman that serves on the board of Women In Film (WIF). Her name is Lillah McCarthy. I am always grateful when projects like this are there for me as an audience, and so I want to support it as a professional.
When you say yes to something, you can only base it on the past material. You don't know what your experience on the set will be. Or even sometimes what all the aspects of the character will be. Because I said yes before I even read the script that my character would be involved with.

That's great! It's definitely important for women to support other women, especially in an industry that is male-dominated.

Sharon- That's why I served as part of the leadership of the Women In Film foundation. Now I am on the advisory board.

How was it working with Sasha Alexander?

Sharon- It was so great. It was easy from the get-go. I'm so grateful I get to work with the coolest young women! I just can't believe it. They have all been just remarkable. Whether it was Sophia Bush and Joy [Bethany Joy Lenz] from "One Tree Hill", who I'm still close to. And Brooke Elliot from "Drop Dead Diva" who I'm still close to. And Cassidy Freeman who I did a web-series pilot for, who I'm still close to. And now Sasha. We just all recognize each other right away. And by that I mean, women who really like other women, who are grateful for the collaborative experience and who feel best when we are part of a team. That is the kind of gal that Sasha is. She's a great leader. She is full of grace. She is free within herself. She's just a very authentic person and feels really comfortable in her skin and in her life. And it's a joy to watch.

Hope definitely has a complicated past. She thinks her daughter passed away and is unaware of Maura's connection to her. What can you say about where her relationship is going with her daughter in this next episode and how the truth could affect them?

Sharon- Well, Maura needs to know the truth. She needed to know the truth which is why she pursued finding out more about this woman. She knew that her birth mother was alive. She had to know more. But she is very aware of the damage that could be done if Hope learns that this baby that she thought she was dead, this baby who she had with a man who she labels as evil, is actually not just alive, but someone that she feels inexplicably drawn to. What should be a happy reunion is so colored by a difficult past, a pain that she has covered with years of service to others who are grieving the loss of loved ones (through her work of identifying the remains of others) and through the difficult relationship that she has with her teenage daughter. And I think she is so committed to putting things in order that the messiness of this new truth is harder for her to bare. I think both Hope and Mara are both so busy looking for order. And she is already in an emotional mind-field with her teenage daughter.

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11 July 2012

Rizzoli & Isles Ratings Update for EP305

ImageLast week's episode of the Tuesday night hit Rizzoli & Isles averaged 5.3 million viewers in Live + Same Day to rank as basic cable's #1 entertainment program for the week and Tuesday's #1 program on all of cable. Among key demos, the show averaged 1.3 million adults 18-49 and 1.7 million adults 25-54. The episode has since grown to 7.4 million viewers in Live + 3, with 2.2 million adults 18-49 and 2.7 million adults 25-54.




10 July 2012

Photos from EP308 "Cuts Like A Knife"




Added photos from EP308 "Cuts Like A Knife".

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7 July 2012

Lorraine Bracco will be a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon July 16








Monday, July 16

Guests include Joseph Gordon Levitt, Lorraine Bracco and Dave Arnold.




7 July 2012

Registration for Renee O'Connor's Awareness Class at RizzlesCon Now Open


'Introduction to Awareness' with Renee O'Connor

At RizzlesCon 2012
Scheduled for Friday, July 20. 6:30pm – 9:30pm
616 Convention Way
Anaheim, CA 92802

What is Awareness Training?
Awareness training involves turning our attention inward to specific states of consciousness, with an understanding that this process of self-discovery is to be approached with curiosity, not judgment.

Renee will present this workshop

This training will be $125 per person, which is in addition to your RizzlesCon tickets.

Strictly limited places.

Click here to register



6 July 2012

Rizzoli & Isles Overnight Ratings for EP305



5320 Viewers (000) (Live + SD)

1.0 Adult 18-49 Rating (Live + SD)




6 July 2012

Tess Gerritsen Lands Book Deal for Two New Rizzoli & Isles Thrillers

ImageThriller novelist Tess Gerritsen has inked a book deal with Ballantine Bantam Dell to publish two more Rizzoli & Isles books. The deal also included an e-original story called "John Doe."

The books follow the adventures of homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and forensics pathologist Dr. Maura Isles, the inspiration for the TV series Rizzoli & Isles–just renewed by TNT for its fourth season.

Jane Rotrosen Agency agent Meg Ruley negotiated the deal with publisher Libby McGuire and editorial director Linda Marrow.




4 July 2012

Janet Tamaro Answers Fan Questions Season 3 - Week 15

ImageQuestion from Kristen Cohn:
I've noticed several of the episodes names share their names with song titles. I'm thinking it's on purpose, but I'm not sure.

Janet's response:
Yep, it's on purpose. I decided after the pilot and the first episode to start naming episodes after song titles...because I could...;-)


Question from Nathalia Conti:
Relevant question: are we going to see Maura's walk-in closet and shoe collection this season?

Janet's response:
It's a VERY relevant question. Don't tell anyone, but I'm hoping we'll be able to build Maura's bedroom in Season 4. If you look behind the curtain here at Oz, you'll see that there currently IS no bedroom...so don't look until we have something to show you...ssshhh...it's our little secret.


Question from Alyssa Benalfew:
Will we see more Jane and Frost or Frost and Frankie interaction? Jane and Frost have nice moments and Frost and Frankie look like they could be great friends.

Janet's response:
I completely agree, and yes, we will see more of this adorable threesome. Frost and Frankie also do some very funny stuff together in upcoming shows. I personally love the ongoing brother-sister, towel, sibling-rivalry, "I love you but you annoy the heck out of me" relationship between Jane and Frankie.


Question from Victoria Baljo:
When you developed Rizzoli's character, did you use one person in your life to model her after or more than a few??

Janet's response:
Tess Gerritsen created Det. Jane Rizzoli for her books. I identified with the fictional Jane in Tess's books, but when I created the TV "Jane Rizzoli," I think without intending to, I imbued her with many of my own traits – and with many traits I see in Angie. Tess, who is a wonderful writer and a master of suspense and mystery, will tell you her books aren't funny. I can't live without humor and did not want to spend all the hours I spend working on this show without the relief of humor. I try to balance the show with enough of it to satisfy myself, my audience, and my great cast while still constructing a good mystery and serving all these wonderful characters.

Obviously, Jane isn't real, and Jane isn't me or Angie, but I've had to drop certain expressions I gave to Jane in dialogue because now I sound like I'm copying a fictional character...who says what I write for her to say... I've got some Maura ticks, too. I'm constantly referencing studies, facts, figures and any research I can remember plus how did we live without GOOGLE? My children and husband are very nice about it, but I believe there's some secret eye-rolling that goes on...




4 July 2012

Sharon Lawrence Interview on Beauty and Aging

ImageSharon Lawrence takes an old fashioned approach to beauty.

"It's about working out and eating clean. I wish I could tell you some magic secret," says the "NYPD" alum who has a meaty role on "Rizzoli & Isles" as Maura's biological mother.

She will appear on two episodes this month as Hope, a woman who gave us Maura (Sasha Alexander) for adoption. Hope is a famous doctor with a bunch of secrets although that doesn't prevent her from helping her daughter with a big case.

Of course, Lawrence looks absolutely ageless on both episodes.

I ask for her beauty secrets and she just laughs.

"I like to sweat, " says the 51-year-old. "The best way I find to do that is in spin class. I also do Pilates to build bone mass, which is important at this age.

"My goal is to keep my bones strong. All women should focus on that much more than any cosmetic change," she says.

Of course, Lawrence does admit to a few weaknesses.

"I'm from North Carolina. In general, I try to stay away from fried stuff, but I do have my Southern roots," she says. "We have great fried oysters and I indulge once in awhile."

"You need to enjoy yourself, too," she says.


She says her guest-starring role on "Rizzoli & Isles" is a juicy one.

"Maura has been longing for knowledge about this huge part of her life, which is her missing mother. It's painful for her and creates this ambivilance about her identity," Lawrence says.

"She's asking the basic question: Is it nature or nurture?" Lawrence says. "Those questions are swirling in her mind. She's so analytical that it makes her restless for answers about the mother she doesn't know. Yet, her mother is in her heart and her DNA although she feels abandoned."

Lawrence says it gets even deeper. "This storyline is about an ancient wound that many of us have about mothers.

"Some of us have difficult mothers in real life or absentee ones or surrogate ones," she says. "The relationship you have with your mother is so primal. You really can't rest until you explore it."

She says her character's profession also plays into it.

"Maura finds out that her mother is not only alive, but they share a common interest. They're in the same field," she says.

"I'm enlisted by my daughter to help her crack a case, she says. "My character is a specialist who tries to reunite bodies with their DNA."


She says that doing what she loves keeps her young.

"I always knew I was good at acting," Lawrence says. "That was my skill set. I was also good at math.

"It's funny as you get older you really do think about how you could have taken a different path," she says. "In my case, I didn't get a degree in theater, but I got a degree in journalism.

"I guess I was pragmatic!" she says. "I learned early on that just because you're good at something doesn't mean you should do it for a living."

But she did pursue acting for a living to great success on shows like "NYPD Blues"

"I know now that pursing art is a noble, rewarding part of life. It doesn't have to be your career. You can serve it in other ways and it can serve you."


To finish, I ask her my favorite question: What do you know now that you didn't know in your 20s and 30s?

Lawrence laughs.

"I know that sometimes we're not in charge," she says. "I know what you want and the decisions you make that you think will determine the rest of your life might not work out that way.

"You might be driving towards the place you think you're supposed to be .....but that can change on a dime."

"I think that most important thing I've learned is that God willing we're all going to live for a long time.

"So, you have to make smart choices meaning don't do stupid things," she says.

"I also know that you don't have to sweat every moment," she says. "You will mess up. And you don't have to decide everything about your life right now - at any age."




4 July 2012

Sharon Lawrence set for reading of "Be a Good Little Widow"

ImageThe Piece Project and Celebration Theatre will present a reading of Bekah Brunstetter's Be a Good Little Widow July 9 at the Celebration Theatre in West Hollywood.

The 8 PM reading will feature the talents of Adam Brody, Sharon Lawrence, Larisa Oleynik and Jason Ritter. Devon Gummersall will direct.

"Young wife Melody has never been to a funeral – until her husband dies in a plane crash," according to press notes. "Expected to instantly assume proper widowhood, Melody is left to wonder, what’s the right way to grieve? Fortunately, her mother-in-law is a professional. Widow, that is. Under her guidance, Melody must try her best to be a good little widow. A sad comedy about loss and longing."

Founded by Devon Gummersall and Andrew Carlberg, The Piece Project is a celebrity-based theatre ensemble. Every two-three months, The Piece Project hosts a play reading to benefit a local Los Angeles theater company.

Celebration Theatre is a community of artists "dedicated to presenting innovative, provocative and relevant work that examines the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender experience."

Admission is $20. All proceeds benefit Celebration Theatre.

This reading will be held at Celebration Theatre, located at 7051 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA.

For reservations email thepieceproject@gmail.com.




4 July 2012

Rizzoli & Isles Ratings Update

ImageTNT‘s original series scored strong numbers last week, beginning with the Tuesday night hit Rizzoli & Isles, which delivered 5.4 million viewers in Live + Same Day to rank as basic cable’s #1 program for the day and #1 drama for the week. Among key demos, the show scored solid growth compared to the prior week’s episode, delivering 1.4 million adults 18-49 (+9%) and 1.8 million adults 25-54 (+10%). Last Tuesday’s episode of Rizzoli & Isles has already grown to 7.6 million viewers in Live + 3, with 2.2 million adults 18-49 and 2.7 million adults 25-54.

According to the most recent time-shifted viewing data, the June 12 episode of Rizzoli & Isles climbed 7.4 million viewers in Live + 7, with 2.2 million adults 18-49 and 2.8 million adults 25-54.




3 July 2012

TV Guide: Sharon Lawrence - Maura Meeting Her Mom Is a "Kaleidoscope of Emotions"

ImageTuesday's episode of Rizzoli & Isles will feature a case of mistaken identity, but for Maura, it's a case of learning her identity.

For the first time in her life, Maura (Sasha Alexander) will come face-to-face with her birth mother Dr. Hope Martin (guest star Sharon Lawrence), but this is no simple meet-up for coffee. How can it be when Hope doesn't even know that her daughter is alive? Lest we forget, Maura's crime boss father Paddy (John Doman), who feared that his father/mob honcho would kill Maura, asked Constance (Jacqueline Bisset) to adopt his baby girl and told everyone — including Hope — that Maura had died during birth.

So how do Maura and Hope finally reconnect? Does their reunion go swimmingly? We caught up with Lawrence to see what's in store.

Were you a fan of the show before you joined?
Sharon Lawrence: I was really interested in the commitment of TNT to create a show with women leads that's run by women. ... I was keeping my eye on it and really spent more time toward the end of the first season catching up. What really made me want to be a part of this was the compelling story that Maura Isles has been living — this challenge of feeling the absence of a very basic part of self-knowledge. I saw the episode where she learned who her father is. The painful acknowledgement of your DNA being something that you never imagined and still having missing pieces is so poignant. And Maura is someone who is analytical and intellectual, who really thrives on facts, on knowledge.

Do you get her hesitation in looking up Hope?
Lawrence: Yes, but it's tough. I don't think it's something you can jump into right away. For me, it makes a lot of sense that she could never rest with just a name, whether it's a need to put a visual to who your parents are or if it's to really understand why that feeling of abandonment can't go away. Sometimes we make up stories for ourselves, and she just can't fill in the blanks with imagination. Maura needs knowledge. She's driven to understand who she is, not just by nurture, but by nature. She finds out some compelling truths about herself.

And you guys come together through a case. How else would it happen, right?
Lawrence: Exactly! [Laughs] They are brought together in the form of colleagues. Maura reaches out to Dr. Hope Martin, who is in the same field. I think it's understandable that these two women share the same passion for science. The fact that they are able to meet in a lab makes great sense. Dr. Hope Martin is someone who created a particular technique to identify bodies. She operated in the Dark Ages of the '80s and '90s before DNA sampling was perfected, so she did see value in the importance of identifying remains so that families and individuals could be reunited with each other. Given that she has such a huge missing piece of her story, that drives her to fill in the missing pieces for other people. These are painful things she's avoiding.

What is their interaction like? Obviously Maura knows from the start they're related, but Hope doesn't.
Lawrence: For Maura, this reunion is such a kaleidoscope of emotions. She's working on solving a case and is trying to concentrate, but she can't help but observe and take in Hope and notice their similarities. And they have a lot of similarities! I think what's fun to see is the behavior between these two women, the physical characteristics and their actions. We had fun, me coming in and studying Maura's quirks and finding ways to include them.

Does Hope suspect anything or figure it out?
Lawrence: Hope kind of senses something just based on Maura's actions, but she doesn't really know what's going on. Their bond is so deep, so strong and so shrouded. It was really so impressive to see Sasha Alexander embody this, capture this and reflect it back. She's such a great actress.

Do we learn more about Hope's relationship with Paddy?
Lawrence: I'm in three episodes and there's a progression as to how this whole arc unspools. ... It gets very interesting.

When does Hope learn the truth?
Lawrence: It's drawn out. So don't look for it soon! Jane and her mother (Lorraine Bracco) are very much a dynamic in this reunion if you can call it that. Hope has daughter from her marriage who has absolutely no idea about any part of this. ... There's a lot to play. Maura's too smart to throw in a bit of information that could blow up in everybody's face, so it'll take a bit. This is a show about discovering the missing pieces and connectors and nothing's simple.

Will you return beyond these three episodes?
Lawrence: I haven't heard yet, but it would be a pleasure! It depends on how they unfold the story the rest of the season. I would love to though.




3 July 2012

Gallery Update - Hamptons Magazine Scan






Added to Magazine scans an article by Lorraine Bracco for Hamptons Magazine July 2012 issue.

View Online Digital Version of Magazine(page 362)

Click here for scan



3 July 2012

Photos from EP307 "Crazy for You"





Added photos from EP307 "Crazy for You".

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3 July 2012

Sharon Lawrence on Playing Maura's Biological Mother

ImageThe identity of Maura Isles' biological mother has been a secret for three seasons, but fans will finally find out the beginnings of Maura's story in the upcoming episode "Throwing Down the Gauntlet."

In this TV Fanatic interview, guest star Sharon Lawrence talks about the mystery behind Dr. Hope Martin and what drew her to the role on Rizzoli & Isles.


Were you already a fan of Rizzoli & Isles? What attracted you to playing a role on the show?

Sharon: Yes, I was very interested in the launch of it because for years I've worked with an organization called Women In Film. We are a support network for women in the executive and creative positions in the industry. So the fact that it was a show sourced from material written by a woman and then created as a television series by a woman and it stars these wonderful actresses and is about women in the workplace, I was very interested.

What can you tell us about your character?

Sharon: I play Dr. Hope Martin who is the birth mother of Maura Isles. She is someone who we find out from Maura, not only shares the DNA of our leading lady but shares a passion for science. She herself is a pathologist and works to develop techniques to identify the remains of victims of the Bosnian wars. So she has dedicated her after the loss of a child to connecting those who have passed with their families and their stories. I think it may be a window into the psychology of loss. Especially women, are so committed to connecting, that even in the midst of their own sense of loss they may find healing in helping other people. Particularly to fill the gaps of the mystery of a story.

So, does Hope know that Maura is her daughter?

Sharon: This whole relationship is still a mystery to Dr. Hope Martin. She is not aware that the woman just inches away from her across the lab table is indeed the daughter that she thought died at birth.

Are you in one episode or is it a longer story arc?

Sharon: It's a longer story. There are three (episodes) at this point.

Can you share any behind the scenes tidbits from the set?

Sharon: Sasha Alexander is such a great actress and such a lovely person. She has a great sense of balance in her life. I felt really compelled to find the resemblance (between the characters). I mean, we look alike which was helpful and kind of stunning how much we did favor each other but the physical behaviors is what I found really interesting. To observe her as an actor and try to incorporate that into some of my own characterizations. It was also really fun to watch Angie Harmon and Lorraine Bracco together. They're a scream. They should just take it on the road. They are really entertaining.




1 July 2012

Sharon Lawrence talks Life, Wolf Lake, and Rizzoli & Isles

ImageWhether you know her from film, stage, or TV shows like her groundbreaking role on NYPD Blue, Sharon Lawrence is a face we guarantee you recognize!

Her career has spanned decades, her fan base crosses generations and her resume runs the gamut with roles from everything to an ADA, a prostitute, a serial killer and many, many more! But now Sharon is adding another line to her resume with her guest starring arc on TNT's fan favorite series Rizzoli & Isles when she stars as Maura Isles' biological mother, Dr. Hope Martin, a character who’s been referenced throughout the course of the series, but never yet come to life on the screen – until now!

Sharon will be starring in two episodes, airing Tuesday, July 3, and Tuesday, July 10, at 9 PM on TNT. In those episodes, we’ll come to meet Dr. Hope Martin as a result of Jane looking for a way for Maura to meet her biological mother. But as Maura makes a deeper connection with Hope and her teenage daughter, Maura's half-sister, things get a little complicated because they still don’t know Maura is related to them. Sounds like we’re in store for something special!

Just this week, I had the chance to speak with Sharon about her upcoming guest appearance and all that it entailed. We also got to do a little reminiscing about the short-lived but fantastic series Wolf Lake from 2001, where Sharon starred alongside the incredible Bruce McGill, a Rizzoli & Isles regular Detective Vince Korsak, where they played husband and wife.

Not only was Sharon an absolute pleasure to speak with, but she is very evidently and genuinely invested in Hope's storyline, the overall series and the relationships fostered on set. Suffice to say, we were more than excited when she told us she was returning very soon to film a third episode!

I have to tell you that I was so thrilled to hear you'd been cast as Maura’s biological mother, because not only is there a spectacular likeness between you and Sasha Alexander, but I'm a huge fan of Wolf Lake, so I'm so happy to see you and Bruce McGill reunited on another show!

[laughs] Wow! Well, you made my day‚Ķ on both accounts. I agree with you that there is a striking physical resemblance between Sasha and I. When we were first in each other’s presence, it was a thrill because it just doesn't happen every day like that. We look more alike than I look like my own mother, so when you find that doppelganger and you can use it to a great advantage, that's icing on the cake.

And it was fun to work on incorporating the quirks that Maura is given and to find a way to echo that in Dr. Hope Martin, so thank you for noticing that we had a real leg up. And to the suspension of disbelief, which is part of our job as actors, we didn't have to work very hard on this one.

And then, the lovely and charming Bruce McGill! The fact that you're aware of Wolf Lake really does warm my heart. It was a great experience to be on that show! It was a tough time because we were filming it when 9/11 happened, when the attacks happened, and it was such a dark time in our hearts and mind, and a show like that was an interesting thing to work on.

You know, Paul Wesley played our son in it, and Tim Matheson, these were people who I really was glad to be in the company of in such a tough time. We were in Canada shooting it and we needed each other to lean on, so the fact that I'm in Bruce's presence again on this is great! We’d done a play together, so we spent a lot of time [together] in the interim years, but, boy, he is a real light to any set he is on.

I bet! Any chance we’ll get to see any scenes between you and Bruce on Rizzoli & Isles?

Well, so far, the storylines have not intersected, but I'm going to do a third episode in the very near future and we’ll see if that makes sense to the writers. I think for us, just the fact that we can sit down and have lunch together is really gratifying.

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